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A Generation of Passive Bystanders.

July 19, 2012

“The greatest challenge facing our century is that we are raising a generation of passive bystanders.” Dalai Lama.

I just saw yet another video on internet of people ignoring the helpless victims in the street of Texas, USA, and felt its time I did something about it. I decided to assemble them together to remind people of their conscience, to show that these are not an isolated incident. So, wake up. Is catching the bus more important than saving a life? Life comes first. So don’t hesitate to show your compassion. Don’t give a damn if others think you are too soft. Be true to yourself. This message is basically for me.

I’ve pondered over how I would react in those situations, and I may not act much different from other bystanders, as real situations can be quite tricky. There are many homeless(beggars) in my areas, and when I see someone, I’ll probably assume some addicts as having passed out from overdose, and I’ll move on. Its tricky because I usually offer my seats to elderlies in public transport, despite some hesitations out of nervousness, not selfish reasons. I’m not writing to boast about myself, but to make a case for myself as to whether I’m also a passive bystander or not. But in those situations, situations is more easier to handle than to say in a tense, nervous situations involving life and death. In a way, I’m a passive bystander as I’m not doing much or not able to do much regarding the freedom struggle for my country tibet, while our people continue to die at the hands of Chinese gov’t, and now Tibetans are even setting themselves on fire, as an extreme case of nonviolent act in which they chose to hurt their own body rather than hurt the enemy. I find it an act of desperate measures as Tibetans find it harder and harder to live under Chinese colonialism. China has made the heavenly Tibet, “a hell on earth,” ever since the occupation began in 1949 and culminated in 1959. again, a bit of sidetrack. Anyway, I’m not doing much for tibet as i’m busy with my own life, and getting over my fears. but that can be regarded as an extreme case of bystander effect, as helping out people on the street looks more simpler and easier compared to dedicating the whole life to fight for the country.

This is the latest video, from Arlington, Texas, where people didn’t respond to the dead accident victim lying by the road.

Another one, but one of the most disgusting video of heartless people in China. There are other videos of same footage, but you’ll need to sign in as there is a user restriction due to horrible nature of video.

The Kitty Genovese case. a classic case of passive bystanders. There’s a mention of incident in the video. I heard of this case first, from the documentary “Superheroes” in which one of the crime fighter featured, mentions her and his inspiration from that incident. the documentary is good.

there are many videos but putting all of them will be too much, as i only want to make my point. those interested in other videos can look it up in youtube.