China: Humanity decayed in the absence of Religion.

I criticise religions, but despite its limitations, one good thing about it is that it gives hope to people, that there is something good in the world, which is worth protecting. It also prevents many people from bad deeds, out of fear for reverence for god, and also for next life. Terrorists are a different case. Much have been written about them, and will not be covered here.

China is a communist country in general without religion, which gives people nothing to fear, since they dont believe in god, and the downside to it is that humanity is at its worst there. Their human value has rotten to the core. They are among the lowest of the lows. They are cold, with no warmth, no manners, and indulge in all kinds of cruel activities, without any fear of karmic retribution.

Without religion, they dont know what is good and bad. A nation of psychopaths. Without religion, they have not much hope. They only see money. Everything else goes out of window. Without god, they consider themselves superior, and everything else is to be dominated and exploited. Being fearless is good, but they are heading in the wrong direction, without a proper foundation.

Some videos still haunt me, like the one kid run down by car, and passersby ignored the girl. There are many videos titled under chinese worst behaviour. I’ve yet to watch them, but have heard some description.

Their photos also are disturbing. One collection of photos i saw at dharamsala, india near his holiness entrance, has one chinese proudly ripping out skin of a live cattle. And many more. They get thrills out of such cruel activities.

This doesnt mean hating or condemning the chinese. His holiness says condemn the action, not the actor. They are just ignorant. Therefore, a wise person will feel sorry for them and have compassion for these demented people. Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. But applying it will be much harder.

It also doesnt mean going soft on them. You have to take a stand when it matters, in the same spirit that you cannot keep appeasing spoilt kids with tantrums, hoping problems will go away.

Its not just china but everywhere. It reflects the state of today’s world. Everybody making a living by ripping off each other in blind pursuit of money, regardless of their conscience. The business practices of today are all about maximum profits. Charge as high as they can. People want to achieve their goal at all cost, regardless of whether their ways are good or bad. This is a materialistic consumer world, where everything is a commodity, to be used and thrown.

Honesty and integrity is rare, and more so among politicians. People get surprised to hear of honest politicians ‘cos the expectations are almost nil. But politicians are just a representation of the nature of that population. You get what you are. If people are corrupt, then so will be their politicians. After all, corrupt people are electing a corrupt politician. What else can we expect? There is no place for honesty in this dog eat dog world.

Faith and corruption dont go together, as told by his holiness to indian politicians.

These are just my opinion, trying to piece together their twisted mindset. This doesnt represent the whole population, but gives some indication of their general mindset.

In a nation of billion plus people, not all chinese are non believers. There are many people practising buddhism, falun dafa, taoism, christianity, and other religions. Many are also into spirituality.


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One Response to “China: Humanity decayed in the absence of Religion.”

  1. gospelisosceles Says:

    I agree with many of the statements you mentioned and do believe from the bottom of my heart that Tibet especially, given their (albeit forced) close relationship with the China, has the opportunity to enlighten the Chinese. I taught in China for a few years and was shocked to hear my students of all ages refer to the Dalai Lama as a dangerous terrorist. But it is easy now to see why when their god is money and senseless consumption. It is true the Chinese, and much of the world in my opinion, need to focus more on the spiritual than on the corporeal. I wrote a little about Tibet and China in a post, if you care to read:

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