My Idea of Tibet's Road to Freedom

being a committed tibetan, the issue of tibet has always been on the back of my mind, searching for ideas which will pave the way for our freedom, the ones which are more effective than the mundane protest and still non-violent. and i’ve conjured up some ideas. so here they are.

the world thinks only in terms of trade. it’s all about economy, market and gains and today china is the fast growing superpower both economically and militarily. their cheap goods are everywhere. they are nuclear power, darn it. so, if there is a way to fight china, then it’s got to be through market competition. we should built an enterprise that could take on chinese counterparts. 

the market is all about competition and we should not be intimidated. when india’s economy was opened to the world in 1991after decades of protectionism, many feared that western multinational companies would demolish indian companies, but that didn’t happen. instead, the indian companies excelled on the basis of their brain power, especially in IT sector and today they are buying foreign companies. lakshmi mittal’s ‘mittal steel’ is the largest steel producer in the world. even Tata took over an british company corus 1-2 yr back. Bangalore is now the new silicon valley. the list goes on and on.

i don’t know if we tibetans can ever built such an enterprise, but we should try. try till we succeed. we should give chinese a run for their money. people talk about boycotting chinese goods, but they are so cheap and since most tibetans come from middle class family we feel compelled to buy them. this could be solved if there was an alternative choice, that is a tibetan company with a competitive price to match for the similar goods. 

i’m talking about business but i actually don’t have any interest in it. i’m not cut out for it. so someone should take initiative. but i would like to add one thing. economy plays a vital role in worlds politics. ever heard of east timor? most of the people have never heard of it, even i didn’t know about it till few years back. it used be under indonesia but after the collapse of its economy, the world and UN finally took some actions and East Timor got its independece. remember, their struggle was not even in news before that. but our situation is better ‘cos our strugggle is known the world over. so, we may have to wait for china’s collapse ‘cos as long as china is doing good, the world will just continue to suck up to it.

there are other roads to freedom, but they are violent. chinese government imposed curfew in lhasa when there were protest. if tibetans continue to do that, then the chinese people’s business in lhasa will be affected due to frequent closures and riots and this will also affect the tourism industry and chinese settlers might finally leave tibet as staying there will no longer be profitable. it is bit similar to situation in iraq and afghanistan. in iraq, there are daily so much violence that US is under pressure to leave iraq just like the soviet(Russians) did after invading afghanistan in 80’s and then leaving after getting sick of the years of guerilla warfare by the afghans, which took a heavy toll on Russians

another path is the path of full scale war. for 50 years his holiness and the world have tried to negotiate with china but to no avail. communist china is an evil regime which considers religion as poison and even kills its own people that follows religion, remember falun gong. can you imagine negotiating with hitler, stalin or with satan(evil) or ravana in ramayan. no, they have to be rooted out. i know well that war may not be feasible in this age of nuclear weapons and war always result in great loss of human lives. but to get some thing, we have to lose something. sacrificing something for the greater cause. how to gather allies and means for war is another question. 

we can also try hack the china internet surveillance system and render it useless. that would make the ccp unable to monitor the internet activities and track down people. many people can be prevented from potential arrest this way.


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