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Sadhguru: How I came across my Guru? updated.

December 3, 2012

I decided to write this post so that I can share with everyone the jewel of a guru that I have found in this mystic named Sadhguru, who hails from southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There is more information in his website for those interested. Or just google him. Haha.

I came to know more of him from his videos and blogs. I first came across him around 2011 through a local newspaper ad as he was coming to Toronto for some events. What struck me about that ad was his quote which was short and simple, yet very powerful. It said “If you do not come out of your shell, you are a nut.” But I dismissed that quote as I thought he was one among the many fake sage and saints from India claiming to know the answers to everything, and who are good with words.

I again came across him on the website, where the best collection of short online videos are posted daily, like a one stop shop for all the best videos of the day. I used to check up on it daily, but I stopped as my frequent visit to that site was turning out to be a distraction for me. So, on that site, I came across his very short video on fear, no fear in the now, and I was floored, as if something hit me. Never have I came a across a man whose words were so clear and yet so powerful. This time, I didn’t ignore him, and set out about knowing more about him. I googled him, of course. The more I learned about him, the more I was mesmerised. I started reading up on all his writings. I was and I am still convinced that he is the one who will show me the way of out my misery and to my long sought after inner peace.

I’ve been trying to root out my fear and anxiety for long time now, yet at my own time as they can be overwhelming, and I did try various things. I went on a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat four times, but it still didn’t work, as the fear always proved an obstacle. I took one course of Drama Improv and left, as I felt it was only at the surface level. I took yoga class at university, but it was only once a week, and i completely forgot about the practice in my next class. I also tried many times to face fears head on, but there was a fear of overshooting. In all, I’m still a mess. I’m not good at accepting my flaws.

Then came Sadhguru. I did some of his courses as well, mainly the Inner Engineering program, which was good, but I didn’t maintain it. The blame goes to me also for not able to maintain the course routine, after the completion of the course. but I find this modern lifestyle very stressful and hectic. I also have a large family, though I’m single. Even when I’m free, I’m not really free as my mind is not at ease. I worry about how to use my time productively, and hate myslef if I feel I’m wasting time. I’m just not able to relax. Hence, I never seem to have time to learn new things, like how to play guitar, photography, exercise, etc. The price of unbalanced perfection.

Sadhguru also talked about how we can’t do meditation. We can be in a meditative state, but we can’t meditate. That is more like an act. That might be true, and which might explain my failure with Vipassana meditation. but I also believe in Vipassana, but maybe its not for me. The video discourses in the Vipassana Retreat were really wonderful and priceless, but as the teacher says, experiential knowledge is more important than intellectual knowledge, and I haven’t experienced the truth yet.

What I like about Sadhguru is that his messages are so clear and simple that anyone can understand them, yet so powerful. His explanations and reasoning are also very simple. He is also very good at story telling, which you’ll find out as you learn more about him. Haha. He also shows us that we all can become like him, because he is not a super human being, but that being human is super. We still haven’t realised the immense potentials of being human and he wants the whole world to achieve their full potential. Then world peace will surely come. It has to. There is no other choice.

Till now, we have known only the limitations of being human, as we reason our mistakes to a human error. So we know only one end of being human, but not the other end, which is vast and endless. All the great people in history were humans too. There might a difference in their mental capacity, but physically we were all same. Physically, Gandhi was no different from us, maybe even weaker. He is a human too. Its only that he was able to tap into his potential. So, as human beings, we have endless capabilities also. There is nothing super human or extraordinary about it. Being human is super.

He tells us how we don’t have to abandon our family and society to seek enlightenment. We can be ourselves and continue with our lives and yet seek self realization.

After many years of constant questioning and Vipassana meditation, I’ve lost interest in religions and their complex rites and rituals. I had lost interest long before I came across Sadhguru. The only thing I’m interested is in finding my inner peace, and I see the possibilities through Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga and Vipassana, not religions. If not, I will keep looking. I can only contribute to world and my family when I’ve my peace, otherwise I’ll be holding back on everything due to fears and my contributions will be small and minor. I’m not interested in repetitions of life, being caught in the habitual patterns, the cycle of life.

With Sadhguru also, I came upon a block recently. His words are clear beyond any doubt, but they remain an intellectual knowledge for those who can’t back it up experientially, and ends up as past memory, and that doesn’t help much. And yoga needs a daily practice, which I don’t do. So, at the end of 2015, I came upon Mooji and his path of self enquiry. it is a direct, straight path, which rendered vipassana into past. I had done the vipassana retreat four times, but I now see that path as having too many detours.

I now hope to combine Sadhguru’s path of ancient classical yoga with Mooji and Ramana Maharishi’s path of self enquiry to create a potent combination of knowing life inside out and the path of awareness.

I’ve been to Sadhguru’s Isha yoga centre in coimbatore, in south india, and i wanted to give my honest opinion on it. Not everything was great. I went there in jan of 2015, and the place is completely different from other spiritual retreat centre. Its a bustling centre full of devotees, but I found some ego among the staffs, as they can get annoyed easily. Indians generally have a lot of egos. So, its not perfect, but it works. In the buddhist centres, the staffs are more reserved and calm, but here they are boisterous.

I do plan to go to isha yoga centre again in 2018, and give further updates on my experience. i eventually do plan to stay long term there, to follow up on sadhguru’s advice of staying at the ashram, whose video is posted separately in my blog.

Some of my personal favourite quotes from Sadhguru:

“If you do not come out of your shell, you are a nut.”

“If you are looking for justice, you will die of anger.” – from kshetra-sanyasa. blog.

“You can fit logic into your life, but never life into logic.” – from mystics and mistakes.

I’ve posted some videos of Sadhguru which I hope will inspire and benefit others the same way it did to me.

This is the first Sadhguru video I watched. Short, yet powerful.

The other videos are about an hour long, but you won’t feel it. After watching them, I only wanted to watch long videos of his, as the short ones were too short and not enough for me. I wanted more.  There are many other videos but I don’t want to bombard here. Just type Sadhguru on youtube and then click on filter, on long videos.


These are the blogs on Sadhguru and Isha Foundation that I check regularly and can’t be missed. All of his writings are gem.