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Breaking karmic bondages: handling negative situations.

January 6, 2016

Spirituality is about not generating any more karma. We all are given some karma to work it out in a lifetime, but we unconsciously and unfortunately generate even more karma, which keeps the wheel of life going endlessly.

I dont like bossy people, and i recently encountered one. I let the emotion arise but deep inside it was still raging on. My patience was running on thin ice. I also tried the method of self enquiry, but i’m not yet grounded in the deep presence. Then something clicked on.

When somebody gives us shit, we like to give back double or triple shit, but we are only generating more karma in the process, and thus harming ourselves by further chaining ourselves to samsaric cycle. We are multiplying our miseries.

Spirituality is about going beyond the identity, beyond the likes and dislikes.

I also saw a pattern caused by my behaviour ‘cos i like to go out of way to help people, but some dont like this overdoing, and thus i receive a particular type of response.

When i look at situation through karma or fate, it becomes easier to handle the negative situations, as a test or fate, and my work is to not generate more karma, whether its positive or negative. Spirituality is about breaking through karmic cycle.

I’ll try to accept all situations, whether negative or positive, as part of my past karma, and try to remain untouched, and not generate any more karma.

Not reacting doesn’t mean being submissive or getting bullied or even suppressing your emotions. This misunderstanding should be cleared. Its like following the nonviolence of gandhi in the truest sense. You face them, but do not react or suppress them. You do not cower or get scared. You face the shit, but dont take it. I see that i now understand gandhi even more. Its an active nonviolence, not passive like our freedom struggle.

There is a very good story of buddha and the foul mouthed brahmin. buddha was against the materialistic, misguided brahmins and the rotten culture of their time. Therefore, many brahmins hated him. Similar to what i am seeing with the degeneration of buddhism and other religions.

One such brahmin came to his place in a fury, hurling abusive words to buddha, all along the way. Buddha told him that when people visits somebody, they bring along a gift as a mark of respect, but if the gift is not accepted by the host, then it remains with the visitor. Similarly, buddha did not accept the gift of those abusive words, so those words remains with the brahmin. His ignorance is shattered and he became a follower of buddha.

The only difference in the story is that buddha was well established on the path, while most of us are not. But the principle is still applicable. From spirituality perspective, the abuse is only for the identity, not the self.

Like buddha, we have a choice, to react or not to react, but our compulsions are so strong and trigger happy that there seems to be no choice. We’ve become a slave to our mind. That’s what addiction does.

If somebody gives us shit, and we dont take it, then it goes back to where it came from. If you are aware that you should not generate more karma, then it can be done gradually.

Spirituality is about becoming equanimous through all the vicissitudes of life. Things get more clearer.