Sick of Appeasement

i helped some groups in making placards yesterday evening and was fine with it until when something suddenly hit me this morning. one of the placards read “hu jintao, out of tibet now” and i now realised that it was wrong. the slogan used to be “china, out of tibet now. its just yet another example of appeasing the chinese. i’ve also noticed it in some other slogans during protest when we were told to replace the word china with ccp just because some chinese didn’t like the word chinese used and suggested using ccp. i’m getting sick of all these appeasement. most of the countries are doing it and now we are doing it as well. why do we need to do it? we don’t. the billion of chinese should have enough common sense to know that out primary target is the chinese communist government. if some chinese still don’t like it, then that’s their problem. by appeasing, our message becomes less clear. when we are out protesting on the streets, most of the public won’t be knowing what ccp stands for and who is hu? is someone going to explain to them that the new words means such as such? so, using the word china is more suitable.

i’ll give one more demo. the slogan reads “hu jintao, out of tibet now.” but we don’t want just hu jintao out. what about the millions of chinese who have settled in our country and taken over everything from land to business? we definitely want them out as well, as tibet belongs to tibetan, not chinese. therefore, there is nothing wrong with the old slogan “china, out of tibet now.”

and please stop this appeasement for heaven’s sake. its making me sick.


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