Godly children

In a hindu tradition, children are considered the form of god. It is beautiful and i like to believe it, because children are so pure, as their minds are yet to be corrupted by the ills of humanity. They have a god like nature in them ‘cos of their purity. Yet, people are in a rush to make a grown up outs of their children. They are in a hurry to snuff godliness out of their children. Who is more joyful? The grown up or the kids? The answer is obvious.

I always see parents giving many instructions to their children, making them sit this way or that way, making them behave this way or that, imposing discipline in them from an early age.

therefore, my advice to all the parents is, to let the child be. Let them remain children. Bacche ko bacche rehne do. Let their intelligence flower on its own. Do not impose your distorted ideas on them.

It doesnt mean letting them do whatever they like, or pampering or spoiling them. You have to be firm with them, whenever they cross the limits. You interfere only when its needed.

I love kids for their joyful nature, but there are times when i revere them. I recently had a moment of anger in front of my toddler nephew, and i later felt very bad that he got to witness the human misery at such an early age, so i apologised to him next day, and swore not to make such mistakes again.


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