My thoughts on 2015 sikyong election

I dont follow politics much, but the election for tibetan govt is coming up, and i have some thoughts on it.

The thing that hurt me most during our pm lobsang sangay term was the infighting among tibetans in new york on this year uprising day and he didnt do much about it. Its a main national issue for me besides our freedom struggle. So, i want to see a sensible, level headed leader who can bring unity among tibetans, by knocking some sense into the hardcore blind followers. I sense some separatist faction among our people serving their own interest and tarnishing the image of his holiness. they need to be rooted out. The motive seems to be intentional and not sincere. And i also see the defacing of posters of other candidates, which is very immature.

Our freedom struggle has become passive and stagnated in recent years, but atleast our effort should be well channelled and well directed at our main enemy, the chinese govt, and not waste it by fighting among ourselves. That would be very embarassing.

I personally want to see a different leader with a different approach. I havent heard much from lobsang sangay, except his tours to many communities. He made the headline during the narendra modi swearing ceremony as india’s pm. He may have done things on a local level, but i am not looking for a municipal leader.

In a democracy, the leader follows the wishes of his people. So, i want to see a democratic leader, who dont play safe, by merely following the wish of his holiness. With no disrespect to his holiness, in a democracy, his voice will be counted as only one.

Also, education alone doesnt make the good leadership. If that was so, then there should have been a good leadership everywhere. But that is not the case. There are corruptions everywhere and they are all done by so called highly educated people. The common people are just busy, getting by with their everyday survival.

Another thorn in my eyes, which may or may not have anything to do with elections, but needed to be talked about, is the lack of voluntary tax payment to our govt by large number of people in the west, especially in our toronto community. In my opinion, the percentage of those paying tax is as low as 20% from the entire community. This matter was raised several years ago in 2011 or 2012, by the speaker of tibetan parliament, penpa tsering himself, who accompnied his holiness on a trip to toronto, but to no avail.

This apathy to our govt by our own people is a very embarassing. It also shows the ineffectiveness of his holiness advice and our religion. People just listen from one ear and throw it out from another.

The term voluntary has been misused. This voluntary tax is a form of obligations to our govt. The payment for those in the west is $44 annually, according to wikipedia. I dont know if its more, but i do hear that there is different amount depending on income of people in west. Cant we even afford this small obligations, when we can pay similar amount for dining out and lots more in gambling in casinoes. All depends on where does our priorities lie? It is a small token of obligation to our govt in exile, which depends mainly on donations.

The problem stems from unpaid taxes in past which looks big on accumulation, otherwise its not a big amount for regular taxpayers. So, whose fault is that. Payment is payment. Just take this uncomfortable step and get it done with.

I have given much thought on it and i’ve both soft and hard approach to tacke this issue.

The hard approach is a public shaming of all those ungrateful people, who thinks that they were able to move to west on their own, without any help from his holiness. how can these ignorant people forget the value of green book issued by our govt that gives us our tibetan identity. They have no problem in using the document to goto west, but they refuse to pay the green book dues. How selfish? We can collect the names of those who dont pay from our communities, and display it in public for everyone to see. These ignorant people forget the instrumental role played by his holiness in generating a big awareness on tibet issue, which made the western govt more acceptable in helping us settle down there. so, the 100% credit goes to his holiness.

The softer approach wont involve public shaming but making a list of them, and barring them from any tibet related event in every communities, be it political or cultural. The cash strapped toronto community centre mat not afford to take such economic hit to their revenue, but other place can take such actions.

My approach is simple. If our people do not care about our own govt, then they shouldnt mind being banned from any tibet related political and cultural events. They can do their own things as usual.

Our govt annual budget depends signigicantly on foreign donations. We all can help reduce the dependency of our govt on others and set it on the path of self sufficieny by making regular green book payments, and restore our pride.

We tibetans are strange people. We have a taste for good things in life. Many of us carry the latest iphones, yet we cannot support our own govt. We are also one of a cause that makes our govt dependent on foreign donations. We have to realise the consequences of our irresponsible actions.

I dream of a day when there is a 100% contribution of green book dues from every tibetans whereever they are in the world. We are a poor nation, both inside tibet and outside in exile.

My aim is only at the conscience, to open their eyes.


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