Rangzen, wresting back our control from China through Gandhi’s way.

Its great to see lukar jam, a rangzen activist, contesting tibet’s elections, as i am an ardent supporter of rangzen.

Finally, someone in rangzen supporters have the balls to take the next step, to take the national issue into their own hands. Before, we were just a bunch of intellectual nerds limited to writing our opinions on phayul, with no one willing to walk the talk. Only words. We have too many academics and intellects in our freedom struggle, but not many brash people with a just do it mentality, like nike’s famous slogan.

All words and no actions makes no effect. People listen from one ear and take it out from other, just like they do with buddhism. Thats why there is not much effect on people.

i speak brutal truth, only truth, and its upto others to digest it or not. I dont mince words and nerds are a big turn off for me.

I’ve my own reason to support rangzen because i follow gandhian way of active non violence and not the passive non violent approach of his holiness, where we surrender all our options to the enemy and then wait for other to make move, hoping endlessly for change of hearts in our enemy, like in a dream. We cannot expect any results by dreaming or waiting, which sounds same, that the enemy will change someday in the distant future. Its not a realistic approach. Its a dreamy, and idealistic approach which wont work.

its funny that both parties are playing the waiting game. china is also playing the waiting game till his holiness passes away. How do you expect a dialogue with a group of such mentality? Its a no win situation. You have to be assertive with them, not passive.

Gandhi will most probably not agree with his holiness middle way approach. Its an extreme approach in surrendering completely to enemy. His holiness doesnt seem to know the game of politics. This is where i see his biggest flaw in his approach, his failure in dealing with people, especially the jackal like cunning chinese. he changed his approach in reaction to deny xiaoping, the chinese president statement, that besides independence, everything else is negotiable.

He reacted to supposed change in chinese policies. He didnt initiate. Active non violence is proactive, not reactive. Gandhi was proactive. I’ve explained more in later parts.

I seriously want to know what his holiness thinks about my views, and whether he sees any truths in it. Its time i also upped my game. i will send my article to his holiness to hear his non biased view. we both are spiritual, so hopefully, we might connect.

When you go deep in spirituality, you see everything connected to each other. Dealing with chinese is same as dealing with any other people or your own kids. You need some degree of self control or any control and cannot surrender completely to others and let them do whatever they want. That would be a complete balaatkar, a complete rape. Imagine ur kids going out of control. What is the difference? The fundamental issue of dealing with people is same, whether you are dealing with cunning chinese or spoilt rowdy kids.

Lets take for example the rights of women. For a long time in history, the world was and is still male dominated, and women everywhere had no real rights until the 20th century. So, how did they get the rights which is today enjoyed by nearly all women, atleast in developed countries? Did they surrender everything and just waited and waited for change of heart in men, waiting for men to fill their begging bowl with rights?

No, that would have been a grave mistake, a serious miscalculations, for men would never have given rights to women on their free will. They fought for their rights. The rights which were denied for thousands of years, it would have been considered impossible and futile to fight for it, but fight they did and rightfully earned their rights.

Rights and respect need to be earned and fight for. They arent given on platter to helpess beggars. Yes, sadly we’ve become beggars, seeking help from international community. Uno, wake up, wake up. Remember.

We need to stop begging for our rights from china and from the world. We have to fight for our rights and earn the respect, so we can redeem ourselves and walk proudly with our heads held high. The middle way has been a big blow to the tibetan psyche and a bid demoralizer. i wrote a similar article few yrs ago in my blog tibetforever.wordpress.com, titled “tibet-changing the victim mentality.”

Anybody remembers the hunger strike by a monk in front of un headquarters few yrs ago. In the end, he was begging and pleading for help from un. I couldnt bear it. This is the hard, bitter truth, which needs to be swallowed.

Its high time, that many people see the real reasoning and get their views changed and reinvigorate our freedom struggle, which have become a stagnant for long time, which is insane.

The path to rangzen maybe hard and unknown, but so is taming the spoilt kids, and so was the struggle for women rights. But the most important thing, and the main point, which i keep on stressing, is not letting go of control.

Where there is a will, there is a way. There may not be any way for now, but if we persevere, then we will find a way. It depends on our willpower. We shall overcome, one day.

I highly recommend everyone to watch ben kingsley movie gandhi, released in 1982, the year of my birth. You can watch it on youtube. Its where i understood the gandhi approach of always being in control of your enemy. The enemy merely reacts to his actions. He is in control, so he takes actions. He doesnt react. He was the initiator, not the enemy. The britishers had a false sense of being in control because they were the rulers and they could crack down on protesters, but thay were so wrong. They were merely dancing to the tune of gandhi’s music.

I’ve a tremendous respect for his holiness and for his tireless lifetime effort of keeping alive the tibet struggle; which wouldnt be possible without his grace, and my writing is not to demean him. He is doing what he thinks is best for tibet, but I just dont agree with his middle way approach. That is all. I am just exercising my democratic rights, granted by his holiness himself. But it need not be about democracy.

Buddhism itself is democratic, as its the only democratic religion in the world, where we have the freedom to use our intelligence and the right to question the teaching, if it doesnt make sense. Buddha and his holiness himself have said many times to his followers, to not to accept all the teaching blindly, and to accept only if it makes sense or if its practical. Therefore, i just dont accept his middle way approach. I am only following his advice, which is the democratic principle of buddhism. So, i am the real follower of his holiness.

Tibetans says his holiness is best. He is perfect, but he is also a human being, just like us. He can also make mistakes. He is our leader, but he is also a simple buddhist monk. He cannot be perfect in everything, otherwise there wouldnt have been any dhogyal or our freedom issue.

So, atleast here, there shouldnt be any misinterpretation or controversy. This is my sincere way of dealing with the hardcore blind followers, but if they still persist in labelling me anti dalai lama, then i can only feel sorry for those miserable ignorants. In the last dying words of jesus, “forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” now, dont label me as christian too.

I only target people’s conscience to open their eyes and to help them come out of ignorance.

If my message truly resonates, then please share it with all, so everyone can read this and then decide.


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