Women as future leaders of tibet and the world

The general conception in our tibetan community and basically everywhere else is that women are better at taking care of all the problems of life while men just fool around and its generally true. This despite the fact that the world has long been dominated by men. They subdue the feminine out of fear, of being taken over and its very true. And the best and the most common example of this can be found everywhere in any families, where its the woman who runs the household, and men, no matter what profession, and how much he earns, has to tread carefully in the house, and will always be wary of his other half.

Domestic violence, the sexual asssualt and rapes on women are simply an insecure attempt by men to showcase the physical strength to establish their false sense of superiority over feminine, because mentally or emotionally, they are a weaker sex, and it is this mental strength or the superiority that matters the most. Mind always triumps over matter. Women have a better balance of mind, more maturity, more understanding. Its a fact. They have a greater capacity to handle pressure, more resilience.

Being in the west, and looking at various tibet related organisations, i see a greater involvement of women in tibet related activities than men. Similarly, i would like to see more women taking charge of leadership in our freedom struggle because i believe that they will make a sensible, level headed leader, uniting our people to a greater common cause. Therefore, I would like to see more female candidates in future for the head of exile govt, and a major candidates, not some sideshows. Men need not feel jealous. Their burden gets lessened. It will also make my work easier. Or men can strive equally harder.

The superiority of feminine can best be summed up with this old quote “feed a man, you feed a man. Feed a woman, you feed a family.” This also shows that in general, the rule of men will always be exclusive and divisive, with full of conflicts while rule of women will be inclusive and holistic, full of peace and harmony.

But it cannot be applied to women leaders of today yet, as they still function within the male dominated world. The business suits of women are also very straight cut like masculine and so are their attitude. They have become conditioned. There is no flow of feminity in women’s dress in the corporate world. Rigidity is masculine, not feminine. Its a flow, like a flow of a river or a skirt. Adding more women in workplace is not the answer, but creating the right condition for feminine to flower is.

The following parts are bit off topic, but its a continuation and still important.

Feminine also have flaws and insecurity issues and they flourish more in a stable environment like households, while men are better at survival and unstable, chaotic environment. Men dominates the world because world has long been in a survival mode. So, feminity never got to realise its full potential. Once the survival is taken care of and there is a sense of stability, then feminity will come out in full force. It has to. This view resonates deeply in me from my understanding of sadhguru talks on feminine.

I believe that if women can overcome their insecurity issues, then there will be no one to hold them back. They will be unstoppable, because they will also have overcome their survival mindset. The enormous struggle of butterfly to come out of their cocoons gives them the necessary strength to fly in the end. Without the struggle, they cannot develop the strength to fly. Same thing with feminity. They need to be worked upon a bit, before they can blossom.

Therefore, have an unwavering belief in your feminity. You are complete in yourself. There is no need to add anything or any men. It is not necessary. You can be an ocean in yourself. The need for someone is mainly at the surface level to fill the void.

Dont let your insecurity get to you. Whatever it is and no matter how frightening it is, just face it and come out of it. Going through it, is the only way to let go of it. And it works. Its working for me. Escape only prolongs your misery. it doesnt solve anything.

I revere the feminine nature. I’ve lots of respect for women in general, but not to all. There will always be some bad elements everywhere. But, I will always stand up for their cause.

Feminine is not limited to women and so is masculine not limited to men. I’m a very emotional person, so feminity is more dominant in me. This might explain my deep affinity for feminine. Similarly, tough, tom boyish women have more masculinity in them. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Its easier to move on when you accept yourself as you are and turn your perceived weakness into your strength.

Feminine is linked with the moon, while masculine with the sun. Henceforth, comes the name of suryavanshi dynasty(lord rama) and chandravanshi dynasty(lord krishna, pandavas, kauravas) in hindu mythology.

Essentially, everyone has both forces of nature within them, in the context of yin and yang, and it mainly depends on the proportions. Everybody can feel pain and has some emotions. that is feminity. Generally, men see it as a weakness and try to bury it. But they are just running away from their own nature. Accept it and let it go. Resistance comes from the denial and one is not able to move on and get stuck in that mindset for a long time, only prolonging their misery. Resistance makes your body more tense and rigid. Acceptance makes everything feel lighter. There is a flow. Just close your eyes and see it for yourself.

Therefore, bringing balance and harmony between these two opposing forces of nature within oneself, is the most important thing. In a hindu mythology, lord shiva is also called ardhnarishwara, meaning half man half woman, and his body is also depicted in that form. It means that he has reached the peak of both feminine and masculine. There is nothing more to achieve. He is complete in himself and dont necesarrily need to add anything else or any women. osho said shiva is the final stage of evolution in mankind, not buddhahood, and he must have said so in this regard. It makes sense because buddha dealt only with the mind, which is just one aspect of human being, not the whole thing. No offense to buddhism.

I do foresee a day when feminity will take over the world. There is a sense of it getting nearer and nearer, as the world comes to a boiling point in the age of global connectedness, technological advancements, the environment and spiralling poluation problems, and terrorism and all kinds of violence. Everything has its time and place, and feminity will also get the needed space to flower. The world cannot remain in primitive, survival mode forever. Nothing is permanent. So is the masculine dominance.

My writing here is on feminine. There is nothing wrong with masculine. Both are sides of same coin. Ultimately, you need to develop both aspects.


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