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What does God look like? Sadhguru. A Short animated video.

February 7, 2017


A True Scripture

August 4, 2016

​What good is scriptures or holy books, if people only make intellectual knowledge out of it? I’ve no place for such scriptures.
The real scripture is in your heart. There lies all the answer to your questions, the truth, which is hidden in a veil. All that you have to do is to turn around your focus and lift the veil.
In our heart, lies the true scripture, the one with experiential knowledge, the one that will deliver, the one that matters the most, not some bookish knowledge.
Therefore, open up your heart, overcome your fears and let the true scripture reveal itself.
Let your actions be the scripture, not words.Dont just study scriptures or holy books, but live them and breathe them.

​What does it matter?

June 30, 2016

​What does it matter, whether a God is white or black or any other race or gender, whether the universe is infinite or not? Or if there is God or no God? Are we going to make a meal out of it? Why argue, fight and kill each other over something which is not in your experience? 
If a god discriminates between himself and his creation, and in the differences in people, then that god is just an imagination from a limited mindset, from a good but limited storyteller. And if god is beyond discrimination and ego, then what problem has he in accepting people of all kind, from this or that religion?
Realising our true nature should be the focus, not god. In hindu tradition, god is not a final goal. He is just a stepping stone to liberation, which is the ultimate goal, which is higher than god. 
Only enlightenment will liberate us from this cyclical and impermanent nature of existence, not god. Even Buddha can only show the path, but we’ve to walk on it. He never performed any miracles.

Our problem is that we look outside for everything, even for god, who is supposed to be sitting in heaven, somewhere above the earth. Hence people keep looking up, and are reckless with the mother earth, that provides everything. There is no communion with the nature, our home. 

Be a seeker, not a believer. A seeķer is someone who says I do not know, thats why he seeks. Since a seeker do not know, he is not in conflict in anyone, as he has nothing to defend.  Sadhguru says there is a great wisdom in i do not know. I do not know is the basis of longing and seeking to know. I do not know is not negative. Great discovery has come from there.
Just look within and probe. If there is no-thing, then stay with that. 
When you see there is nothing inside, you will then realise the fruitless purpose of going around in cycles forever, the impermanence of everything. You will then seek a real deal, that which is permanent, that which stays.

What good?

June 16, 2016

What good is strength and power, if it cant help the weak?
What good is wealth, if it cant help the poor?
What good is religion and spirituality, if it cant bring peace and harmony?
What good is a religion if it is limited to lectures of morality, which people hear from one ear and take it out from the other?
What good is a religion and spirituality, like sufism or any other practices, if it doesnt come out of its shell, for the greater good of humanity?

What good is religion and its books and scriptures, if it remains a theory to be studied and not practical  to be implemented?

What good is life, if its only studied and not lived?
What good is religious followers or a hypocrite, if their actions are in contrast with their faith?
What good is a religion, like buddhism, if it makes you helpless to defend your own country, and makes you so passive that you fail to even fight for it, and surrender everything to the invaders?
What good is a religion, like islam, if people only learn hate, violence and aggression from it?

What good is a religion, like christianity, if it is confined to a weekend gathering inside the building, and busy in converting others? No other religion does that. We all mind our own business.

What good is life, if its self-centered superficially on ego and image building, and wasted?
What good is economy, if it traps you in survival mode, and not let you explore the subtler life beyond survival?
What good is money, if you lose your humanity going after it?
What good is education, if it only provides skills to make us just a cog of the machine, and not wisdom and warmth, to make us a better human beings?
What good is teaching and knowledge, if it cannot be applied?
What good is a potential, if its not realised?
What good is a dream or an aspiration, if its not pursued?
What good is anything, if its not used?
What good is life, if its not meaningful?

What good is scriptures, if people only make intellectual knowledge out of it?I’ve no place for such scriptures.
The real scripture is in your heart. There lies all the answer to your questions, the truth, which is hidden in a veil. All that you have to do is to turn around your focus, and lift the veil.

In our heart, lies the true scripture, the one with experiential knowledge, the one that will deliver, the one that matters the most, not some bookish knowledge.

Therefore, open up your heart, overcome your fears and let the true scripture reveal itself.

What does it matter, whether the god is white or black, whether the universe is infinite or not? Are we going to make a meal out of it? Why talk about something which is not in your experience?
My point is mainly on religion and spirituality. There is a growing sense of negativities of hatred and violence everywhere, and they need to be responded with positivities which can be drawn from religion and spirituality, and not being quiet or silent.

Doing nothing or appeasing is also a sort of violence, as you indirectly condone the atrocities. You cant let crooks keep getting away from their crime as they will never learn. Silence will only embolden them. A line has to be drawn.

But i’m not advocating revenge or tit for that. I’m talking about a holistic, eye opening response which can show to them the pain caused to others by their ignorance, and those with some sense will realise their mistake and repent.

Anyone can be transformed, as we all carry a heart inside, a seed of warmth, a seed of humanity, which is buried but not dead, the spirit that needs to be revived. The great examples are, from king ashoka the cruel to ashoka the great, who introduced non-violence to the world, from the notorious bandit angulimala to an enlightened buddhist monk under the guidance of buddha, from a robber to the great sage valmiki, the author of ramayana, one of the two great indian epic, the other being the mahabharata.

I want to see an outpouring of positives in the world, which will  overwhelm the negatives and root it out completely. I want to see the whole world working on themselves and looking within, and not blaming others for any problems, as world peace begins with individual peace. I will also be doing that earnestly. I’m having thoughts of committing fully to spirituality.

This is my wish and a vision towards the world peace.

True Freedom of Speech. Sadhguru

May 6, 2016

Q: Sadhguru, today we see a lot of people taking an anti-establishment stance in the name of freedom of speech. But where do we draw the line between freedom of speech and anarchy?

Sadhguru: “Freedom” is a bad word because I have always seen, the moment somebody starts talking about freedom, they start doing irresponsible things. “Responsibility” is the right word because where there is no responsibility, there will anyway be no freedom. Only if all of us behave responsibly, there is some freedom. If we start behaving irresponsibly towards each other, there will be no freedom.

Right now, there are a lot of people still living in the romance of revolution. They do not understand that it is a romance of another time. There is no place for such a thing in today’s world. At one time, in South America and Mexico, it was very romantic to be part of a revolution. You pick up a gun and shoot some guy, and you are in revolution.

Today, if you want to cause a revolution, educate a hundred children or plant a million trees. Today, solution is revolution.

There is a small segment of population in India who is still in that mode, and certain parts of the country are still in the romance of revolution. Every day, they are bombing or shooting someone. And there are a lot of people in the universities and schools who are fired up by this romance and are talking about the same revolution. They do not know what the purpose of this revolution is, but they want revolution – just like that.

When people are young, it is very easy to fire them up against something. But this idea of revolution is over. Today, if you want to cause a revolution, educate a hundred children or plant a million trees. Today, solution is revolution. In those days, the world was ruled by tyrants with guns, so fighting and killing them was a revolution. Today, almost the entire world is democratic. You just have to wait for another four or five years – they will go! Today, what matters is whether you have a revolutionary idea for a solution.

When we say freedom of speech, it means everyone can say what they want. Everyone will be allowed to say what they want only if they speak responsibly. If we start saying whatever we feel like to each other, people will start slapping each other on the face, no matter what the law may be. Once somebody slaps you, you will slap them, then they shoot you, then you shoot them, then there will be no freedom of any kind.

Only if all of us behave responsibly, there is some freedom. If we start behaving irresponsibly towards each other, there will be no freedom.

Once there is strife, there is no freedom left. If you look at Iraq or Syria and wherever Islamic State is going on, do you think you would have freedom of speech there? If you open your mouth, you may catch a bullet. There is no freedom of any kind. Once strife happens, slavery is what happens, not freedom.

If you want freedom to exist, responsible behavior is most important. If you value freedom of every kind, the most important thing is to maintain law and order, to follow the rules of the game in which we are, and express what we want to within that. Maintaining order and keeping the balance of everything is the only way we will have freedom.

My thoughts:
Finally sadhguru clears the matter on the freedom of speech, which has been gravely misused by anti social extremist elements in many parts of world today and were being tolerated as no one had the real answer to put a stop to it. I also had some ideas on the meaning of true freedom of speech, but not a definitive and a clear one.

The link to original post from sadhguru’s daily blog. A great blog on his great insight with unmatched clarity.

China: Humanity decayed in the absence of Religion.

April 9, 2016

I criticise religions, but despite its limitations, one good thing about it is that it gives hope to people, that there is something good in the world, which is worth protecting. It also prevents many people from bad deeds, out of fear for reverence for god, and also for next life. Terrorists are a different case. Much have been written about them, and will not be covered here.

China is a communist country in general without religion, which gives people nothing to fear, since they dont believe in god, and the downside to it is that humanity is at its worst there. Their human value has rotten to the core. They are among the lowest of the lows. They are cold, with no warmth, no manners, and indulge in all kinds of cruel activities, without any fear of karmic retribution.

Without religion, they dont know what is good and bad. A nation of psychopaths. Without religion, they have not much hope. They only see money. Everything else goes out of window. Without god, they consider themselves superior, and everything else is to be dominated and exploited. Being fearless is good, but they are heading in the wrong direction, without a proper foundation.

Some videos still haunt me, like the one kid run down by car, and passersby ignored the girl. There are many videos titled under chinese worst behaviour. I’ve yet to watch them, but have heard some description.

Their photos also are disturbing. One collection of photos i saw at dharamsala, india near his holiness entrance, has one chinese proudly ripping out skin of a live cattle. And many more. They get thrills out of such cruel activities.

This doesnt mean hating or condemning the chinese. His holiness says condemn the action, not the actor. They are just ignorant. Therefore, a wise person will feel sorry for them and have compassion for these demented people. Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. But applying it will be much harder.

It also doesnt mean going soft on them. You have to take a stand when it matters, in the same spirit that you cannot keep appeasing spoilt kids with tantrums, hoping problems will go away.

Its not just china but everywhere. It reflects the state of today’s world. Everybody making a living by ripping off each other in blind pursuit of money, regardless of their conscience. The business practices of today are all about maximum profits. Charge as high as they can. People want to achieve their goal at all cost, regardless of whether their ways are good or bad. This is a materialistic consumer world, where everything is a commodity, to be used and thrown.

Honesty and integrity is rare, and more so among politicians. People get surprised to hear of honest politicians ‘cos the expectations are almost nil. But politicians are just a representation of the nature of that population. You get what you are. If people are corrupt, then so will be their politicians. After all, corrupt people are electing a corrupt politician. What else can we expect? There is no place for honesty in this dog eat dog world.

Faith and corruption dont go together, as told by his holiness to indian politicians.

These are just my opinion, trying to piece together their twisted mindset. This doesnt represent the whole population, but gives some indication of their general mindset.

In a nation of billion plus people, not all chinese are non believers. There are many people practising buddhism, falun dafa, taoism, christianity, and other religions. Many are also into spirituality.

Scholars study the world. Buddha studies himself. Part I.

December 16, 2015

I got an inspiration for the post from this above quote of mooji.

If you go deeply into one problem, you will find answers for the many. Go into many and you will find fragmentations.

The problem with buddhism and all other religions is that they are full of scriptures. You are the scripture. Study yourself. The truth can only be in you. Everything else is a story. A belief. As jesus says, the kingdom of heaven is within you.

Anything that is not in your experience is only a story for you. It becomes a knowledge, which can guide you but wont walk the path for you. Similarly, Buddha can only show the path, but he cannot walk the path for you. You have to walk your own path and find your own truth.

Scriptures can be a guidance but dont keep on sticking to it. Eventually a baby has to walk on its own feet. No one will feed him to the end.

Dont waste human life, for liberation is possible only in this life. Only the human mind can contemplate the consciousness, and merge in it. Dont wait for next life. There is no guarantee that the next life will be of a human. Dont prolong your miseries. Come out of it.

Follow self enquiry and find the self.

Beliefs: the source of conflicts.

December 4, 2015

Thoughts without belief have no power. But thoughts with belief can start a war. Belief is the crux of the problem. Mooji.

There is no difference between religious extremists and the radical groups that are opposed to it. Both are blinded by their ignorance.

We see muslim terrorists, and then some idiots starts targetting that whole religion, mainly the innocent ones. One believes in something, while another is against it. So, both are believing in something, but their belief clashes with each other, and results in conflicts. Both are extremists, and you cannot tell good and bad between them.

Therefore, sadhguru rightly says that the majority of world conflicts is not between good vs bad, but between different belief systems. A non believer believes in nothing, but its also a belief. Its not from experience.

Belief is the source of conflicts. But if you go deeper, you will find that the real source or cause is ignorance, the ignorance of not knowing.

There is a great wisdom in I do not know, if we just accept it, and not suppress or hide it. A genuine seeking emerges from I do not know. But ignorance gives rise to only false beliefs and confidence without clarity. A conflict becomes inevitable.

Why Religion and conflicts? Sadhguru.

November 20, 2015

Religion today has been reduced to a belief system. Once you start believing in something which is not yet a reality for you, you are bound to get into a conflict with somebody else because somebody else is bound to believe in something else. As long as people believe in something, conflict is inevitable.

Once people believe what they believe is important, naturally they will try to impose it on other people. People will not call it imposition. They will call it “saving others from ignorance.” But others will get hurt because any impostion hurts.

When someone resists, other methods will be used to coerce them, be it financial aid or threat by violence or anything imaginable. All these simply because one believes in something, and someone else in another.

Religion is not about belief systems. They all started as a method to turn inwards. Inward means it has something to do with individual, and nothing to do with someone else. But when people try to organise this inward step, naturally it gets distorted.

Religion cannot be done on the street. It can only be done within you. If you become truly religious, you must be beyond any kind of conflict, both within and outside. That is the whole crux of the religion.

But today religion means conflict. If people utter the word religion, they are talking generally in terms of conflict. This is because people have reduced an inward step into a set of beliefs.

Because if people have to take an inward step, they have to transform themselves. If people have to believe something, then there is no need for transformation. People can do whatever nonsense they want, and still believe god is up in the heaven.

The crudest, cruelest people have always been talking about god. All the warmongers have been talking about god. And god has been helping them.

The moment you believe something, you have a new kind of confidence. Confidence without clarity. Thats the biggest problem. When idiots become very confident, the world is in danger.

An intelligent person is constantly hesitating with life. With every steps, he wonders whether what he is doing is okay or not. But a fool has absolute confidence, and when his stupidity gets stamped by god, thats it. No looking back. He just can go on doing the most idiotic things, without any problem about it.

The very nature of intelligence is such that if you do something stupid today, tonight your very intelligence will bother you, “why did i do this?” But if you get god’s stamp on your stupidity, you dont have to turn back and see.

You can do grossest things on the planet, and not bother about it, and feel very proud that you are anyway going to go to heaven because you did all these nonsense. There is no experiential knowledge. You are just believing something.

Once you believe something, your beliefs and somebody else beliefs is bound to clash somewhere. The conflict in the world is not between good and evil, please see this. some people may claim it but its not true. It is always one mans belief versus another man’s belief.

So religion has become a problem because we have reduced it into just a set of beliefs. If it was experientially true that you really felt god, then could there be conflict? There is no such possibility.

But because you are growing from belief system, you are not willing to make the effort of going beyond what you have gathered from others and looking at life by yourself. That is why there is conflict.

If you do not know, there will be no conflict. If you know, there will be no conflict at all. But when you pretend to know, there is bound to be a conflict. Sadhguru.

There are many idiots in the world, committing atrocities in the name of god.
This message should go into the heads of as many as possible. Please share.

The essence of spirituality, of true seeking, needs to be brought back into the religions. Otherwise, things will continue as it is, and even get worse. As with degeneration everywhere, religions are not in hands of right people, who unites, not divides.
My understanding and clarity comes from him.

The video to go with it.

And the blog article from isha foundation.

Rangzen: Reviving our warrior nature

October 26, 2015

Rangzen: Reviving our warrior nature

I meet lots of people who says that fighting for rangzen is useless and that china will never give us our independence. people try to be too smart and realistic, following in his holiness steps. I dont see any hope or motivation in them. Thats what overthinking can lead to. we have too many thinkers but no doers.

We have many pessimists, but few optimists. We have many people who are too smart in saying this cant be done or that cant be done, but no one to say how to get it done. There is no drive or fire in them, to try something different. There is no willpower. Our freedom struggle is in standstill mode and buried for a long time ‘cos our middle way approach has extinguished our fighting spirits. everything is half dead.

There is nobody like gandhi to initiate the real change. a spark is needed to reignite the movement, and in a sustainable way. Rangzen may not look possible in a near future, but it will atleast rejuvenate our stale movement and bring back our fighting spirits, the original tibetan nature, which got timid and docile in religion.

Too much of anything is not good. neither is too much of aggressive nature, which is our warrior nature, nor is too much of passive and docile nature, which is our religion, that you forget even to defend your own country, as you are lost in your own dreams. So, balance is the main thing, and i think we should keep religion confined to its place and not let it pervade everywhere, like politics or freedom movement. Middle way is a religious view and is not serving our purpose.

Religion have made us too peaceful, passive and weak that we failed to defend our country in the first place, and now we are failing to fight for it. Nobody is standing up for it. We have all become a sheep, waiting for someone to take the lead. No self belief. So, religion didnt serve us when it mattered the most. So, the consolation part of religion is useless. It makes us more passive.

Religion without a right approach or balance will cause too many contradictions and confuse people, making people lose their sanity or mental balance. Look at what happens to religious extremists or fanatics, such as taliban or isis. Thats why we hear a general refrain from people about dangers of going too deep in religion and getting lost in its complexities. Not all can go deep and come out of it without a proper guidance or a balanced mindset, but the real answer also lies deep inside, within us, spiritually speaking. Our problem is that we are way too passive and insecure.

If you beg from china with a begging bowl, then i definitely agree that we will never get our independence (rangzen). Why would they want to give up on vast untapped mineral resources of tibet just because some natives are crying out for it? It makes no sense and i agree with it, yet despite all the odds, i still advocate for rangzen because i am a tibetan with heart, and do so with my own reasoning, not out of blind patriotism.

There shouldnt be any middle path when it comes to our rights. Being firm and assertive are the main key in dealing with our rights, not holding our hands in open and wait for someone to fill our bowl with.
Rights are not something to be begged about, they are to be demanded, no matter what the situation. The demand for basic rights should never be compromised under any condition, ‘cos if we do, we lose our soul. We are not the same when we stop striving for things that matters most. Its like our parents, telling us to stop pursuing our dreams ‘cos its a waste of time. A part of us dies along with our dashed dream. We become half dead.

I see the autonomy approach as using way too much logic, so much so, that we forgot the values we stand for, compromising on things that matters the most. When you use too much logic, you become passive, ‘cos you see that nothing makes sense to you. Everything is imparmanent, so why bother? Overuse of logic replaces ur emotion. You stop living. it happens to me sometimes, and i then come back to reality, and see that as long as i am living in this world, there are things to be done no matter what your logic says.

Humanity have made lot of struggles and achievements throughout history  and today we are what we are because somebody else fought for our rights. Women have more freedom today and so did blacks in united states under martin luther king. Many nations have earned their independence from colonial powers.

Just imagine, if all of them had adopted middle way approach and waited with begging bowl, for the oppressors to grant them their rights? The world would not be the same that we see today.

When it comes to basic rights, we have to be assertive and uncompromosing at all costs. Anything less is akin to selling out our basic rights.

Its a bitter fact that today, we are simply begging for our rights from international community ‘cos china wont budge to make sincere effort to solve our issue. We are waiting for them to change while they are waiting for his holiness to be gone. Endless waiting.

We are beggars, and in the real world nobody gives any damn what happens to us. Everything is bussiness here, and we also have to bring something to table, for any sort of negotiations and in our case it would be our rights. We have to make our freedom struggle more business like with no nonsense approach and not make any compromise. The world is ruled by self interest.

Look at UK bending to china. No matter how much we protest about human rights, the economy will be their priority, and so will be of the rest of world. Protests wont have much impact, except losing our voice. But they are free to do so, as long as there is no alternative. Nobody will help us and we shouldnt expect any divine intervention also, for many of those who claim to be too realistic.

The question shouldnt be about whether the goal is achievable or not. You just keep struggling for your dreams, one step at a time. The goal to reach moon would have been considered miracle once, but it was achieved.

its great to see lukar jam contesting elections for rangzen. It validates our democracy ‘cos we finally have candidates with different platforms. otherwise everything looks farce.

I am relieved to see lukar jam representing rangzen, yet i will  overlook him this time ‘cos i am being open minded and i want to give one more chance to autonomy by voting for penpa tsering.

I’ve more important things do in life as i’ve a larger goal, but i also cannot turn a blind eye to the sad state of sufferings in my country, so when i feel that things have reached a boiling point and that i can no longer hold myself back, then i will leave everything aside and take the plunge into politics and attempt to bring the change that i want to see, whether i am ready or not, due to my anxiety issues and irrespective of what others think ‘cos i’ve my own approach in getting things done. I dont work at the surface level. I go to the roots.

What matters is that i want to give my best. I cannot watch our movement continue to stagnate and rot for ever, as the hell in tibet becomes worse under chinese rule. there is a cost to everything and i wont be waiting for any international charity ‘cos begging is not my way.