Expectations, the biggest source of disappointment.

​Expectations is the biggest source of disappointment. This has got to do with the other.
So, your happiness and sadness depends on others, which can never be stable and reliable. You become a slave to the external situations, which can sway your mind in any directions.
Your remote is in the hands of others.  Its an accident waiting to happen. You will be living by accidents, without any awareness. Anybody can press your raw nerve button and push you around. Only misery and sufferings. 
The lesson here is to find happiness within yourself, which will save you lots of disappointment. Find your own security.
When you are happy from within, your happiness becomes firm and permanent, and nobody can take it away from you. Your happiness is not dependent on others. Your remote is in your hand. You are calm in every situation, no matter how stormy. 
Just do your thing, but dont expect much from others. Or choose your close friends wisely.

As buddha says, make an island onto yourself. 

Aspiration is similar to expectation, but its not necessarily for outer objects. So, aspire for your own joy and happiness, which is eternal.


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