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Getting out of Fear – A personal experience.

September 30, 2015

Fear is like the grip of a python. The more you are afraid, the tighter is its grip. Your body becomes more and more tense until you are unable to move. Fear holds you down like a paralysis. Fear cripples you, even though you are an able bodied person physically.

You dont want to face your fears because you dont know what it might cause to you, since you dont seem to have any control of mind. You dont want to go deep since your fears might overwhelm you. So, you try to suppress your fears, hide your madness. Its no wonder that people seek an escape. I had this same thought during the 2nd and 3rd day, but i then remembered a quote from sadhguru and i decided that i will not seek any entertainment to escape from my madness, and i will face my fears head on and it worked.

The vipassana meditation teaches us to observe the mind and not to react. And i did just that with my full energy, when i let go of my mind and opened myself completely to face whatever comes up in mind. And it worked. The moment i decided to jump into the unknown, come what may, that was it. All it took was one moment and my lifelong struggle was over. I had conquered my fear. I felt so light, as all the tense feelings left my body.

So, all it takes is a moment, a moment of leap, and its over. Its unbelievable, but thats what happened to me.

So, the trick is to just let go of any fear, let go of any uncertainties, come what may. If you try to run, you will end up getting the scar, like i did for 9 yrs. Dont resist. Learn acceptance. Accept the reality, seeing things as it is, not how you want them to be.

we are taught the nature of permanence. everything in mind arises and passes away. when the fear arises, just observe and do not react. the fear loses its intensity and soon passes away. it has to, because its the law of nature, the law of impermanence. the mind has to be equanimous. just observe and do not react. observing the reality as it is, not how how you want it to be. its hard, but just try to observe the fear without any reaction.

fear is only in the mind. there is a quote from sadhguru, which says that, there is no fear in the now. fear is either about the past or the future. and its true. there is no fear in the present moment. its either about our past memories or the uncertainty of future. so, learn to be in the present moment.

The fear of mind is gone, but now i’ve to apply it to outside world where real tests begin. In meditation, you are only dealing with your mind, but in the real world, you are dealing with many situations and people, and your old habit patterns come up. So, i’ve to learn to keep my calm and also take physical actions, which you dont do while meditating. So, living gracefully in the real world is the real test. I am still a work in progress.

Application is the most important thing, otherwise all things learnt goes waste. Knowledge is not important. How you use knowledge is more important.

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