Looking for the warmhearted. Qualities I seek in a friend or every human being.

Friendship with me doesnt come cheap. there is a cost. It takes honesty and integrity to be my friend. I’ve always preferred quality over quantity. Better to have few good friends or even no friends than many casual friends who change with seasons. There is no steadiness or reliability or dependability. Its a waste of time.

I’m not somebody’s timepass nor i’m at their disposal, to be used and thrown. Sadly, this has also become a way of the world.

Exploiting the kindness of others will not be tolerated. I’m no longer a shy, quiet person to be taken advantage of. I’ll speak my mind.

My time is also not cheap. I barely have enough time for myself, some of which goes out in hanging out with friends. I do admit that i’m lazy and a slacker, wasting a lot of time, but i do that to myself. 

I dont give special treatment to anybody. I treat everybody same, but its just that i enjoy the company of some people. We all judge others. We make friends and enemies through our judgement of others. Thats life. So, all the people in my contact come under my observation and my principles. 

This approach applies to everyone, even to my potential relationships. Nobody is the exception, not even myself, for i’ve the courage to openly judge myself unbiasedly, but i also still have ways to go.

I’ve allergy to selfishness, shallowness, and to shrewedness, jackalness or manipulativeness, mainly the mental crap. Something in me just explodes, and its hard to contain those emotions. I do know that the world is full of crap, but something in me just dont want to compromise or settle for anything less. But i’m trying in my own way. Maybe its not good enough yet.

I now realised that any judgement becomes a narrow perspective, and those who dont fit into it are out. It will also become a major obstacle on my path, to go beyond the likes and dislikes. But this habit is deeply ingrained in all of us as a self defense mechanism for our ego or this idea of person that we think we are.

I dont yet have the capacity to accept people of all kinds. Discrimination or the defense mechanism still exists within this person. I do aspire to go beyond personality, but lifetime of conditionings doesn’t go away easily. I just have to keep trying to see that it doesnt overwhelm me.

Friends are not a big part of my life. But it still affects.

I give time to all, but when the jar gets full, then the time is up.

I’m not asking for anything special to be my friend. All i’m asking for is honesty and integrity, which shouldnt be rare as its supposed to be believed. You dont have to put on some act. Just be yourself, without any selfishness. Be your pure self, the one who has the courage to accept his own mistakes.

I’m not expecting everyone to be exactly like me, but i do want to see a open, genuine person.

I can welcome back any lost friends, who have genuinely mended their ways.

I dont seek friends just to have fun and hang out, and then get disappeared in times of need. I seek a true friend who will walk with me through all the vicissitudes of life, just like i will walk through theirs.

I’m looking for the warmhearted.


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