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Seething with Anger- A Straightforward and Stronger Condemnation of Norbu Samphell and his Narrow Minded Views.

September 19, 2010

I was outraged to read the Phayul article “Don”t lose faith in His Holiness – Response to J. Norbu’s article” and I just couldn’t sit still. I feel like using all the expletives word at him. Narrow minded people like him are more dangerous than any other. He is an a…hole. When he said that we cannot do anything without His Holiness, it made me sick to my stomach. F..ker! What was he thinking when said that? At what age is he living? Does he think we are still in the 50’s or 60’s when as a newcomer we were completely dependent on his holiness? Does he think that we are still babies or sissies and cannot do anything without His Holiness. His statement also shows the social disease that is prevalent in tibetans, i.e. the lack of confidence and the fear that we are good for nothing. We are in 21st century now and more than 50 years had passed since the invasion.

We have come a long way and have grown up and we can make our own decision and do our own thing. Yes, we still revere his holiness and will keep doing so, without a shadow of a doubt, but we don’t need him to tell us what to do for everything and i’m sure his holiness wont like that either. His holiness won’t like to see his people like Norbu Samphell being sissies all the time and never growing up. His Holiness didn’t lay the emphasis on education so that all the people are inept at making their own decision. He started schools in exile so that we all become well educated and be well prepared to face the world and make contributions to not just in the tibetan community but in the world.

Norbu Samphell says that todays youngsters are gradually losing faith in His Holiness, which shows him as a loyal follower. but i say he is more of a blind follower, a narrow minded who tries to follow every word of his holiness, but being a blind, fails to grasp the real meaning behind the teaching. He is not a true follower, we are the real follower of His Holiness and i can show it.

His Holiness established democracy in exile so that we Tibetans also have a freedom of speech and expression, i.e think freely and make our own decisions, not be dependent on his holiness for everything. Norbu Samphell fails here.

His Holiness provided education to us to empower us with knowledge and stand on our feet and become independent. Norbu Samphell has already failed in that regard, as you see, he still cannot do anything without His Holiness. He is a sissy, a wimp.

His Holiness has repeatedly said many times in the past that he wants to retire from his political duty and focus on his other commitments like world peace and human values and spiritual upliftment, and that we youngsters show grow up and assume the responsibility and, certainly not become a wimp. After the political reform in 2000 in which the exile tibetans were given the power to directly elect the kalon tripa with full administrative power, he said that he was now in semi retirement as the Kashang led by PM handles the political matters. This he what he meant when said he wanted to retire, but we tibetans still implore him to keep on leading our political cause even after 50 years because we still don’t believe in ourselves that we can take the responsibility in our own hands. This is the disease that i was talking in the earlier paragraph. Its also easy for us to load him with all the responsibilities and the expectations while we lead our own lives carefree with making money, partying and having fun. So, aren’t we being selfish?

Another ironic perspective is that we are exploiting His Holiness position of a political leader, as we expect him to do all hard work of leading our cause while we live our own life and worry about jobs and income, gossiping to kill time. Therefore, we should give him a break and assume the responsibility as his holiness has tirelessly worked for our cause his whole life and is ageing now and can’t keep the same pace like before.

Yet, impotents like Norbu Samphell still want His Holiness to continue at such an old age? When will he grow up? We should be more involved in our cause and learn so that we are better prepared to assume the responsibility when the time comes.

I remember many of His Holiness teachings and he keeps stressing the importance of logic. He says that we all should not accept anything blindly and we should investigate and think to find the truth and then accept it. He says the same thing for his own teachings and even Buddha’s teachings. He said that all the teachings of various masters and scholars are the truth for themselves, not ours. we have to study their teachings to find our own truth. That’s the logic His Holiness was talking about. But i’m sure that if i ponder on his holiness teachings, people like Norbu Samphell will pounce on the opportunity and accuse me being disrespectful, but they don’t realize that they are being disrespectful because they are not following his holiness advice of using logic, and blindly accepting whatever his holiness says and creating disharmony by accusing the real followers instead.

I believe in rangzen because that is what i’ve come to conclusion after thinking really hard what i choose between autonomy and rangzen. but that is my personal view and my truth. I used the logic that his holiness taught us. Therefore, I’m the true follower of His Holiness and i’m not disrespecting him in any way. I’m also exercising my freedom of speech and expression. my views may change from time to time, but they will still be my truth and nobody else’s.

My anger has subsided by now, but still, i would like to say that Norbu Samphell doesn’t have any truth because he don’t use logic at all. His brain is unused like Prof Virus says in the movie “3 Idiots”. He is a blind devout and the real trouble maker, but he doesn’t know that yet, as humans can be ignorant and not realise their own mistakes.