The Prophecy

“When the iron bird flies (airplanes) and the horse runs on wheels (cars), the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the Earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men.” this prophecy comes from Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, highly revered as guru rinpoche by tibetans.

i think the prophecy is coming true. in the today’s age of globalisation and modernisation, we have airplanes and cars. after the communist china’s invasion of tibet, we tibetans are scattered all over the world. the last line intrigued me when i came upon this prophecy recently which says that dharma will come to the land of red men. either it means the entire world or it means china and their red guards. red is a familiar symbol for communist china. and after coming across the message of devotion by one han chinese to dalai lama on phayul, i feel this last line of prophecy is also gradually happening. she talks about loss of moral values in china after almost a century of communist rule and this can be healed by spirituality of dharma. i’ve seen many chinese who appears very cold with no warmth. i dislike them but then its not their fault. its their soceital system maneuvered by commies and living in a repressed society for a long time. their morality was at its lowest during cultural revolution in the 60’s when family members used to spy on each other and neighbours as informants were rewarded with monetary benefits for informing about anyone who doesn’t conform to communist ideology. the arrested people were branded as reactionaries who posed a threat to “social stability of china” and were sent to prison for re-education.

so living in a repressed society would make normal people insane. they can’t freely express their feelings and thoughts. they become like a robot. they are alive but devoid of feelings and emotions. such society is a rotting place where human values keeps degenerating. the situation is worse in north korea. in china, people can atleast make their living, so long as they they mind their own business and don’t show dissent to government. but in north korea, you can’t even have some movies. it is illegal there. only the president has access to movies. i’ve seen some documentaries on cnn of north koreans defecting to south korea through china by seeking protection in various embassies. the documentaries shows how they desperately try to climb the walls of embassies ‘cos once they are inside the walls the chinese can’t do much. those caught are deported back to north korea where they are either killed or tortured and kept in prison. “desperate situation calls for desparate measures”. just like thousands of tibetans who make a perilous journeys to india and nepal every year.

the writer zhu rui grew up within communist education system and when she can be changed, why not the whole of china? the evil nevers lasts for long and collapse of communist party in china is inevitable. it is only a matter of time and after their demise, his holiness or the dharma can do much to revive human values among chinese and restore their humanity, love, compassion. then dharma will truly reach the land of red men.


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