Cruel Nature

nature can be cruel sometimes. it happens when the children dies before parents. that’s the cruellest blow to the parents, especially aging parents. the parents expects the children to take care of them when they get old and give them a proper burial after they leave the world and it is understandable since they are the older generation. so, when someone from the younger generation dies, it turns the table upside down and throws the parents life in a disarray. it is even more cruel when the parents only child dies, and with it their only hope.

it happened in china this year when scores of children died in the earthquake and the tainted milk scandal. china has one child policy, which means that majority of a billion chinese have only one child as a gov’t drastic and extreme measure of controlling the burgeoning population. it has its drawbacks and the most serious and cruel incident was the one i mentioned above. those unfortunate families only ray of light was snatched away. the gov’t is responsible for that ‘cos they made low quality school buildings which easily collapsed during the earthquake while the gov’t building stood intact. they are also responsible for the milk scandal ‘cos while the publics gets tainted food, the gov’t offiicals gets the safest food, only for them and their families.   

another drawback of chinese one child policy is its aging population and its not easy for the state to support the aging population as it puts a huge strain on gov’t resources. developed nations also has aging population but their journey was different. their population got old ‘cos more parents were focused on careers than raising a family and being a developed nations, they have more resources to tackle the the problems arising out of aging population. but with china, its different. they are still a third world country and cannot be fully developed when the majority of its populations and the country are poor. so, china does not have the resources as the developed nation has. but serving the old people is a case of humanitarian issue and the chinese communist party don’t have trace of heart to do that. so, they won’t be bothered about the country’s problems as long as their party has a stronghold of china’s power. i realise that i’ve wavered from the topic. but that’s fine. 

i talk about nature being cruel but the situation was created by humans themselves. in the case of china, it was the gov’t extreme policy which added to the parent’s griefs. had those families had other children, the loss of one child would be a bit less tragic than compared to those with just one child, knowing that they are fortunate to still have a children than none at all. so, here, chinese communist gov’t is to blamed totally. may the evil be banished.


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