My name is tenzin tsering, with a tibetan background. I’ve always been inquisitive and wanted to know why things are and how? I used to write my views on whatever struck me, or was grasped. I started this blog innocently to share my political views on my country’s struggle for freedom, but deep down my heart was always yearning for spirituality, and as i started maturing, my subject also naturally changed. I know where my priority lies.

People turn to spirituality due to hardships of life and i am no different. I’ve suffered from severe anxieties my whole life, and i always wanted to goto root of the problem, but i didnt know how. i’m very true to myself and cannot pretend. I couldnt pretend to be happy when i knew that something was wrong deep inside, and it could overwhelm me anytime. i had to find a permanent solutions, not a temporary escape by doing drugs or alcohol, ‘cos the reality wont change. Fear had crippled me. I was a slave to mind, yet always determined to turn it around. So, i always used to look within and introspect myself. i did different spiritual practices, like vipassana, basic isha yoga course of sadhguru and self enquiry of mooji. Each led me to deeper understanding and clarity. Sadhguru had made a greatest impact with his unmatched clarity, but it was mooji that helped me overcome my fears for good.


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