Electing the right leader

I dont want people nitpicking at flaws of candidates running for tibetan election, like who said what and did what. I’ve allergy to all these petty dramas. I cannot stand it. Its the reason i dont like to watch any dramas on tv. There are enough real life dramas everywhere to deal with.

I’m not bothered with the flaws of people. Nobody is perfect. The nature of the person, the integrity, the sincerity, matters the most. One who is willing to accept his mistakes and make the corrections.

The main consideration should be given on who can best lead our struggle forward, out of very long standing stagnation. The main focus should be on the larger goal, not on these small things. Think big, not small.

My ideal candidate would be neither a rangzen supporter nor autonomy. He/she would be someone who is very sensible, level headed, someone who can unite our people to our common cause, which is a struggle for our nation, away from our long standing divisions, based on which way to lead our struggle forward. Someone, who dont play safe and merely follow his holiness, but someone with balls, who dares to listen and follow the wishes of people.

I want a strong willed leader, who is not afraid of changing the approach, if it no longer serves the purpose, and definitely not a diplomatic leader, who is good with words and tries to please everybody.

You cannot clap with a one hand. For any relationship to work, you need cooperation from everybody involved. We need everybody united to fight for our single cause, even though the ways maybe different. Whatever the differences, it should remain a healthy relationship. Only a sly, jackal like person, will instigate national divisions for their personal gain, which is similar to selling the country. not much different.

Our religion is mainly moralistic and it hasn’t truly benefitted our people much. They just listen and forget. There is no effort on personality development. Instead of focusing only on earning merits, if they really practice buddhism in a truest sense, and apply the principles thoroughly, then there wouldnt be any misunderstanding and divisive problems, that we are facing today.

There would be a healthy respect among all people, irrespective of the differences of opinions. There wouldnt even be any corruption, which happens in our govt also, from time to time. I am not much aware of it though, but i’ve heard. Knowing well the “maraap” nature of our people, i wont be surprised.

The 10 march 2014, incident of new york has hurt me the most. It was a pain to see our people fighting each other. This makes china’s work much easier. Who needs enemy when we have such divisive people.

I havent looked at other candidate yet. But penpa tsering looks good. I like his way of talk, when he came to toronto several yrs ago with his holiness and raised the topic of majority of people in toronto not paying the green book dues, which still resonates within me. That is another major thorny issue, which needs to be dealt with. His talk is firm and straight, which i like very much. I will look more. Any other suggestions?


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