Tibet is Burning. My Salute to the Brave Monks and Nuns.

I’m writing this in response to my own article ” My Appeal to Stop the Immolation, Please. ” I’m writing this to contradict myself and also to offer my heartfelt apology to those brave monks and nuns for criticizing them. I thought I was right, so I didn’t mean them.

I had a change of heart after watching this great video “Tibet is Burning” on Youtube which moved my soul. Its a must watch and all the Tibetans and supporters should watch it. I think I now understand reasons for the immolations by the monks and I fully support them. Burning your own body for the cause is the ultimate sacrifice that one can do and forces us wake up from our slumber. They are willing to goto such extreme length to fight for freedom while we are hardly doing anything. If anything, we should do everything that we can so that the sacrifices of those brave monks and nuns don’t go in vain.

“Tibet is Burning” is a great video, very moving, very inspiring. This video opened my eyes, as I was caught up with my life and i could not relate much to my country fellows who were sacrificing their lives for a just cause, a cause for our survival. I was criticizing them instead and I now feel guilty over that. The video definitely changed my views on immolation and gives me a new perspective to reflect upon. The video also has a great and soothing music which moved my soul. The first speaker was awesome, comparable to great leaders who can unite and inspire the nation with their emotional and fiery speech. Tibet needs more like him and less like me. haha. the best video ever.

I learnt some lessons from this video. I had been focusing too much on logic, about getting everything right. I was so focused on logic that I lost touch with my emotions, hence I could not relate to the immolations by the monks and nuns. I had lost touch with my heart despite being an emotional person. So, I’ll now choose emotions over logic, just like I chose rangzen over autonomy. Heart will prevail over mind.

I used to think that I was different from others and had some ego as well. I’m also very judgemental ‘cos I don’t like to see flaws in people while knowing fully well that I’m deeply flawed myself. So, I was looking for all the negativities to differentiate instead of looking for commonality that binds people together. I forgot that we all are Tibetans and deeply patriotic even though we are all different and I may not agree with some of their ways. I’ve to learn to accept people for the way they are, which won’t be easy, but I’ll try. No one is perfect.

I was also seeking perfection in righteousness, blinded by my quest to do the right thing all the time while ignoring my own heart. For every action, I used to worry about the inconvenience that it might cause others. But now I know that, if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up doing nothing and you’ll not get to do things your way. Also, its impossible to please everyone. Thinking about others too much had made me a softie. So, fuck those inconveniences. I used to hesitate wearing “Free Tibet” t-shirts in public for causing embarrassment, but now, I’ll not hesitate to display my patriotism in public and I’ll proudly do so. We also shouldn’t listen to Chinese who tells us to stop using name China and use CCP instead. We have to focus on our struggle, and we should not waste our thoughts on those minor inconveniences. My point is, just focus on our struggle and don’t worry too much about others. That lesson goes especially to me. haha. This struggle is not about right or wrong, this is about freedom, our birth right.

I’m really glad to watch this video which changed my views and I want to rededicate myself fully to the tibetan cause. I feel like its 2008 all over again and this time I would like to sustain my passion for our cause, for our survival. At the same time, I feel sorry for all my criticisms about the immolations and for not understanding the monks reasons for doing so. but I’m not going to delete the article. It’ll serve me as a way to compare with my good and bad and also as reminder to not to stray from my real path, which is the path to Rangzen.



5 Responses to “Tibet is Burning. My Salute to the Brave Monks and Nuns.”

  1. tseringkhangkyi Says:

    Great to see you finally coming back to the Rangzen brotherhood! 🙂

  2. ttronan Says:

    i’m a long time supporter for rangzen. i just didn’t approve monks immolation until now.

  3. tseringkhangkyi Says:

    i think its a very volatile subject to talk or even think about for many Tibetans, specially the ones who have strong ethical stance like you. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes over analyzing can cause more uncertainty than simplifying. We must simply respect the fact that the monks and nuns in Tibet have sacrificed their lives in order to alleviate the suffering of their fellow brothers and sisters in Tibet. Although the image is fiery and shocking, their intentions are noble and courageous.
    -Bhod Gyalo

  4. ttronan Says:

    i can’t help it as i’m very opinionated. ‘cos of my extreme ethics, i carry the weight of all the world’s problems and i feel deeply saddened by all the tragic events going around and i feel restless, trying to figure out a way. i can’t just ignore them and move on with my life ‘cos i feel i’ve to do something about it. my mind is still not clear and i wonder when will i come out of it? i still try to face my demons.

  5. ttronan Says:

    i’ve a very complex and troubled mindset and i can’t seem to get over it. my goal is to take on the world and get rid of all the problems.

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