Conflicting Views Among Tibetans

its regarding the conflicting views of dalai lama and tibetan youths. 
his holiness took a middle path and is for genuine autonomy while most of us wants the complete independence. and this is all right ‘cos this is what a true democracy is, where we can express our own views. also, healthy debate is a good thing ‘cos we can work towards a solution by adopting best of both policies. 

i also used to believe in total independence but my recent talk with one cousin of mine (not dekyi and dolma, hehe) made me think. when we demand independence and make protest, we only infuriate the communist china who then, vents their anger on our people in tibet, openly killing them. they are already hard pressed at annihilating our religion and culture and our utmost goal is preserving our culture and religion which is on the verge of extinction on one side from chinese and western culture on other side as today’s youngsters go to all kind of length to be westernised. some examples are coloring their hair blonde which is not their “natural colour”, wearing skimpy outfits. what i want to say is that we don’t have to completely immerse in western culture from a to z. western culture has its own values and we can adopt some good points from them, its like getting the best of both world. but we should not abandon our own culture in process. if this goes on, then teen pregnancy may become a common sight, just like it is in the west as western people are very open about sex which they treat as a fling. 

getting back on the topic of autonomy or independence, his holiness must also have given a lot of thought before deciding on autonomy. as i was saying, there is a cultural genocide taking place in tibet and it is up to us in exile to keep alive our culture and religion. so if we ask for autonomy, then we can freely practice our religion and culture even if its under china’s rule. we can think about independence once we get autonomy. it’s like the defeated king who retreats from the battle to fight another day by reinforcing his troops. in that sense, best way to preserve our culture and religion is in our own country, not in far away western country without heavy influence of outside culture.

we ask for independence but it’s far fetched. saying is easy but it’s not practical. we go for protest and western countries rally behind us but it doesn’t affect communist china and we don’t see any change. i personally doubt if things will change this year. the various pro tibet organisations leaders say there is a long way to go for olympics and many protest are planned but at every protest, things are just the same and then its time to go home. so i feel things will be the way it is as it has been for all these years. the world media will cover our issues for some days and then other new events and problems will make news headlines. i worry that even canadians here in toronto might get bored with us ‘cos we cover one side of street when we protest and it will affect their commute.

now, i can’t tell if china will ever give us genuine autonomy or not even though tibet is a autonomous region according to them but just in a name(TAR). and going by their history of deceit, we can’t trust them but we can gain their trust and they maybe our only chance ‘cos the issue is between our countries not US and the rest of the world. 

do you guys agree with me. i’m open for debate. you guys may have some good points of your own which might enlighten me and make me change my views. hehe.

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