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Don’t be a philosopher. Sadhguru.

February 24, 2016

Everybody is a philosopher. If you ask a drunkard, he has his own great philosophy of why he drinks. Same with thieves. Everybody has a solid philosophy to support whatever nonsense they do. E.g., terrorists.

Without philosophy, you cannot continue your nonsense. Without philosphy, at every moment you have to be aware, to think why should you do this? But once you have a philosophy, you can just continue your nonsense endlessly.

A philosopher fish looks for ocean everywhere, but cannot find it. Humans problem with god is that you are breathing it, eating it, walking upon it, so, you dont know where to look. You cannot perceive ‘cos your perception is limited to sense organs, and it needs comparisons, a background to experience. Sadhguru.

Philosophies are excuses to hide your shortcomings. Stop philosophising and live a conscious life, a life of awareness. Dont blame the situations.