Scholars study the world. Buddha studies himself. Part I.

I got an inspiration for the post from this above quote of mooji.

If you go deeply into one problem, you will find answers for the many. Go into many and you will find fragmentations.

The problem with buddhism and all other religions is that they are full of scriptures. You are the scripture. Study yourself. The truth can only be in you. Everything else is a story. A belief. As jesus says, the kingdom of heaven is within you.

Anything that is not in your experience is only a story for you. It becomes a knowledge, which can guide you but wont walk the path for you. Similarly, Buddha can only show the path, but he cannot walk the path for you. You have to walk your own path and find your own truth.

Scriptures can be a guidance but dont keep on sticking to it. Eventually a baby has to walk on its own feet. No one will feed him to the end.

Dont waste human life, for liberation is possible only in this life. Only the human mind can contemplate the consciousness, and merge in it. Dont wait for next life. There is no guarantee that the next life will be of a human. Dont prolong your miseries. Come out of it.

Follow self enquiry and find the self.


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