Life advice for those fixated with image, what others think of them, for those who try to please others and also for selfish, manipulative ones.

Why do people worry so much about what others think? Do you honestly think they really care about you? People like to look down on others to boost their ego. Their mouth is not just for eating, but also for yap, yap. They like to gossip for entertainment, for time pass. They are not concerned for you. They will not help you when you need help. They will not feed you, give shelter or any financial help.

His holiness the dalai lama says that you can help others, but atleast dont harm them. The negative comments, gossiping or backbiting do just that. There is no compassion in backbiting or gossiping.

So, why make so much so fuss or stress about what others will think of you? Why worry that your ego will be hurt and others will look down on you, and make fun of you. Why worry needlessly that your honour or image in front of others will go down. This mentality is not healthy. the negative opinion of others is not worth it. It will only make you feel down. If its helpful and constructive, then consider it, otherwise brush it off.

Have a strong heart and mind, and dont fall for such lowly traps. Let people yap yap, like barking at the wall. They will get tired and quiet down eventually.

A true friend will never look down on you, and will always be there for you, no matter what you do. But others will. They will be apathetic to your needs. They are like fake friends that comes and goes with your success or money. Depending on them will be utter foolishness. So, dont give a damn about what others says or think. You do what you think is right, according to the situation, as long as the intention is good and that there is a clarity of mind. You can take suggestions, but the decision is yours.

Live life on your own terms, not on ones dictated by others. Dont live a diplomatic life, trying to please everyone. You will go crazy. Do what you think is right, and what is needed to done. Mistakes will happen, but they should make you wiser. You are here to live your life, not for others.

Ultimately, your own happiness matters most. You can help others, but dont let them dictate you what to do. Dont let others take advantage of your kindness. You may help, but you are not a servant. So, dont let others suck life out of you. This is what happens for those who are too busy trying to please others all the time.

One day you will look back with regret, at the all the time and life wasted, and realise that the people you tried to please so hard are not even grateful or appreciative of the sacrifices you made. Your life went in vain, and you are nowhere near any happiness.

Let your honour be decided by you, and not others, ‘cos only you know how much of a clean conscience you have and how selfish and manipulative you are. Only you know how much you have sinned, whether you want to ignore it or not.

People can be so ignorant doing crazy stuffs and writing inhumane things, especially online, thinking that no one is watching, but they dont see that they are generating a lot of negative karma, which will get back at them eventually, especially afterlife. You cannot escape karma. You generate karma with each thoughts and actions.

You have a choice of what type of karma you would like to earn. you cannot bribe or cheat karma by doing some charity or meritorious deeds on the side. The quality of next life is decided mainly by the karma you generate, not by merits.

Everything comes down to your conscience or intentions and how pure it is. This afterlife thing may not be agreeable to some, then so be it.

Most friendships or even relationships are not deep, and i myself have experienced those friendship and it hurts. My effort and time goes waste, ‘cos nothing goes in their head.

I hate wastage of any kind, especially my time ‘cos i dont discriminate between people and i give my time and attention to everyone i meet, and not just close friends, and then they show their ugly nature of shallowness. This is the reason i cant stand shallow, plastic, selfish people. My blood boils.

I am walking on spiritual path, but i still dont have the capacity to forgive them ‘cos i get sucked into the intense hatred for them, even though they are just following their habituated pattern, out of ignorance.

I boycott selfish, deceptive, manipulative people, or if i get some impressions. I’ve nothing to do with them. And those who get manipulated, they are themselves to blame. But if others truly believe that i am mistaken, then i am open to listen to their case. Otherwise, any further manipulations may backfire.

Being with me is not easy. I dont read scriptures on morality and conscience or any self help books. I am the living, breathing, scripture and conscience. I follow my own conscience, by measuring the costs of actions.

There is a cost to every action, and its a matter of choosing which one has greater fruits or consequences. But there are times when i also get laxed. I am still a work in progress.

If people find some wisdom in my words, then i am happy. But for those, who find this truth too bitter to swallow, they can unfriend me. You can escape from this, but for how long will you keep running, this life or till next hundreds or thousands of life?


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