Tamasha movie: my thoughts.

I dont watch movies much because most of them are simply an entertainment, an escape from reality for few hours. But some movies can inspire a generation with a great insightful messages and are worth watching as they are not merely an entertainment. They go beyond it. Tamasha is one of them. I’ve to thank my cousin for recommending it, otherwise i would have missed it.

The theme is very relevant to today’s world of monotonous lifestyle and a rat race for money, and a beautiful presentation of the movie touched my raw nerve, something which wasn’t dead, but buried for long time under layers of fears and insecurities. The movie was a vindication to my life long struggle with fears, monotony and conformity.

The whole world is going round and round like a bee or a machine, without any real purpose, and not stopping to see where they are going. Just half alive. Nobody wants to be left behind. Sab lagey hue hai race mein. As long as they are getting somewhere, its good enough. Its safe enough.

Survival or security has become the greatest trap for the mankind. Everybody is in a race to live well financially, but nobody wants to be alive. Most of the world is on auto pilot mode, half alive.

The bills have to be paid, but are we happy? Are we alive? We are just comfortable and breathing. Nothing more. And we all stop there, because survival needs to be taken care of first. Dreams are for later on, maybe next life.

This movie is against the trap of monotony and conformity, which has plagued the whole world into zombie like, auto pilot mode. It is something that i’ve always struggled with, for i dont follow others blindly.

In the world of industrialisation, we have all become a cog, a part of the greater machine, which goes on relentlessly, lifelessly, without any emotions. This is where the decay sets in, and we start to rot. We’ve lost touch with ourselves.

Everything looks normal as long as we conform to others expectations, and when we try to come out of it, we are looked upon as crazy.

Dont go for dull monotony. Be spontaneous. Break free from the shell of comfortable and convenient life.

Break free from any tag or image. They are a trap. Dont let them dictate your life. Live your own life. You are the master, not the mind. People say, you are so nice and kind. Dont fall for it. Dont pretend. Dont try to be anything. Just be. There is no effort or thinking in just being, in being who you are.

I loved the scene where the main character tells his story to his family in the end.

In today’s world, childhood or innocence is snuffed out as people grow up. The aliveness is gone. We sacrifice ourselves for a stable, comfortable life. The fear of instability and losing control haunt us all the time.

Growing up means killing the child in you, which makes you feel alive. We all know who is more pure and joyful, the child or grown up? We’ve to listen to many people and take on various responsibilties, keep on compromising, and sacrificing yourself to please others. You die under all that pressure, barely feeling alive, just breathing. Kis kis ki sunoge? It doesnt have to be that way.

We bury the main button of aliveness deep inside for the fear of losing control. If feeling alive involves lots of risks then its worth dying for. I want to feel alive, but the layers wont go easily. The familiar comfortable and numbing feeling of anxiety gets back in. We are afraid of new experience and continue to hold onto our anxieties as they are a familiar and comfortable feelings.

Monotony or a comfortable shell is a trap that we need to come out of. I hate conformity or formality. I dont like to do anything just for the sake of doing it or because everybody are doing it. I’ve to feel it, to be driven.

I am still working on my fears, and i myself have no definitive answers yet. Sometimes i dont feel like i am the right person to lecture others, when i dont have my own house in order. I’ve to keep persevering.

But my message is that dont hold back. Dont be comfortable with what you have. Dont settle for less, and think that this is it. You are way more.

So am i. My goal is world peace. So, i’ve got to be way more than what i am right now. Otherwise, i’ll be shortchanging myself. I falter a lot, but i’ve a steady determination. Where there is a will, there is a way.

This is another problem that i see everywhere, that nobody is living to their full potential.

We all are endlessly running from something, from some deep unknown fears. We dont want to face our deepest fears, and keep avoiding it and seeking escape. This is what keeps the whole drama going. Nobody wants to stop.

Buddha stopped. Thus he asked the same question to notorious bandit, angulimala. And this question is still very relevant to today’s world and goes to everyone.

When will you stop? This question is not between you and god. Its for you. This question will determine your life.

Everybody is somehow managing their life accidentally, in their cosy shell. Nobody dares to do anything different. I would like to change it, but i myself have to get out first.

Mistakes will be made, but they are supposed to make you grow and make you more mature. We are afraid of making mistakes and we hold back. I do.

Nothing is easy in life, and facing your demons and being alive, thats the hardest of all. But being alive is worth any risks. When we look back at any accomplishments, we see that all the struggles and hardships were worth it. But we can only see this from hindsight, not beforehand. So we need courage to break free and sustain it.

It is the struggling out of a cacoon that gives the butterfly its strength to flap the wings and fly away. Come out of cocoon like the butterfly.

Break your limits, whatever is binding you.
Be free and unbounded. Be the natural yourself. Be true to yourself. Dont go with manmade restrictions.


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