Understanding Love and Life.

Turns out I haven’t learned anything new at all. I don’t like to change my statements and I even get tired of it, but if they don’t hold true, then they must be changed. You only try hard if your love is true, otherwise you are just feeding the ego of people with hard to get attitude, though they may not be mean. In my case, I was blinded a bit by desperation, so its crucial of get hold of oneself, thanks to my inner circle of family and friends. So, at least I realized my mistake. The article below is from my previous statements which don’t hold true anymore, but I didn’t want to delete it as I’ve put effort in my thoughts, and will be a testament of my previous thoughts.

There was an Indian movie “Chalte Chalte” on TV in morning while having breakfast, and I learned something about love from it, mainly the first half. The second half is about the usual fights between the couple and how love overcomes it all. Anyway, the story is a typical hindi movie that in it, Raj likes the girl but she is engaged to someone else. but Raj doesn’t give up and wins her heart eventually.

In the movie, the gal tells Raj to let go of her and gives him reasons like she is engaged to her childhood friend and all of her family and relives will be coming to her wedding. So, she tells him to find someone else. But raj feels his love is true and isn’t willing to accept any reasons. He’s determined to pursue her till the end as he doesn’t want the question mark for the rest of his life as what if he did or didn’t try? In this movie, the girl lives in athens, and will be going home soon. So, he books the same flight as her and keeps wooing her on her way home with the usual dance and songs and gradually wins her heart and she later calls off her wedding with her friend and marries Raj instead and they return to India. That’s the first half. Second half is another story.

I’m always on the lookout for answers and I observe and learn things from films also, not just romantic ones. What I learned from this film is that had I been in Raj’s place, I would have easily given up on her as I’m man of reasons and her reasons would have been enough for me to let her go. My policy has been that if I like someone and she don’t, then I’ll move on without much fuss and look for another one as I don’t want to create problems for her. The end of matter as no is a no. I’m also too proud to pursue girls ‘cos I think that’s only for cheap roadside romeo. I also have a too complex mindset to think about girls. I also don’t have courage to ask girls as i don’t believe in myself nor have confidence. I’m too guarded a person to let out all my feelings in front of someone. To sum it up, I’ve had many crushes, but never a gf as I never tried hard enough to get one and if I keep on like this, I’m never going to get one. I didn’t believe in wooing when there are so many other issues to think of in life.

I’m emotional but at the same time, very logical and I don’t do anything without reasons. so, I will not be able to find love with my head. It has to be through heart and I need to stop thinking too much and just feel the love and go all the way. ‘Cos of guarded personality and habit, I’ve a hard time lowering my guard and letting myself go, but it is something I must work on. For the same reason, its hard to accept myself for the way I’m as I’m not content with my flaws. I also need to take the love seriously and focus on it. I don’t pursue girls ‘cos I don’t want to look a fool, but I think I need to get over that awkwardness. Also, There is indeed such a thing as fighting for love, as someone once told me. Haha.

I’ve to learn to overlook all the reasons and try to woo the girl till the end ‘cos I shouldn’t be questioning myself later in the years as to did I try enough or not? I should give it all. Again, all these are easy to say, but lets see if I succeed. For me, life is all about learning and I felt to need to write about my new insights on life and love. I also need to find the balance in life ‘cos my problem is I either overdo it or I don’t do it. Life is also about finding the right balance.

One major things is that I’ve a very critical mind which makes me negative, so I need to get over it. In a way, my life is also an experiment. Haha.

Anyway, I still have many things to learn in life due to my closed nature and I’ll keep them posted. haha.


2 Responses to “Understanding Love and Life.”

  1. tseringkhangkyi Says:

    when you find someone, ask her if she has a sister 😉

  2. ttronan Says:

    no, that’s not right. its look choosing the second best or changing the colour like the chameleon. haha. if the elusive girl has a sister, then i’ll leave it to fate if we come across each other, so that the feelings of love will be pure and real, not the feeling of settling for a sister if the other one didn’t work out. love is to be earned, not compromised.

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