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Don’t let fear of suffering limit your possibility. Sadhguru video.

March 12, 2018


The way of the heart.

January 22, 2017

Life is heart. No heart, no life. Mind is not life, thoughts are not life.
Mind is the outer heart, while heart is the core, the source. Everything is one, but we sense it differently.
Enlightenment is transcending the mind to access the intelligence of the heart. Its about the heart, not the mind. Heart is the root. Fix the heart, and everything else is just a consequence. A way to go. The way of the heart is the simple way to go as the world has become too complicated. 
Mind is a tool like science, which can be manipulated by the quality of the heart. So, fix the heart. Warm-heartedness is a good start.
Enlightenment is the flowering of the heart.

Liberate your mind to access the heart, not control it.
Heart is grace, which is always in us. We just have to tap it. The last part is for mooji followers.

Two forces within.

January 22, 2017

There are two major aspects in you – one is the instinct of survival which is always holding you down, another is your longing to become boundless. That which is keeping this longing going is Grace. That which is constantly telling you, “That’s not safe, let’s do the safe thing,” is survival. 

Sadhguru, with his unmatched clarity. From his blog post on grace titled “become a source of light”.
I see grace as heart which pushes you to a life beyond survival.

Dancing your heart out on new year’s eve.

December 31, 2016

​Looking forward to dancing full out on new year’s eve. I see dance as a therapy where i can be myself and express myself. Actually, its more of getting in sync with the music and freeing your body and mind and then letting the music coarse through you.

A state where you as an ego disappear and your natural free spirit comes out. A blissful experience.
Everything is a stepping stone to the divine. Anything can be used for enlightenment, if you give your all fully, where you disappear and only the dance remains, for example. You make space for something else, for the divine within you. Ego can be greater than the world, and both the ego and divine cant coexist. 
People take drugs for same purpose to disappear, but dont last long. Dance is the healthier way. 
You can describe a thing from many ways, and same thing with the enlightenment, though i’m only inferring from some glimpses here and there.
Shiva is called nataraja, the lord of dance, for a reason. He embodies divine and also has a statue in nataraja form. Only the indian gods in the whole world are known for dance, with another great dancer being krishna and his raas leela in his childhood days. 

History wise, mevlana rumi, the great sufi poet and an enlightened being, had his dance of whirling dervishes, called sema. Sufism is known for their offering of love to the divine through music. So did the great devotees of krishna, like meerabai and tulsidas. Music comes naturally with devotion.

Divinity has no limitations. Why deny or suppress something which is natural? I’m only talking spirituality here to make my points, and not about religion. They just happen to be connected. In essence, they are same. Becoming more than what you are right now. Becoming boundless.

I want to go and get some rhythm and nataraja moment going.
Dance is a free movement of hands and legs. It can be anyway. Feel the flow inside you. Be the dance.
Let this night be a blissful conscious night, not the unconscious one with drinks. Put a limit. Making memories and passing out dont go together.
Happy New Year. Welcome the new year with a new you.

I wanted to get a statue of nataraja, like the one, mooji has besides him during the satsang, but then i found out that it is not advisable to keep the statue of nataraja, as his dance of tandava symbolises the destruction of universe. So, better play safe. But positively speaking, shiva is known as destroyer, that is of ego.

Why Should A Person Stay at the Ashram? Sadhguru.

December 20, 2016

There is No Inner Journey. Sadhguru.

August 16, 2016

A simplicity looks like a stupidity, but its not so. Everything that is profound is simple. Sadhguru.

I bow down to his clarity.

​What does it matter?

June 30, 2016

What does it matter, whether a God is white or black or any other race or gender, whether the universe is infinite or not? Or if there is God or no God? Why argue, fight and kill each other over something which is not in your experience?
If a god discriminates between himself and his creation, and in the differences in people, then that god is just an imagination from a limited mindset, from a good but limited storyteller. And if god is beyond discrimination and ego, then what problem has he in accepting people of all kind, from this or that religion?
Realising our true nature should be the focus, not god. In hindu tradition, god is not a final goal. He is just a stepping stone to liberation, which is the ultimate goal, which is higher than god.
Only enlightenment will liberate us from this cyclical and impermanent nature of existence, not god. Even Buddha can only show the path, but we’ve to walk on it. He never performed any miracles.

Our problem is that we look outside for everything, even for god, who is supposed to be sitting in heaven, somewhere above the earth. Hence people keep looking up, and are reckless with the mother earth, that provides everything. There is no communion with the nature, our home.

Be a seeker, not a believer. A seeķer is someone who says I do not know, thats why he seeks. Since a seeker do not know, he is not in conflict in anyone, as he has nothing to defend.  Sadhguru says there is a great wisdom in i do not know. I do not know is the basis of longing and seeking to know. I do not know is not negative. Great discovery has come from there.
Just look within and probe. If there is no-thing, then stay with that.
When you see there is nothing inside, you will then realise the fruitless purpose of going around in cycles forever, the impermanence of everything. You will then seek a real deal, that which is permanent, that which stays.

What is your twig? A beautiful short story on zen monk by mooji.

March 31, 2016

My introduction to mooji.

Self enquiry: knowing yourself, your true nature, and the way out of fear.

October 30, 2015

Self enquiry: knowing yourself, your true nature and the way out of fear.

I’ve found a path, a path which I’ve been practicing all along my whole life unknowingly. A path of self enquiry, to face your deepest fears, to go deeper within to find your true nature, a path taught by Ramana Maharshi and now passed onto Mooji.

I’ve done vipassana and some yoga before, but i could never maintain the practices as i was stricken with fear. fear or stress was blocking everything out. So, these days, my main focus had been to face my fears, and i was still struggling a bit ‘cos when I went too deep, the pressure was so deep that I felt I could die, and I had to back off ‘cos I didnt know what to do then. I then saw the video of mooji alongside sadhguru videos, and he talks about the fear of death being the main obstacle in the process of self enquiry, and gives an example of ramana maharshi who himself overcame his panic attack at the age of 16 and conquered death ‘cos only body dies, not your true nature. So, this is a great motivation to go deeper, to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

We all have anxieties and issues, but that is nature’s compassionate way of giving us the moment to transcend them. You cannot overcome something unless its there. Its nature’s way of reminding you, your true nature. You are more than what you think of yourself. Raman maharishi had a panic attack at the age of 16, and he conquered death, then and there. So, it was the best thing that could happen to him. All our fears, the anxieties, the panic attacks, the crisis of any kind, we can turn it into a great blessing, if we know how to handle it. Therefore, use every opportunity for your growth. Nothing is problem. Everything is a possility, a stepping stone to the ultimate. Its about having the right perspective.

Similarly, nobody wants sufferings and deaths, but without them, there would be no Buddha.

Its becoming clearer that self enquiry is the ultimate answer to the world full of miseries and fears, as you tackle issues head on. No need to learn new techniques. You deal with whatever crops up in your mind, in a calm way by observing and not reacting to them. You are a witness. You can practice anywhere without going anywhere. You just go in. Observe the observer.

It comes naturally to me. Its something that i’ve always been doing, but now i’ve a purpose with a greater clarity and an opportunity to conquer death itself. My fears will be my transcendance, a blessing.

Self enquiry is very direct and straight. You face your true self and try to come out of fears and anxieties. Vipasana didnt help me to overcome my fear. It just led me to that situation, where my own effort helped me. That deep situation could also have been created with self enquiry, by going deeper within.

Self enquiry is the good starting place for everybody, ‘cos once you have mastery of the mind, then you can do other practices with more ease. I’ve seen many people struggle with their practices, especially vipassana, and abandon it ‘cos of their weak mind. There is no proper guidance, and self enquiry will fill that gap, ‘cos you face your fears head on.

With other practices, you are mainly multitasking as you try to face your fears and remember your practice techniques at the same time, which was my problem.

There is too much stress and fears in the world today as we rely primarily on the mind, and self enquiry will be the best approach in dealing permanently with problems and helping people come out of misery. Also, the modern world is all about instant and shortcut. And self enquiry is that shortcut to spirituality, to enlightenment. A direct way.

I’ve lots of tensions in body due to fear and my body used to shake vigorously during vipassana meditations, and they had no answers to it. But I continued with it ‘cos I was facing my fears, and body shaking was a way of tensions leaving my body and I felt lighter. And self enquiry talks about it. So, my answer has finally been confirmed. I think there are others in vipassana whose body shakes. I know another person whose did. So, this will of great help to many people.

Self enquiry is my path, and will likely become the path of others, ‘cos it comes naturally to every human without making any effort, and you dont have to learn any different technique to face what you have been facing all along. If you can be calm and be a witness to your mind, then you will naturally go deeper. you dont have to look for problems. They are always there. Isnt it why we try to seek escape from it? So, the problem is always there to be faced, its just that we are not willing, and spend our whole lives running away from it by seeking some sort of entertainment, to keep our mind busy and occupied, which doesnt really solve the problems. It only prolongs the miseries.

I will now be practicing self enquiry everyday and get over the fear of death, like ramana maharshi did. As you go deeper inside, you realise that its the fear of the death, which is the main underlying fear, fear of something dying, the cause of all the sufferings. The basis of fear is ego and the body, and the need to preserve and protect them, and when you go deeper, you realise that you are not any of them, and the fear is gone forever.

In spirituality, we loosely use the term to look within, and self enquiry, best captures that essence of spirituality, in its simplicity. No techniques whatsoever.

Self enquiry is the starting point for me, but it may not be the only path. Everything is interconnected to each other, and there are many spiritual paths in the world. Therefore, I want to build a bridge that connects them all, and bring them all together, by exploring various paths. I want to bring some order on this wild, chaotic path of spirituality, so that there is something for everybody and people dont need to feel lost in order to find their true calling. If yoga is the ultimate union, then I will see it for myself. This is my way of bringing peace, harmony and spirituality to the whole world. i want to turn the whole world spiritual by reaching out to every individual. Only then can we have real lasting world peace, for true peace begins with individuals.

For those interested, its best to watch the youtube videos on mooji, especially on fears. he also gives online satsangs from time to time. there is a Facebook group of mooji sangha of various cities, and you can join, interact and get together for satsangs.