A New Purpose, A New Directive

few days ago while watching news clip on ntdtv.com on tainted milk of chinese diary products, the latest in their long list of faulty products and how the chinese communist party(ccp) covered up the issue due to the olympics. they let the infants drink the toxic milk as they gave more importance to their party’s image and didn’t want any scandal to show up. and now there is yet another scandal that party’s high ranking officials get separate food products which is more safer than food for the general public as it is highly organic without any additives or preservatives or any chemicals or hormones. then, i also watched news of chinese embassy inciting hatred in new york by bringing paid chinese mobs to the gathering of falun gong followers and being physical with them. i also once read that at a tibet protest in south korea, some chinese students threw stones at pro tibet supporters. this is how china deals with problems. just plain violence.

i watched all these news on ntdtv.com which mainly focuses on china and after watching all these sad events i realised that communist china affects has an evil influence on so many countries and groups, so dealing with ccp with single issues like tibet issue isn’t enough. its like dealing with a surface of evil organisation. so, we should focus on exterminating the root cause, that is the ccp itself.

so that what’s my new goal is. to bring an end to ccp, to wipe it out. suppose, we get tibet back while ccp is still in power, the other problem like falun gong, the underground chinese christain group, the muslim uiyghurs still remains. i mean to say that as long as ccp exists, the world will not be at peace. we have to look at things from a larger perspective and fight ccp for the sake of humanity. now my focus will not just be on tibet, but the ccp itself.

karl marx brought the communist ideology to the world, so we must bring our own ideology to counter it. maybe we already have it in the form of democracy. but whatever it is, we have to eliminate communism from this world. it has only brought  tremendous grief and sufferings to humans. look at china, north korea, russia under stalin. 60 million russians died under stalin’s regime which is much, much more than hitler’s killings of, i think, 3 million jews. it doesn’t even compare. about 40-60 million chinese died of great famine during cultural revolution in the 60’s which was entirely man-made and not a natural cause. 

right now, i don’t have any idea on how to fight ccp and communism. but i’ve atleast set my goal and where there is a will, there is a way. i’ll find a way.


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