Dangal. A movie review. Hindi.

A great movie on the wrestling competition and on breaking the gender barriers, based on a true story. 
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Dangal best symbolises that quote.
Sultan was an entertaining movie and not really an sports movie. but dangal goes way beyond that. It is a pure sports movie, but made so perfectly that it captivates the nation with a great story telling and acting. The movie is also full of great one line humour. Aamir khan’s best movie ever. 
Sports movie generally have a niche market, but this one transcended its limitation to appeal to everyone alike to become the highest grossing movie in hindi cinema, with the exception of south indian films like baahubali and kabali. 
Dangal reminded me of aamir khan’s  another movie, lagaan, which was an equally patriotic movie about bringing glory to the nation, and this is where dangal has hit the perfect note and even exceeded lagaan.
Dangal is more of an inspiration and less of lecturing, as it doesnt really have any messages for the audience unlike 3 idiots, his another great movie. 
Dangal is the story of one man’s unwavering dream to bring a glory to his nation through his daughters, as his own hope was dashed in his youth due to bleak conditions and was forced to compromise with his life’s passion. 
This is the story of a strong will to succeed despite the lack of support from all levels, including his community and from the local govt authorities. He didnt let anything stop him. Where there is a will, there is a way. This is the message that people can take from this movie. Another message is about gender equality, which is not really a new message. 
I also noticed the clash of traditional versus modern scientific methods, with the former triumphing, as the science can be too technical and less of a spirit.
I did cringe a bit at the harsh parenting treatment, but as one young bride painfully pointed out, that it was better than no treatment at all.
Dangal deserves to be watched in a theatre to get a true feel of the movie’s spirit. The difference is like watching a sports in stadium versus tv. Going alone is even better with less distractions.
I’ve followed up on the real life characters of dangal, and both the sisters and their cousin sister are targeting olympic medals in 2020 in tokyo, which i think will everyone be looking forward to. I certainly will. Time for india to stand out on all fronts.


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