What good?

What good is strength and power, if it cant help the weak?
What good is wealth, if it cant help the poor?
What good is religion and spirituality, if it cant bring peace and harmony?
What good is a religion if it is limited to lectures of morality, which people hear from one ear and take it out from the other?
What good is a religion and spirituality, like sufism or any other practices, if it doesnt come out of its shell, for the greater good of humanity?

What good is religion and its books and scriptures, if it remains a theory to be studied and not practical  to be implemented?

What good is life, if its only studied and not lived?
What good is religious followers or a hypocrite, if their actions are in contrast with their faith?
What good is a religion, like buddhism, if it makes you helpless to defend your own country, and makes you so passive that you fail to even fight for it, and surrender everything to the invaders?
What good is a religion, like islam, if people only learn hate, violence and aggression from it?

What good is a religion, like christianity, if it is confined to a weekend gathering inside the building, and busy in converting others? No other religion does that. We all mind our own business.

What good is life, if its self-centered superficially on ego and image building, and wasted?
What good is economy, if it traps you in survival mode, and not let you explore the subtler life beyond survival?
What good is money, if you lose your humanity going after it?
What good is education, if it only provides skills to make us just a cog of the machine, and not wisdom and warmth, to make us a better human beings?
What good is teaching and knowledge, if it cannot be applied?
What good is a potential, if its not realised?
What good is a dream or an aspiration, if its not pursued?
What good is anything, if its not used?
What good is life, if its not meaningful?

What good is scriptures, if people only make intellectual knowledge out of it?I’ve no place for such scriptures.
The real scripture is in your heart. There lies all the answer to your questions, the truth, which is hidden in a veil. All that you have to do is to turn around your focus, and lift the veil.

In our heart, lies the true scripture, the one with experiential knowledge, the one that will deliver, the one that matters the most, not some bookish knowledge.

Therefore, open up your heart, overcome your fears and let the true scripture reveal itself.

What does it matter, whether the god is white or black, whether the universe is infinite or not? Are we going to make a meal out of it? Why talk about something which is not in your experience?
My point is mainly on religion and spirituality. There is a growing sense of negativities of hatred and violence everywhere, and they need to be responded with positivities which can be drawn from religion and spirituality, and not being quiet or silent.

Doing nothing or appeasing is also a sort of violence, as you indirectly condone the atrocities. You cant let crooks keep getting away from their crime as they will never learn. Silence will only embolden them. A line has to be drawn.

But i’m not advocating revenge or tit for that. I’m talking about a holistic, eye opening response which can show to them the pain caused to others by their ignorance, and those with some sense will realise their mistake and repent.

Anyone can be transformed, as we all carry a heart inside, a seed of warmth, a seed of humanity, which is buried but not dead, the spirit that needs to be revived. The great examples are, from king ashoka the cruel to ashoka the great, who introduced non-violence to the world, from the notorious bandit angulimala to an enlightened buddhist monk under the guidance of buddha, from a robber to the great sage valmiki, the author of ramayana, one of the two great indian epic, the other being the mahabharata.

I want to see an outpouring of positives in the world, which will  overwhelm the negatives and root it out completely. I want to see the whole world working on themselves and looking within, and not blaming others for any problems, as world peace begins with individual peace. I will also be doing that earnestly. I’m having thoughts of committing fully to spirituality.

This is my wish and a vision towards the world peace.


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