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Self enquiry: knowing yourself, your true nature, and the way out of fear.

October 30, 2015

Self enquiry: knowing yourself, your true nature and the way out of fear.

I’ve found a path, a path which I’ve been practicing all along my whole life unknowingly. A path of self enquiry, to face your deepest fears, to go deeper within to find your true nature, a path taught by Ramana Maharshi and now passed onto Mooji.

I’ve done vipassana and some yoga before, but i could never maintain the practices as i was stricken with fear. fear or stress was blocking everything out. So, these days, my main focus had been to face my fears, and i was still struggling a bit ‘cos when I went too deep, the pressure was so deep that I felt I could die, and I had to back off ‘cos I didnt know what to do then. I then saw the video of mooji alongside sadhguru videos, and he talks about the fear of death being the main obstacle in the process of self enquiry, and gives an example of ramana maharshi who himself overcame his panic attack at the age of 16 and conquered death ‘cos only body dies, not your true nature. So, this is a great motivation to go deeper, to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

We all have anxieties and issues, but that is nature’s compassionate way of giving us the moment to transcend them. You cannot overcome something unless its there. Its nature’s way of reminding you, your true nature. You are more than what you think of yourself. Raman maharishi had a panic attack at the age of 16, and he conquered death, then and there. So, it was the best thing that could happen to him. All our fears, the anxieties, the panic attacks, the crisis of any kind, we can turn it into a great blessing, if we know how to handle it. Therefore, use every opportunity for your growth. Nothing is problem. Everything is a possility, a stepping stone to the ultimate. Its about having the right perspective.

Similarly, nobody wants sufferings and deaths, but without them, there would be no Buddha.

Its becoming clearer that self enquiry is the ultimate answer to the world full of miseries and fears, as you tackle issues head on. No need to learn new techniques. You deal with whatever crops up in your mind, in a calm way by observing and not reacting to them. You are a witness. You can practice anywhere without going anywhere. You just go in. Observe the observer.

It comes naturally to me. Its something that i’ve always been doing, but now i’ve a purpose with a greater clarity and an opportunity to conquer death itself. My fears will be my transcendance, a blessing.

Self enquiry is very direct and straight. You face your true self and try to come out of fears and anxieties. Vipasana didnt help me to overcome my fear. It just led me to that situation, where my own effort helped me. That deep situation could also have been created with self enquiry, by going deeper within.

Self enquiry is the good starting place for everybody, ‘cos once you have mastery of the mind, then you can do other practices with more ease. I’ve seen many people struggle with their practices, especially vipassana, and abandon it ‘cos of their weak mind. There is no proper guidance, and self enquiry will fill that gap, ‘cos you face your fears head on.

With other practices, you are mainly multitasking as you try to face your fears and remember your practice techniques at the same time, which was my problem.

There is too much stress and fears in the world today as we rely primarily on the mind, and self enquiry will be the best approach in dealing permanently with problems and helping people come out of misery. Also, the modern world is all about instant and shortcut. And self enquiry is that shortcut to spirituality, to enlightenment. A direct way.

I’ve lots of tensions in body due to fear and my body used to shake vigorously during vipassana meditations, and they had no answers to it. But I continued with it ‘cos I was facing my fears, and body shaking was a way of tensions leaving my body and I felt lighter. And self enquiry talks about it. So, my answer has finally been confirmed. I think there are others in vipassana whose body shakes. I know another person whose did. So, this will of great help to many people.

Self enquiry is my path, and will likely become the path of others, ‘cos it comes naturally to every human without making any effort, and you dont have to learn any different technique to face what you have been facing all along. If you can be calm and be a witness to your mind, then you will naturally go deeper. you dont have to look for problems. They are always there. Isnt it why we try to seek escape from it? So, the problem is always there to be faced, its just that we are not willing, and spend our whole lives running away from it by seeking some sort of entertainment, to keep our mind busy and occupied, which doesnt really solve the problems. It only prolongs the miseries.

I will now be practicing self enquiry everyday and get over the fear of death, like ramana maharshi did. As you go deeper inside, you realise that its the fear of the death, which is the main underlying fear, fear of something dying, the cause of all the sufferings. The basis of fear is ego and the body, and the need to preserve and protect them, and when you go deeper, you realise that you are not any of them, and the fear is gone forever.

In spirituality, we loosely use the term to look within, and self enquiry, best captures that essence of spirituality, in its simplicity. No techniques whatsoever.

Self enquiry is the starting point for me, but it may not be the only path. Everything is interconnected to each other, and there are many spiritual paths in the world. Therefore, I want to build a bridge that connects them all, and bring them all together, by exploring various paths. I want to bring some order on this wild, chaotic path of spirituality, so that there is something for everybody and people dont need to feel lost in order to find their true calling. If yoga is the ultimate union, then I will see it for myself. This is my way of bringing peace, harmony and spirituality to the whole world. i want to turn the whole world spiritual by reaching out to every individual. Only then can we have real lasting world peace, for true peace begins with individuals.

For those interested, its best to watch the youtube videos on mooji, especially on fears. he also gives online satsangs from time to time. there is a Facebook group of mooji sangha of various cities, and you can join, interact and get together for satsangs.


Without death, there would be no buddha.

October 26, 2015

Without death, there would be no buddha.

Life is full of sufferings, of sickness, old age and death, and yet these same sufferings compelled a prince to seek the way out of suffering to buddhahood. Therefore, all the sufferings, the crisis of all sorts, can be viewed as a blessing in disguise, as a timely reminder of our mortality by mother nature to seek our true nature, which is the buddhahood. In spirituality, the crisis are seen as a grace, which helps you look inwards, and ultimately lead to an awakening. Do not see your suffering as a curse or a bad luck, and definitely not a cause for suicide. Do not escape. Face it, accept it and let it go, but do not react. No situation is a problem. Everything is a possibilty, a stepping stone to the ultimate.

Its all about looking at situations from different viewpoints and widening your perspective, like a keen observer.

Do not fear death. Life and death are just cycles, like two sides of same coin. One cannot exist without the other. They are the dualities of life. A life begins and ends, only to begin again and so on.

Therefore, death can also be looked upon as a great blessing. Death gave rise to buddha as it reminded prince gautama of the mortality of human life, and compelled him to leave everything, behind in search of the truth. Without death, prince gautama would have remained a gautama.

This thought dawned on me in one of my conversations.

Rangzen: Reviving our warrior nature

October 26, 2015

I meet lots of people who says that fighting for rangzen is useless and that china will never give us our independence. people try to be too smart and realistic, following in his holiness steps. I dont see any hope or motivation in them. Thats what overthinking can lead to. we have too many thinkers but no doers.

We have many pessimists, but few optimists. We have many people who are too smart in saying this cant be done or that cant be done, but no one to say how to get it done. There is no drive or fire in them, to try something different. There is no willpower. Our freedom struggle is in standstill mode and buried for a long time ‘cos our middle way approach has extinguished our fighting spirits. everything is half dead.

There is nobody like gandhi to initiate the real change. a spark is needed to reignite the movement, and in a sustainable way. Rangzen may not look possible in a near future, but it will atleast rejuvenate our stale movement and bring back our fighting spirits, the original tibetan nature, which got timid and docile in religion.

Too much of anything is not good. neither is too much of aggressive nature, which is our warrior nature, nor is too much of passive and docile nature, which is our religion, that you forget even to defend your own country, as you are lost in your own dreams. So, balance is the main thing, and i think we should keep religion confined to its place and not let it pervade everywhere, like politics or freedom movement. Middle way is a religious view and is not serving our purpose.

Religion have made us too peaceful, passive and weak that we failed to defend our country in the first place, and now we are failing to fight for it. Nobody is standing up for it. We have all become a sheep, waiting for someone to take the lead. No self belief. So, religion didnt serve us when it mattered the most. So, the consolation part of religion is useless. It makes us more passive.

Religion without a right approach or balance will cause too many contradictions and confuse people, making people lose their sanity or mental balance. Look at what happens to religious extremists or fanatics, such as taliban or isis. Thats why we hear a general refrain from people about dangers of going too deep in religion and getting lost in its complexities. Not all can go deep and come out of it without a proper guidance or a balanced mindset, but the real answer also lies deep inside, within us, spiritually speaking. Our problem is that we are way too passive and insecure.

If you beg from china with a begging bowl, then i definitely agree that we will never get our independence (rangzen). Why would they want to give up on vast untapped mineral resources of tibet just because some natives are crying out for it? It makes no sense and i agree with it, yet despite all the odds, i still advocate for rangzen because i am a tibetan with heart, and do so with my own reasoning, not out of blind patriotism.

There shouldnt be any middle path when it comes to our rights. Being firm and assertive are the main key in dealing with our rights, not holding our hands in open and wait for someone to fill our bowl with.
Rights are not something to be begged about, they are to be demanded, no matter what the situation. The demand for basic rights should never be compromised under any condition, ‘cos if we do, we lose our soul. We are not the same when we stop striving for things that matters most. Its like our parents, telling us to stop pursuing our dreams ‘cos its a waste of time. A part of us dies along with our dashed dream. We become half dead.

I see the autonomy approach as using way too much logic, so much so, that we forgot the values we stand for, compromising on things that matters the most. When you use too much logic, you become passive, ‘cos you see that nothing makes sense to you. Everything is imparmanent, so why bother? Overuse of logic replaces ur emotion. You stop living. it happens to me sometimes, and i then come back to reality, and see that as long as i am living in this world, there are things to be done no matter what your logic says.

Humanity have made lot of struggles and achievements throughout history  and today we are what we are because somebody else fought for our rights. Women have more freedom today and so did blacks in united states under martin luther king. Many nations have earned their independence from colonial powers.

Just imagine, if all of them had adopted middle way approach and waited with begging bowl, for the oppressors to grant them their rights? The world would not be the same that we see today.

When it comes to basic rights, we have to be assertive and uncompromosing at all costs. Anything less is akin to selling out our basic rights.

Its a bitter fact that today, we are simply begging for our rights from international community ‘cos china wont budge to make sincere effort to solve our issue. We are waiting for them to change while they are waiting for his holiness to be gone. Endless waiting.

We are beggars, and in the real world nobody gives any damn what happens to us. Everything is bussiness here, and we also have to bring something to table, for any sort of negotiations and in our case it would be our rights. We have to make our freedom struggle more business like with no nonsense approach and not make any compromise. The world is ruled by self interest.

Look at UK bending to china. No matter how much we protest about human rights, the economy will be their priority, and so will be of the rest of world. Protests wont have much impact, except losing our voice. But they are free to do so, as long as there is no alternative. Nobody will help us and we shouldnt expect any divine intervention also, for many of those who claim to be too realistic.

The question shouldnt be about whether the goal is achievable or not. You just keep struggling for your dreams, one step at a time. The goal to reach moon would have been considered miracle once, but it was achieved.

its great to see lukar jam contesting elections for rangzen. It validates our democracy ‘cos we finally have candidates with different platforms. otherwise everything looks farce.

I am relieved to see lukar jam representing rangzen, yet i will  overlook him this time ‘cos i am being open minded and i want to give one more chance to autonomy by voting for penpa tsering.

I’ve more important things do in life as i’ve a larger goal, but i also cannot turn a blind eye to the sad state of sufferings in my country, so when i feel that things have reached a boiling point and that i can no longer hold myself back, then i will leave everything aside and take the plunge into politics and attempt to bring the change that i want to see, whether i am ready or not, due to my anxiety issues and irrespective of what others think ‘cos i’ve my own approach in getting things done. I dont work at the surface level. I go to the roots.

What matters is that i want to give my best. I cannot watch our movement continue to stagnate and rot for ever, as the hell in tibet becomes worse under chinese rule. there is a cost to everything and i wont be waiting for any international charity ‘cos begging is not my way.

Love is Reckless; not reason. by Rumi

October 20, 2015

Love is reckless; not reason.
Reason seeks a profit.
Love comes on strong, consuming herself, unabashed.

Yet, in the midst of suffering,
Love proceeds like a millstone,
hard-surfaced and straightforward.

Having died to self-interest
she risks everything and asks for nothing.
Love gambles away every gift God bestows.

Without cause God gave us being;
without cause, give it back again.
Gambling yourself away is beyond any religion

Religion seeks grace and favour,
but those who gamble these are are God’s favourites,
for they neither put God to the test
nor knock at the door of gain and loss.

Electing the right leader

October 13, 2015

I dont want people nitpicking at flaws of candidates running for tibetan election, like who said what and did what. I’ve allergy to all these petty dramas. I cannot stand it. Its the reason i dont like to watch any dramas on tv. There are enough real life dramas everywhere to deal with.

I’m not bothered with the flaws of people. Nobody is perfect. The nature of the person, the integrity, the sincerity, matters the most. One who is willing to accept his mistakes and make the corrections.

The main consideration should be given on who can best lead our struggle forward, out of very long standing stagnation. The main focus should be on the larger goal, not on these small things. Think big, not small.

My ideal candidate would be neither a rangzen supporter nor autonomy. He/she would be someone who is very sensible, level headed, someone who can unite our people to our common cause, which is a struggle for our nation, away from our long standing divisions, based on which way to lead our struggle forward. Someone, who dont play safe and merely follow his holiness, but someone with balls, who dares to listen and follow the wishes of people.

I want a strong willed leader, who is not afraid of changing the approach, if it no longer serves the purpose, and definitely not a diplomatic leader, who is good with words and tries to please everybody.

You cannot clap with a one hand. For any relationship to work, you need cooperation from everybody involved. We need everybody united to fight for our single cause, even though the ways maybe different. Whatever the differences, it should remain a healthy relationship. Only a sly, jackal like person, will instigate national divisions for their personal gain, which is similar to selling the country. not much different.

Our religion is mainly moralistic and it hasn’t truly benefitted our people much. They just listen and forget. There is no effort on personality development. Instead of focusing only on earning merits, if they really practice buddhism in a truest sense, and apply the principles thoroughly, then there wouldnt be any misunderstanding and divisive problems, that we are facing today.

There would be a healthy respect among all people, irrespective of the differences of opinions. There wouldnt even be any corruption, which happens in our govt also, from time to time. I am not much aware of it though, but i’ve heard. Knowing well the “maraap” nature of our people, i wont be surprised.

The 10 march 2014, incident of new york has hurt me the most. It was a pain to see our people fighting each other. This makes china’s work much easier. Who needs enemy when we have such divisive people.

I havent looked at other candidate yet. But penpa tsering looks good. I like his way of talk, when he came to toronto several yrs ago with his holiness and raised the topic of majority of people in toronto not paying the green book dues, which still resonates within me. That is another major thorny issue, which needs to be dealt with. His talk is firm and straight, which i like very much. I will look more. Any other suggestions?

Women as future leaders of tibet and the world

October 13, 2015

The general conception in our tibetan community and basically everywhere else is that women are better at taking care of all the problems of life while men just fool around and its generally true. This despite the fact that the world has long been dominated by men. They subdue the feminine out of fear, of being taken over and its very true. And the best and the most common example of this can be found everywhere in any families, where its the woman who runs the household, and men, no matter what profession, and how much he earns, has to tread carefully in the house, and will always be wary of his other half.

Domestic violence, the sexual asssualt and rapes on women are simply an insecure attempt by men to showcase the physical strength to establish their false sense of superiority over feminine, because mentally or emotionally, they are a weaker sex, and it is this mental strength or the superiority that matters the most. Mind always triumps over matter. Women have a better balance of mind, more maturity, more understanding. Its a fact. They have a greater capacity to handle pressure, more resilience.

Being in the west, and looking at various tibet related organisations, i see a greater involvement of women in tibet related activities than men. Similarly, i would like to see more women taking charge of leadership in our freedom struggle because i believe that they will make a sensible, level headed leader, uniting our people to a greater common cause. Therefore, I would like to see more female candidates in future for the head of exile govt, and a major candidates, not some sideshows. Men need not feel jealous. Their burden gets lessened. It will also make my work easier. Or men can strive equally harder.

The superiority of feminine can best be summed up with this old quote “feed a man, you feed a man. Feed a woman, you feed a family.” This also shows that in general, the rule of men will always be exclusive and divisive, with full of conflicts while rule of women will be inclusive and holistic, full of peace and harmony.

But it cannot be applied to women leaders of today yet, as they still function within the male dominated world. The business suits of women are also very straight cut like masculine and so are their attitude. They have become conditioned. There is no flow of feminity in women’s dress in the corporate world. Rigidity is masculine, not feminine. Its a flow, like a flow of a river or a skirt. Adding more women in workplace is not the answer, but creating the right condition for feminine to flower is.

The following parts are bit off topic, but its a continuation and still important.

Feminine also have flaws and insecurity issues and they flourish more in a stable environment like households, while men are better at survival and unstable, chaotic environment. Men dominates the world because world has long been in a survival mode. So, feminity never got to realise its full potential. Once the survival is taken care of and there is a sense of stability, then feminity will come out in full force. It has to. This view resonates deeply in me from my understanding of sadhguru talks on feminine.

I believe that if women can overcome their insecurity issues, then there will be no one to hold them back. They will be unstoppable, because they will also have overcome their survival mindset. The enormous struggle of butterfly to come out of their cocoons gives them the necessary strength to fly in the end. Without the struggle, they cannot develop the strength to fly. Same thing with feminity. They need to be worked upon a bit, before they can blossom.

Therefore, have an unwavering belief in your feminity. You are complete in yourself. There is no need to add anything or any men. It is not necessary. You can be an ocean in yourself. The need for someone is mainly at the surface level to fill the void.

Dont let your insecurity get to you. Whatever it is and no matter how frightening it is, just face it and come out of it. Going through it, is the only way to let go of it. And it works. Its working for me. Escape only prolongs your misery. it doesnt solve anything.

I revere the feminine nature. I’ve lots of respect for women in general, but not to all. There will always be some bad elements everywhere. But, I will always stand up for their cause.

Feminine is not limited to women and so is masculine not limited to men. I’m a very emotional person, so feminity is more dominant in me. This might explain my deep affinity for feminine. Similarly, tough, tom boyish women have more masculinity in them. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Its easier to move on when you accept yourself as you are and turn your perceived weakness into your strength.

Feminine is linked with the moon, while masculine with the sun. Henceforth, comes the name of suryavanshi dynasty(lord rama) and chandravanshi dynasty(lord krishna, pandavas, kauravas) in hindu mythology.

Essentially, everyone has both forces of nature within them, in the context of yin and yang, and it mainly depends on the proportions. Everybody can feel pain and has some emotions. that is feminity. Generally, men see it as a weakness and try to bury it. But they are just running away from their own nature. Accept it and let it go. Resistance comes from the denial and one is not able to move on and get stuck in that mindset for a long time, only prolonging their misery. Resistance makes your body more tense and rigid. Acceptance makes everything feel lighter. There is a flow. Just close your eyes and see it for yourself.

Therefore, bringing balance and harmony between these two opposing forces of nature within oneself, is the most important thing. In a hindu mythology, lord shiva is also called ardhnarishwara, meaning half man half woman, and his body is also depicted in that form. It means that he has reached the peak of both feminine and masculine. There is nothing more to achieve. He is complete in himself and dont necesarrily need to add anything else or any women. osho said shiva is the final stage of evolution in mankind, not buddhahood, and he must have said so in this regard. It makes sense because buddha dealt only with the mind, which is just one aspect of human being, not the whole thing. No offense to buddhism.

I do foresee a day when feminity will take over the world. There is a sense of it getting nearer and nearer, as the world comes to a boiling point in the age of global connectedness, technological advancements, the environment and spiralling poluation problems, and terrorism and all kinds of violence. Everything has its time and place, and feminity will also get the needed space to flower. The world cannot remain in primitive, survival mode forever. Nothing is permanent. So is the masculine dominance.

My writing here is on feminine. There is nothing wrong with masculine. Both are sides of same coin. Ultimately, you need to develop both aspects.

Clarifying lukar jam controversy

October 12, 2015

I want to share some sentence from phayul article titled “WHY LUKAR JAM ATSOK IS IMPORTANT FOR TIBETAN DEMOCRACY”
By Tenzing Sonam, to clear out lukar jam’s name from recent accusations of slandering his holiness.

“if anyone has any doubts about His Holiness’ own views on this question, they would do well to remember these words from a press conference he held in Dharamshala in 2008 soon after the uprising broke out in Tibet: “So now we fully committed to democracy, therefore criticism… differently. Now look at the Youth Organization. Right from the beginning, they are very, very critical about our approach, the Middle Way Approach. Even my own eldest brother, now I think 85 years old. Once you see, he told me, he expressed to me, my dear younger brother, 14th Dalai Lama, you sold out Tibetan legitimate right. Like that, many Tibetans are critical about our Middle Way Approach. This is I feel, a healthy sign of our sort of commitment about democracy, open society.”

So, you can see that it was his holiness own brother, probably late taktser rinpoche who was a staunch rangzen supporter, who told his holiness that he sold out tibetan legitimate right. his holiness should out our legitimate right, not the country itself. So, lukar jam statement should be taken in that context. He was only paraphrasing it. It was a simple misinterpretation. He has no reason to ridicule his holiness. Historical wise, he should be more proud because his holiness is also amdo. that is the pride of amdo people.

i am happy and relieved about the matter, because i am an ardent rangzen (independence) supporter and i can finally support the rangzen candidate lukar jam for tibet’s pm(sikyong) election with a clean conscience.

Rangzen, wresting back our control from China through Gandhi’s way.

October 11, 2015

Its great to see lukar jam, a rangzen activist, contesting tibet’s elections, as i am an ardent supporter of rangzen.

Finally, someone in rangzen supporters have the balls to take the next step, to take the national issue into their own hands. Before, we were just a bunch of intellectual nerds limited to writing our opinions on phayul, with no one willing to walk the talk. Only words. We have too many academics and intellects in our freedom struggle, but not many brash people with a just do it mentality, like nike’s famous slogan.

All words and no actions makes no effect. People listen from one ear and take it out from other, just like they do with buddhism. Thats why there is not much effect on people.

i speak brutal truth, only truth, and its upto others to digest it or not. I dont mince words and nerds are a big turn off for me.

I’ve my own reason to support rangzen because i follow gandhian way of active non violence and not the passive non violent approach of his holiness, where we surrender all our options to the enemy and then wait for other to make move, hoping endlessly for change of hearts in our enemy, like in a dream. We cannot expect any results by dreaming or waiting, which sounds same, that the enemy will change someday in the distant future. Its not a realistic approach. Its a dreamy, and idealistic approach which wont work.

its funny that both parties are playing the waiting game. china is also playing the waiting game till his holiness passes away. How do you expect a dialogue with a group of such mentality? Its a no win situation. You have to be assertive with them, not passive.

Gandhi will most probably not agree with his holiness middle way approach. Its an extreme approach in surrendering completely to enemy. His holiness doesnt seem to know the game of politics. This is where i see his biggest flaw in his approach, his failure in dealing with people, especially the jackal like cunning chinese. he changed his approach in reaction to deny xiaoping, the chinese president statement, that besides independence, everything else is negotiable.

He reacted to supposed change in chinese policies. He didnt initiate. Active non violence is proactive, not reactive. Gandhi was proactive. I’ve explained more in later parts.

I seriously want to know what his holiness thinks about my views, and whether he sees any truths in it. Its time i also upped my game. i will send my article to his holiness to hear his non biased view. we both are spiritual, so hopefully, we might connect.

When you go deep in spirituality, you see everything connected to each other. Dealing with chinese is same as dealing with any other people or your own kids. You need some degree of self control or any control and cannot surrender completely to others and let them do whatever they want. That would be a complete balaatkar, a complete rape. Imagine ur kids going out of control. What is the difference? The fundamental issue of dealing with people is same, whether you are dealing with cunning chinese or spoilt rowdy kids.

Lets take for example the rights of women. For a long time in history, the world was and is still male dominated, and women everywhere had no real rights until the 20th century. So, how did they get the rights which is today enjoyed by nearly all women, atleast in developed countries? Did they surrender everything and just waited and waited for change of heart in men, waiting for men to fill their begging bowl with rights?

No, that would have been a grave mistake, a serious miscalculations, for men would never have given rights to women on their free will. They fought for their rights. The rights which were denied for thousands of years, it would have been considered impossible and futile to fight for it, but fight they did and rightfully earned their rights.

Rights and respect need to be earned and fight for. They arent given on platter to helpess beggars. Yes, sadly we’ve become beggars, seeking help from international community. Uno, wake up, wake up. Remember.

We need to stop begging for our rights from china and from the world. We have to fight for our rights and earn the respect, so we can redeem ourselves and walk proudly with our heads held high. The middle way has been a big blow to the tibetan psyche and a bid demoralizer. i wrote a similar article few yrs ago in my blog, titled “tibet-changing the victim mentality.”

Anybody remembers the hunger strike by a monk in front of un headquarters few yrs ago. In the end, he was begging and pleading for help from un. I couldnt bear it. This is the hard, bitter truth, which needs to be swallowed.

Its high time, that many people see the real reasoning and get their views changed and reinvigorate our freedom struggle, which have become a stagnant for long time, which is insane.

The path to rangzen maybe hard and unknown, but so is taming the spoilt kids, and so was the struggle for women rights. But the most important thing, and the main point, which i keep on stressing, is not letting go of control.

Where there is a will, there is a way. There may not be any way for now, but if we persevere, then we will find a way. It depends on our willpower. We shall overcome, one day.

I highly recommend everyone to watch ben kingsley movie gandhi, released in 1982, the year of my birth. You can watch it on youtube. Its where i understood the gandhi approach of always being in control of your enemy. The enemy merely reacts to his actions. He is in control, so he takes actions. He doesnt react. He was the initiator, not the enemy. The britishers had a false sense of being in control because they were the rulers and they could crack down on protesters, but thay were so wrong. They were merely dancing to the tune of gandhi’s music.

I’ve a tremendous respect for his holiness and for his tireless lifetime effort of keeping alive the tibet struggle; which wouldnt be possible without his grace, and my writing is not to demean him. He is doing what he thinks is best for tibet, but I just dont agree with his middle way approach. That is all. I am just exercising my democratic rights, granted by his holiness himself. But it need not be about democracy.

Buddhism itself is democratic, as its the only democratic religion in the world, where we have the freedom to use our intelligence and the right to question the teaching, if it doesnt make sense. Buddha and his holiness himself have said many times to his followers, to not to accept all the teaching blindly, and to accept only if it makes sense or if its practical. Therefore, i just dont accept his middle way approach. I am only following his advice, which is the democratic principle of buddhism. So, i am the real follower of his holiness.

Tibetans says his holiness is best. He is perfect, but he is also a human being, just like us. He can also make mistakes. He is our leader, but he is also a simple buddhist monk. He cannot be perfect in everything, otherwise there wouldnt have been any dhogyal or our freedom issue.

So, atleast here, there shouldnt be any misinterpretation or controversy. This is my sincere way of dealing with the hardcore blind followers, but if they still persist in labelling me anti dalai lama, then i can only feel sorry for those miserable ignorants. In the last dying words of jesus, “forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” now, dont label me as christian too.

I only target people’s conscience to open their eyes and to help them come out of ignorance.

If my message truly resonates, then please share it with all, so everyone can read this and then decide.

J krishnamurti on marxism

October 7, 2015

There is a fascinating account of a dialogue which occurred between Krishnamurti and Dr. N.M. Perera, the well known Marxist leader and Member of the Opposition in the Sri Lanka Parliament, during the course of one of Krishnamurti’s public talks in Colombo in the 1940’s.

Dr. N.M. Perera wanted to discuss the structure of society and social cohesion … He talked for some minutes on the logic of state control as the supreme authority, and spoke about the basic tenets of Communism.

Krishnamurti did not oppose what had been said – there was no sense of confrontation whatsoever, only a mutual probing into the reality behind the rhetoric … There was mutual investigation into the ways in which the Communist philosophy actually operated and the means by which conflicts were handled … Dr. Perera was still claiming the necessity for totalitarian rule, asserting that everyone must go along with the decided policy and be made to conform.

At this point Krishnamurti drew back:

K: What happens when I as an individual feel I cannot go along with the supreme command’s decision? What if I won’t conform?

P: We would try to convince you that individual dissent, perhaps valid before a decision is taken, cannot be tolerated after. All have to participate.

K: You mean obey?

P: Yes.

K: And if I still couldn’t or wouldn’t agree?

P: We would have to show you the error of your ways.

K: And if someone still maintains that some law or regulation is false? What then?

P: We would probably incarcerate him so that he was no longer a disruptive influence.

With utter simplicity and directness Krishnamurti said:

“I am that man.”

Consternation! Suddenly – total confrontation. An electric charge had entered the room – the very atmosphere was charged … Neither Dr. Perera nor his colleagues wanted to pursue this dangerously explicit dialogue.

K: I am that man. I refuse to be silenced. I’ll talk to anyone who will listen; what do you do with me? Liquidate me?

F: Probably. You would not be allowed to contaminate others.

K: Probably?

F: You would be eliminated.

After a long pause, Krishnamurti said: “And then, Sir, you would have made a martyr of me!” There was no way of dodging the implications … “And what then?”

Krishnamurti waited – and then quietly went back through the course of the dialogue. He talked of interrelationship, of the destruction of life for a belief, for some blueprint for the future; the destructiveness of ideals and the imposition of formulae on living human beings. The need not for environmental change but for inward transformation. When he finished, the meeting was over. There was really nothing more to be said.

Later, Dr. Perera then went up to Krishnamurti on the stage and embraced him, without a word.

Godly children

October 5, 2015

In a hindu tradition, children are considered the form of god. It is beautiful and i like to believe it, because children are so pure, as their minds are yet to be corrupted by the ills of humanity. They have a god like nature in them ‘cos of their purity. Yet, people are in a rush to make a grown up outs of their children. They are in a hurry to snuff godliness out of their children. Who is more joyful? The grown up or the kids? The answer is obvious.

I always see parents giving many instructions to their children, making them sit this way or that way, making them behave this way or that, imposing discipline in them from an early age.

therefore, my advice to all the parents is, to let the child be. Let them remain children. Bacche ko bacche rehne do. Let their intelligence flower on its own. Do not impose your distorted ideas on them.

It doesnt mean letting them do whatever they like, or pampering or spoiling them. You have to be firm with them, whenever they cross the limits. You interfere only when its needed.

I love kids for their joyful nature, but there are times when i revere them. I recently had a moment of anger in front of my toddler nephew, and i later felt very bad that he got to witness the human misery at such an early age, so i apologised to him next day, and swore not to make such mistakes again.