Clarifying lukar jam controversy

I want to share some sentence from phayul article titled “WHY LUKAR JAM ATSOK IS IMPORTANT FOR TIBETAN DEMOCRACY”
By Tenzing Sonam, to clear out lukar jam’s name from recent accusations of slandering his holiness.

“if anyone has any doubts about His Holiness’ own views on this question, they would do well to remember these words from a press conference he held in Dharamshala in 2008 soon after the uprising broke out in Tibet: “So now we fully committed to democracy, therefore criticism… differently. Now look at the Youth Organization. Right from the beginning, they are very, very critical about our approach, the Middle Way Approach. Even my own eldest brother, now I think 85 years old. Once you see, he told me, he expressed to me, my dear younger brother, 14th Dalai Lama, you sold out Tibetan legitimate right. Like that, many Tibetans are critical about our Middle Way Approach. This is I feel, a healthy sign of our sort of commitment about democracy, open society.”

So, you can see that it was his holiness own brother, probably late taktser rinpoche who was a staunch rangzen supporter, who told his holiness that he sold out tibetan legitimate right. his holiness should out our legitimate right, not the country itself. So, lukar jam statement should be taken in that context. He was only paraphrasing it. It was a simple misinterpretation. He has no reason to ridicule his holiness. Historical wise, he should be more proud because his holiness is also amdo. that is the pride of amdo people.

i am happy and relieved about the matter, because i am an ardent rangzen (independence) supporter and i can finally support the rangzen candidate lukar jam for tibet’s pm(sikyong) election with a clean conscience.


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