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What is your twig? A beautiful short story on zen monk by mooji.

March 31, 2016

My introduction to mooji.


Looking for the warmhearted. Qualities I seek in a friend or every human being.

March 24, 2016

Friendship with me doesnt come cheap. there is a cost. It takes honesty and integrity to be my friend. I’ve always preferred quality over quantity. Better to have few good friends or even no friends than many casual friends who change with seasons. There is no steadiness or reliability or dependability. Its a waste of time.

I’m not somebody’s timepass nor i’m at their disposal, to be used and thrown. Sadly, this has also become a way of the world.

Exploiting the kindness of others will not be tolerated. I’m no longer a shy, quiet person to be taken advantage of. I’ll speak my mind.

My time is also not cheap. I barely have enough time for myself, some of which goes out in hanging out with friends. I do admit that i’m lazy and a slacker, wasting a lot of time, but i do that to myself. 

I dont give special treatment to anybody. I treat everybody same, but its just that i enjoy the company of some people. We all judge others. We make friends and enemies through our judgement of others. Thats life. So, all the people in my contact come under my observation and my principles. 

This approach applies to everyone, even to my potential relationships. Nobody is the exception, not even myself, for i’ve the courage to openly judge myself unbiasedly, but i also still have ways to go.

I’ve allergy to selfishness, shallowness, and to shrewedness, jackalness or manipulativeness, mainly the mental crap. Something in me just explodes, and its hard to contain those emotions. I do know that the world is full of crap, but something in me just dont want to compromise or settle for anything less. But i’m trying in my own way. Maybe its not good enough yet.

I now realised that any judgement becomes a narrow perspective, and those who dont fit into it are out. It will also become a major obstacle on my path, to go beyond the likes and dislikes. But this habit is deeply ingrained in all of us as a self defense mechanism for our ego or this idea of person that we think we are.

I dont yet have the capacity to accept people of all kinds. Discrimination or the defense mechanism still exists within this person. I do aspire to go beyond personality, but lifetime of conditionings doesn’t go away easily. I just have to keep trying to see that it doesnt overwhelm me.

Friends are not a big part of my life. But it still affects.

I give time to all, but when the jar gets full, then the time is up.

I’m not asking for anything special to be my friend. All i’m asking for is honesty and integrity, which shouldnt be rare as its supposed to be believed. You dont have to put on some act. Just be yourself, without any selfishness. Be your pure self, the one who has the courage to accept his own mistakes.

I’m not expecting everyone to be exactly like me, but i do want to see a open, genuine person.

I can welcome back any lost friends, who have genuinely mended their ways.

I dont seek friends just to have fun and hang out, and then get disappeared in times of need. I seek a true friend who will walk with me through all the vicissitudes of life, just like i will walk through theirs.

I’m looking for the warmhearted.

A blunt and strong criticism on self immolations in tibet and exile.

March 4, 2016

Self immolation in tibet is a very sensitive topic and nobody dares to say anything against it. But things are getting out of hand and its time we put a stop to it. I’m expecting a lot of dissents, but i’m open for debate.

I am not writing this to put down anyone or for the sake of writing. Its not personal, but others may take it. I dont have fat mouth. Like anyone, i also have strong feelings, and dont agree with the boy’s actions. I strongly felt that i’ve to write it as i couldnt bear it. Please look at it from a neutral perspective.

I respect his courage, but can we expect 15yr old, to make the best choice? People are not taking this self immolation in the right way as it should be done.

A true act of self immolations takes everything into consideration and uses it as a last resort, when everything has failed, but not see it as the only thing to do. A true act is holistic by nature. But in my personal opinion, the act itself is wrong, as it means giving up, as it comes out of lack of options or directions and from frustrations. Our people in tibet also feel more pain than us. So, i dont have a definitive answer.
Where there is a will, there is always a way. Gandhi would never resort to such act. Again, my personal opinion.

Any action that is thorough and thoughtful is a complete action. Will it have any effect? A short term or long term? Is it holistic and unbiased? Is it in the true spirit? These are my ways. I dont get it right all the time, but i aspire to it.

I’m writing this with an urgency to condemn such extreme steps, as the annual uprising day is just a week away, and i dont want to see more youths with blind passions, taking such drastic steps again.

I request the organisers everywhere to be on the lookout for such enthusiasts, and to bring fire extinguishers and blankets on the uprising day rally to prevent such incidents.

The recent self immolation in india by the 15yr old boy was a stupid and naive thing to do, done out of blind passion, without being level headed. He may have given a lot of thought to it, but it was still a foolish thing to do.

Please dont glorify the extreme actions of a juvenile or anyone. He is just a kid. It was disheartening to see people do it. It will only encourage more people to do it, and some may see the upcoming uprising day as a perfect occassion.

He is too young to know the ways of the world, but still wanted to do something for his country, and i’m afraid that his ultimate sacrifice will fall on deaf ears and go waste.

There is not much difference between him and a child soldier, except that he volunteered for it and that he didnt take up any weapons.

He doesn’t know that self interest is the way of the world, and nobody cares about his sacrifice except for his own countrymen. Whether he is aware or not, but things wont change just like that, and he created extra problems for himself and his family.

Many immolations have already taken place with not much difference in tibet situation, so why keep doing it? Only the numbers of martyrs will increase. I can understand for those inside tibet whose options are limited, but arent we supposed to have more options in exile?

Self immolations are commited in extreme cases, and his being in exile was not an extreme case. He could have continued his education, and after growing up well, find more ways to fight the freedom struggle, if he doesnt get caught up with careers and other stuffs. atleast, his actions would have been more wiser and sensible as an adult.

The extreme emotion appeared to make it an extreme case in his eyes, but it wasnt so in reality.

Everybody wants to do a one off thing, like the tibetan warrior loten namling’s coffin walk for example. What next after that? A freedom struggle is not won by one off event. It takes years. A sustainable and long term effort is needed to fight for such a great cause. Perseverance is needed. The will to keep on going, no matter what.

Too much blind passions among tibetans. Lots of misguided youths, and no one to properly channel their tremendous energies. All the self immolators would have made a great freedom fighters as they are prepared to goto any lengths. But no one to effectively guide them. There is a big gaping vacuum of a true gandhi like leader, in our freedom struggle, who could have efficiently channelled such tremendous energies.

There are times i curse myself for seeing such shortcomings, but not being able to fix it. I’m still holding back but i’ll keep persevering. I intend to guide the warrior loten namling. Lets see if i can believe in myself.

If my message resonates, then please share it to discourage others and save lives. Our numbers are already low.