Some More Ideas on Tibetan Cause

the oylmpics came and went, yet, things are same, haven’t changed much. our tibetans in tibet may be in fear of retaliation by communist china after bravely defying their orders this year in support of uprising movement and ccp must be thinking its pay back time as world’s attention is no longer on them, so they do not have to worry about their image. besides, they are masters are deceiving the world and wiping out the evidence. more the international community angers china, it will vent its wrath on hapless, peaceful, unarmed tibetans in tibet. but this shouldn’t stop us. our fellow people in tibet also wouldn’t want that as they put their hope on dalai lama and us tibetans in exile and they react with joy to every protest we do and also take inspiration. its actually two way. when they do something, they inspire us while our activities inspire them. so its kind of a cyclical phenomena, albeit a good one.

most of our political activities are aimed at foreign governments and urge them to request china to enter into a dialogue with his holiness the dalai lama and then china replies that its an internal matter. i feel that we are knocking at the wrong door. we have no oil, so they can only support vocally but without not much action. their action depends on trade. also, we have won enough supports from people of most of the countries.

the chinese communist party is masters at creating false propaganda which they make to serve their own purpose and they have been successful at it by creating nationalistic feelings among chinese which creates tensions between chinese and tibetans. therefore, our next and most crucial steps should be to counter the chinese propaganda and we can do that by bringing the truth to the chinese people and winning the support of chinese people as the issue is between our countries. information is power and its for that reason that china censors the news as ccp does not want the chinese to know their real evil deeds. ccp lives in fear, the fear of truth and they use every means to suppress it but for how long. truth always prevails in the end. 

there should be a healthy and positive interaction or a dialogue between tibetans and chinese so that we can open their eyes to the reality. i myself do that whenever i meet some chinese. i met some at vipassana course and raised the topic and they were quite supportive of tibet and we became friendly. one of them has even read and watched a lot on tibet and gave me a collection of it. that was very kind of him. i’ve read that “nine commentaries” is having a great impact in china and about 25 million chinese have quit the communist party and the number keeps growing.

the olympics is over, but next year is the 50th anniversary of our uprising and chinese occupation, which i feel is even more important than this year. so, it is a pivotal year for all of us. after, many protests this year, we should recover our strength for next year. we should really do something. don’t just sit back and go on with your normal life. we should come of age next year in our freedom struggle. till now, i used to think that someday i’ll do something for my country and that something is next year. it has to be next year. i hope i can come up with some ideas that can have a direct impact on china. i haven’t joined any organisations here as i like to do my things my way. 

i read this article on phayul yesterday titled “time for tibetans to act in nepal” and the writer luke says that we should protest outside nepalese embassies and consulates worldwide for their brutal crackdown on peaceful tibetan protesters. he is absolutely right. why didn’t i think of it before? we should protest outside nepalese embassies to express our displeasure of their crude and rough handling of tibetan protesters and also pressure them to soften their stance. we’ve only been focusing on chinese embassies and consulates. let nepal also feel the heat of our protest. the human rights organisations have been critical of nepalese gov’t brutal treatment of tibetans, but we shouldn’t also let them get away with their crime. its time for payback though a bit late maybe. so lets make some slogans and march to the nepalese embassy.

i had been feeling low or down in the dumps recently over my insecurity issues which crops up periodically. though i’m now in toronto, i carry the same mind. sometimes, i doubt myself if i can do anything for my country when i’m struggling with my own life. i don’t have confidence in me and i don’t believe in myself. but i’ll keep pushing myself. there is a saying “everything for a reason, and a reason for everything”. perhaps my difficulties are a learning experience for me but its difficult to look from that perspective ‘cos you don’t see any positive in it. sometimes, i feel like i shouldn’t be thinking about my problems as there is a much bigger issue of tibet’s struggle and that requires more importance. so, whether i’m prepared or not, i must come of age next year for my country’s sake, irrespective of my problems. i’ve to believe in myself that i can do it, do the right thing. bod gyalo. free tibet.


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