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Heart is the way.

December 17, 2017

Minds are many but heart is one. Know your’s and you will know others too, especially a child’s.

Same heart beats in all, irrespective of species. Heart is oneness. Only a heart can understand another.
Mind is not the goal. Look at how to set your heart free. Flowering is of the heart, not mind.

Heart is life, the only thing that is alive. Mind is just there to handle the logistics of life.
Live by heart, not by a mechanical mind.
The discriminations, ego, insecurities are mainly mind. Heart cannot differentiate. Only love.

Mind is complicated. Heart is simple. Mind is drama. Heart is just life.
Heart is a deeper intelligence, the consciousness.
Liberate heart, not the mind.

Heart is the way, a way to inner peace and even world peace.
Heart is the foundation, from where you start. Get the base right. Mind comes later. Heart knows no religion. What we know in the heart, we know. Rest is story.
Fix the heart, and everything else is a consequence.


Religious attachment: the decay in buddhism.

October 5, 2017

Its sad to hear of monks and nuns in tibet taking their own life under the oppressive rule of china. But it also shows what is wrong with buddhism. It shows tremendous attachment to one’s teaching and the monastery which naturally leads to suffering. This is the paradox and the decay of tibetan buddhism today.

Attachment leads to entanglement, to suffering.
A true seeker has no beliefs, and has nothing to fight for, nor defend. He is nothing and has nothing. He just sits still. A seeker means i do not know. Therefore he seeks. Rest is all believers or non-believers, though they may not be aware of it.
If the buddhist practitioners truly aspire for the state of emptiness or nothingness, then where is the space for all these attachments?
Truth resides in the heart of seeker. No power in the universe can take it away from him, unless he turns it into an attachment which then becomes subject to the fear of being lost or taken away.
Take the teaching to your heart, so that you do not rely on outside object. Be an island onto yourself.
I feel sorry for the lives lost, but with the right understanding, those lives would not have been wasted. This is not against the motive of all those deceased monks and nuns, but about the source of those motives. So, this is not some anti-post in that sense.
Not reacting to anything doesnt point to cowardness, which can be a bit conflicting and confusing, and happens to me as well. This is about going beyond the habit of our compulsive reactions, and just being. Remaining neutral to the situations. To respond with awareness, not react blindly. Easier said than done of course.
Taking your own life also comes from ignorance, which was the strong attachment to one’s teachings and monastery. Attachment leads to narrowmindedness, and you are not open enough to other things. So, when your world is destroyed, you lose the sense of life and its preciousness, and end up with the additional wrong deed of taking one’s own life. Their intention was good but lacked the openness of a true seeker and a life was destroyed in the process. They created even more karma for themselves, which only keeps the whole karmic cycle rolling. A suicide is not the end, nor the answer. I see only ignorance here.
Life presents us with many situations. we can either learn from it or be swept by it. One can use the current oppressive situation in tibet to overcome the worldly attachments or to suffer in it. I used to feel very strongly about tibet and its struggle, but all these identities do not mean much to me anymore. These are all happening at the level of phenomenon, the level of imparmanent reality. But i still do care.
Attachment and reactions are understandable from ordinary people, but not from monks and nuns who are supposed to dedicate themselves on the path of buddhahood. I’m not talking from a high level, but from a basic level. Anyone in buddhism knows about the perils of attachments, but they are not applying it. This is not just for advanced monks. This is the basic understanding. Only having intellectual understanding of the scriptures doesnt work. Live it, breathe it or it will fade with memory.
I’m only able to write and lament in my current capacity, so, i know more could be done to avoid those tragedies.

I personally see a big change needed in all the religions. Too much inefficiencies everywhere. Everything needs to stand the test of time, and religion belongs to past, including buddhism. They do not go with result oriented mind of the present time. Things that work stays. Rest is history.
Buddhism in theory is a several lifetime of work for the earnest seeker and its just too long. Not everyone can wait that long when there are many alternatives.
Spirituality is the way, heart is the way, but buddhism has become a teaching like all other religion, and this is where the problem lies. Teachings can fade, but the way stays. Buddhism has become highly academicised.
Teaching has scholastic tendency and can have various interpretations, but the way is a way. You can only live it, not study. It either works for you or not. That is its only concern.
It can be looked at as technique which is about application, not theory. Yoga is a science and various technologies evolved from it. You use the technology, like your smartphones, not necessary to study it.
I’ve nothing against buddha. He caused one of the greatest spiritual wave on the planet and we all are grateful for that. In many ways, he led the way. I am only speaking out against the current state of buddhism.

What does God look like? Sadhguru. A Short animated video.

February 7, 2017

A True Scripture

August 4, 2016

​What good is scriptures or holy books, if people only make intellectual knowledge out of it? I’ve no place for such scriptures.
The real scripture is in your heart. There lies all the answer to your questions, the truth, which is hidden in a veil. All that you have to do is to turn around your focus and lift the veil.
In our heart, lies the true scripture, the one with experiential knowledge, the one that will deliver, the one that matters the most, not some bookish knowledge.
Therefore, open up your heart, overcome your fears and let the true scripture reveal itself.
Let your actions be the scripture, not words.Dont just study scriptures or holy books, but live them and breathe them.

​What does it matter?

June 30, 2016

What does it matter, whether a God is white or black or any other race or gender, whether the universe is infinite or not? Or if there is God or no God? Why argue, fight and kill each other over something which is not in your experience?
If a god discriminates between himself and his creation, and in the differences in people, then that god is just an imagination from a limited mindset, from a good but limited storyteller. And if god is beyond discrimination and ego, then what problem has he in accepting people of all kind, from this or that religion?
Realising our true nature should be the focus, not god. In hindu tradition, god is not a final goal. He is just a stepping stone to liberation, which is the ultimate goal, which is higher than god.
Only enlightenment will liberate us from this cyclical and impermanent nature of existence, not god. Even Buddha can only show the path, but we’ve to walk on it. He never performed any miracles.

Our problem is that we look outside for everything, even for god, who is supposed to be sitting in heaven, somewhere above the earth. Hence people keep looking up, and are reckless with the mother earth, that provides everything. There is no communion with the nature, our home.

Be a seeker, not a believer. A seeķer is someone who says I do not know, thats why he seeks. Since a seeker do not know, he is not in conflict in anyone, as he has nothing to defend.  Sadhguru says there is a great wisdom in i do not know. I do not know is the basis of longing and seeking to know. I do not know is not negative. Great discovery has come from there.
Just look within and probe. If there is no-thing, then stay with that.
When you see there is nothing inside, you will then realise the fruitless purpose of going around in cycles forever, the impermanence of everything. You will then seek a real deal, that which is permanent, that which stays.

What good?

June 16, 2016

What good is strength and power, if it cant help the weak?
What good is wealth, if it cant help the poor?
What good is religion and spirituality, if it cant bring peace and harmony?
What good is a religion if it is limited to lectures of morality, which people hear from one ear and take it out from the other?
What good is a religion and spirituality, like sufism or any other practices, if it doesnt come out of its shell, for the greater good of humanity?

What good is religion and its books and scriptures, if it remains a theory to be studied and not practical  to be implemented?

What good is life, if its only studied and not lived?
What good is religious followers or a hypocrite, if their actions are in contrast with their faith?
What good is a religion, like buddhism, if it makes you helpless to defend your own country, and makes you so passive that you fail to even fight for it, and surrender everything to the invaders?
What good is a religion, like islam, if people only learn hate, violence and aggression from it?

What good is a religion, like christianity, if it is confined to a weekend gathering inside the building, and busy in converting others? No other religion does that. We all mind our own business.

What good is life, if its self-centered superficially on ego and image building, and wasted?
What good is economy, if it traps you in survival mode, and not let you explore the subtler life beyond survival?
What good is money, if you lose your humanity going after it?
What good is education, if it only provides skills to make us just a cog of the machine, and not wisdom and warmth, to make us a better human beings?
What good is teaching and knowledge, if it cannot be applied?
What good is a potential, if its not realised?
What good is a dream or an aspiration, if its not pursued?
What good is anything, if its not used?
What good is life, if its not meaningful?

What good is scriptures, if people only make intellectual knowledge out of it?I’ve no place for such scriptures.
The real scripture is in your heart. There lies all the answer to your questions, the truth, which is hidden in a veil. All that you have to do is to turn around your focus, and lift the veil.

In our heart, lies the true scripture, the one with experiential knowledge, the one that will deliver, the one that matters the most, not some bookish knowledge.

Therefore, open up your heart, overcome your fears and let the true scripture reveal itself.

What does it matter, whether the god is white or black, whether the universe is infinite or not? Are we going to make a meal out of it? Why talk about something which is not in your experience?
My point is mainly on religion and spirituality. There is a growing sense of negativities of hatred and violence everywhere, and they need to be responded with positivities which can be drawn from religion and spirituality, and not being quiet or silent.

Doing nothing or appeasing is also a sort of violence, as you indirectly condone the atrocities. You cant let crooks keep getting away from their crime as they will never learn. Silence will only embolden them. A line has to be drawn.

But i’m not advocating revenge or tit for that. I’m talking about a holistic, eye opening response which can show to them the pain caused to others by their ignorance, and those with some sense will realise their mistake and repent.

Anyone can be transformed, as we all carry a heart inside, a seed of warmth, a seed of humanity, which is buried but not dead, the spirit that needs to be revived. The great examples are, from king ashoka the cruel to ashoka the great, who introduced non-violence to the world, from the notorious bandit angulimala to an enlightened buddhist monk under the guidance of buddha, from a robber to the great sage valmiki, the author of ramayana, one of the two great indian epic, the other being the mahabharata.

I want to see an outpouring of positives in the world, which will  overwhelm the negatives and root it out completely. I want to see the whole world working on themselves and looking within, and not blaming others for any problems, as world peace begins with individual peace. I will also be doing that earnestly. I’m having thoughts of committing fully to spirituality.

This is my wish and a vision towards the world peace.

True Freedom of Speech. Sadhguru

May 6, 2016

Q: Sadhguru, today we see a lot of people taking an anti-establishment stance in the name of freedom of speech. But where do we draw the line between freedom of speech and anarchy?

Sadhguru: “Freedom” is a bad word because I have always seen, the moment somebody starts talking about freedom, they start doing irresponsible things. “Responsibility” is the right word because where there is no responsibility, there will anyway be no freedom. Only if all of us behave responsibly, there is some freedom. If we start behaving irresponsibly towards each other, there will be no freedom.

Right now, there are a lot of people still living in the romance of revolution. They do not understand that it is a romance of another time. There is no place for such a thing in today’s world. At one time, in South America and Mexico, it was very romantic to be part of a revolution. You pick up a gun and shoot some guy, and you are in revolution.

Today, if you want to cause a revolution, educate a hundred children or plant a million trees. Today, solution is revolution.

There is a small segment of population in India who is still in that mode, and certain parts of the country are still in the romance of revolution. Every day, they are bombing or shooting someone. And there are a lot of people in the universities and schools who are fired up by this romance and are talking about the same revolution. They do not know what the purpose of this revolution is, but they want revolution – just like that.

When people are young, it is very easy to fire them up against something. But this idea of revolution is over. Today, if you want to cause a revolution, educate a hundred children or plant a million trees. Today, solution is revolution. In those days, the world was ruled by tyrants with guns, so fighting and killing them was a revolution. Today, almost the entire world is democratic. You just have to wait for another four or five years – they will go! Today, what matters is whether you have a revolutionary idea for a solution.

When we say freedom of speech, it means everyone can say what they want. Everyone will be allowed to say what they want only if they speak responsibly. If we start saying whatever we feel like to each other, people will start slapping each other on the face, no matter what the law may be. Once somebody slaps you, you will slap them, then they shoot you, then you shoot them, then there will be no freedom of any kind.

Only if all of us behave responsibly, there is some freedom. If we start behaving irresponsibly towards each other, there will be no freedom.

Once there is strife, there is no freedom left. If you look at Iraq or Syria and wherever Islamic State is going on, do you think you would have freedom of speech there? If you open your mouth, you may catch a bullet. There is no freedom of any kind. Once strife happens, slavery is what happens, not freedom.

If you want freedom to exist, responsible behavior is most important. If you value freedom of every kind, the most important thing is to maintain law and order, to follow the rules of the game in which we are, and express what we want to within that. Maintaining order and keeping the balance of everything is the only way we will have freedom.

My thoughts:
Finally sadhguru clears the matter on the freedom of speech, which has been gravely misused by anti social extremist elements in many parts of world today and were being tolerated as no one had the real answer to put a stop to it. I also had some ideas on the meaning of true freedom of speech, but not a definitive and a clear one.

The link to original post from sadhguru’s daily blog. A great blog on his great insight with unmatched clarity.

Scholars study the world. Buddha studies himself. Part I.

December 16, 2015

I got an inspiration for the post from this above quote of mooji.

If you go deeply into one problem, you will find answers for the many. Go into many and you will find fragmentations.

The problem with buddhism and all other religions is that they are full of scriptures. You are the scripture. Study yourself. The truth can only be in you. Everything else is a story. A belief. As jesus says, the kingdom of heaven is within you.

Anything that is not in your experience is only a story for you. It becomes a knowledge, which can guide you but wont walk the path for you. Similarly, Buddha can only show the path, but he cannot walk the path for you. You have to walk your own path and find your own truth.

Scriptures can be a guidance but dont keep on sticking to it. Eventually a baby has to walk on its own feet. No one will feed him to the end.

Dont waste human life, for liberation is possible only in this life. Only the human mind can contemplate the consciousness, and merge in it. Dont wait for next life. There is no guarantee that the next life will be of a human. Dont prolong your miseries. Come out of it.

Follow self enquiry and find the self.

Beliefs: the source of conflicts.

December 4, 2015

Thoughts without belief have no power. But thoughts with belief can start a war. Belief is the crux of the problem. Mooji.

There is no difference between religious extremists and the radical groups that are opposed to it. Both are blinded by their ignorance.

We see muslim terrorists, and then some idiots starts targetting that whole religion, mainly the innocent ones. One believes in something, while another is against it. So, both are believing in something, but their belief clashes with each other, and results in conflicts. Both are extremists, and you cannot tell good and bad between them.

Therefore, sadhguru rightly says that the majority of world conflicts is not between good vs bad, but between different belief systems. A non believer believes in nothing, but its also a belief. Its not from experience.

Belief is the source of conflicts. But if you go deeper, you will find that the real source or cause is ignorance, the ignorance of not knowing.

There is a great wisdom in I do not know, if we just accept it, and not suppress or hide it. A genuine seeking emerges from I do not know. But ignorance gives rise to only false beliefs and confidence without clarity. A conflict becomes inevitable.

Why Religion and conflicts? Sadhguru.

November 20, 2015

Religion today has been reduced to a belief system. Once you start believing in something which is not yet a reality for you, you are bound to get into a conflict with somebody else because somebody else is bound to believe in something else. As long as people believe in something, conflict is inevitable.

Once people believe what they believe is important, naturally they will try to impose it on other people. People will not call it imposition. They will call it “saving others from ignorance.” But others will get hurt because any impostion hurts.

When someone resists, other methods will be used to coerce them, be it financial aid or threat by violence or anything imaginable. All these simply because one believes in something, and someone else in another.

Religion is not about belief systems. They all started as a method to turn inwards. Inward means it has something to do with individual, and nothing to do with someone else. But when people try to organise this inward step, naturally it gets distorted.

Religion cannot be done on the street. It can only be done within you. If you become truly religious, you must be beyond any kind of conflict, both within and outside. That is the whole crux of the religion.

But today religion means conflict. If people utter the word religion, they are talking generally in terms of conflict. This is because people have reduced an inward step into a set of beliefs.

Because if people have to take an inward step, they have to transform themselves. If people have to believe something, then there is no need for transformation. People can do whatever nonsense they want, and still believe god is up in the heaven.

The crudest, cruelest people have always been talking about god. All the warmongers have been talking about god. And god has been helping them.

The moment you believe something, you have a new kind of confidence. Confidence without clarity. Thats the biggest problem. When idiots become very confident, the world is in danger.

An intelligent person is constantly hesitating with life. With every steps, he wonders whether what he is doing is okay or not. But a fool has absolute confidence, and when his stupidity gets stamped by god, thats it. No looking back. He just can go on doing the most idiotic things, without any problem about it.

The very nature of intelligence is such that if you do something stupid today, tonight your very intelligence will bother you, “why did i do this?” But if you get god’s stamp on your stupidity, you dont have to turn back and see.

You can do grossest things on the planet, and not bother about it, and feel very proud that you are anyway going to go to heaven because you did all these nonsense. There is no experiential knowledge. You are just believing something.

Once you believe something, your beliefs and somebody else beliefs is bound to clash somewhere. The conflict in the world is not between good and evil, please see this. some people may claim it but its not true. It is always one mans belief versus another man’s belief.

So religion has become a problem because we have reduced it into just a set of beliefs. If it was experientially true that you really felt god, then could there be conflict? There is no such possibility.

But because you are growing from belief system, you are not willing to make the effort of going beyond what you have gathered from others and looking at life by yourself. That is why there is conflict.

If you do not know, there will be no conflict. If you know, there will be no conflict at all. But when you pretend to know, there is bound to be a conflict. Sadhguru.

There are many idiots in the world, committing atrocities in the name of god.
This message should go into the heads of as many as possible. Please share.

The essence of spirituality, of true seeking, needs to be brought back into the religions. Otherwise, things will continue as it is, and even get worse. As with degeneration everywhere, religions are not in hands of right people, who unites, not divides.
My understanding and clarity comes from him.

The video to go with it.

And the blog article from isha foundation.