Without death, there would be no buddha.

Without death, there would be no buddha.

Life is full of sufferings, of sickness, old age and death, and yet these same sufferings compelled a prince to seek the way out of suffering to buddhahood. Therefore, all the sufferings, the crisis of all sorts, can be viewed as a blessing in disguise, as a timely reminder of our mortality by mother nature to seek our true nature, which is the buddhahood. In spirituality, the crisis are seen as a grace, which helps you look inwards, and ultimately lead to an awakening. Do not see your suffering as a curse or a bad luck, and definitely not a cause for suicide. Do not escape. Face it, accept it and let it go, but do not react. No situation is a problem. Everything is a possibilty, a stepping stone to the ultimate.

Its all about looking at situations from different viewpoints and widening your perspective, like a keen observer.

Do not fear death. Life and death are just cycles, like two sides of same coin. One cannot exist without the other. They are the dualities of life. A life begins and ends, only to begin again and so on.

Therefore, death can also be looked upon as a great blessing. Death gave rise to buddha as it reminded prince gautama of the mortality of human life, and compelled him to leave everything, behind in search of the truth. Without death, prince gautama would have remained a gautama.

This thought dawned on me in one of my conversations.


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