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The Importance of Tibetan Language

December 21, 2008

recently, i realised the importance of tibetan langauge. when talking with some guys recently, they told me how they were touched and inspired by his holiness dalai lama’s speech at tcv school in dharamsala last month after his treatment. that promoted me to grab a copy of dvd which i did but i didn’t feel much. i could see that people sitting near him were listening to him to with great attention and tears in their eyes. the reason for my numbness was my illiteracy in tibetan language. the only time i really understood his words when i watched the video of his lecture on his 2004 visit to toronto as it had an english subtitles. that lecture still rings in my ears where he talks about about the importance of the need of specialists among tibetans, keeping the language alive among youths and kids in the west which is declining, the use of reasoning or logic and no blind faith. 

my point is that  when i sit down to discuss with people who knows tibetan well, they voice their opinions with so much conviction and confidence ‘cos they understand his holiness words better. lately, i had really been confused between rangzen vs autonomy, and my confidence was low on tibet matters. i also have difficulty arguing with those guys ‘cos i don’t understand all the things that they say. my tibetan is so weak that when i goto a function or a gathering, i don’t understand the speeches and announcements and i ask people nearby to explain what was just said. i don’t even understand the tibetan program on voa.

therefore, the need to learn tibetan language. i’ve taken tibetan tuition before but i lacked interest. i used to take 1-2 month tuition but never practiced at home and gradually forgot what i learned with time. the key thing here is interest and practice. just like math. you need to practice hard and relentlessly to excel in maths which i never did. i used to give up after some failed attempts and i further lost interest in it. this explains my weakness in maths, my so called mathphobia. hehe. it’s a cyclical thing. it’s all about the mind which i now realise. i wish i had put more efforts in math. i’ve learned my lesson. 

speaking of interest, i was interested in learning languages other than tibetan. i wanted to learn korean, japanese, french and spanish. i want to live in montreal someday, for a year maybe, so that i can learn french there for free, like there are free english classes here. there is no free french classes here. i want to learn korean and japanese ‘cos i’m fascinated with their culture just like the westerners are, with our culture and religion. we always find the other sides of the grass more green. hehe. i also want to travel the world one day and learning these languages will come handy, especially spanish, in latin america.

but interest or no interest, tibetan language is my mother tongue and i’ve to learn it. i must. if i’m losing interest, i must put more effort till i generate interest. that’s what i learnt from my math experience. i know some tibetans from my school years who don’t speak tibetan ‘cos they have forgotten it and don’t know it after years of neglecting it and speaking hindi, even with the family. i’ve to talk in hindi or english to communicate with them. that’s a sad situation. that’s why i don’t like tibetans who speak in other languages with the fellow tibetans. it turns me off. speaking in english is a bit understandable ‘cos its the mode of education and an international language, and i myself speak in english with my cousins, but that’s something we must stop. the reasons are obvious. here, in toronto, every kids speak english, that too with an inji accent. they even speak with their family in english. the parents also encourage them ‘cos they believe learning english will help their children in education and careers but they are doing so at a cost of losing a language. the kids are in canada, so they will naturally learn english. so parents shouldn’t worry about that. i once expressed my displeasure regarding the issue with a kid and his parents. that kid was blabbering continuously in english. his holiness stressed on learning tibetan language for children in west, but parents aren’t showing much interest. they must be busy earning dollars. the thing that really bugs me these days is the increasing use of nepali language among tibetan youths, including bro tashi. why can’t they speak tibetan among themselves? speak other language when you have to, but speak tibetan with tibetan. when i see that, i point it out.   

there are people who says that they are too old or its too late to learn new things, but i say we never stop learning and its never too late to learn. our whole life is a one long process of continuous learning. that’s why i want to learn tibetan language and it won’t be easy. i phoned the community centre here, but right now they only teach kids but they will have classes for adults in future, just like they started a tibetan dance and music lessons for adults in september. i didn’t join then but i’ve registered for classes starting in january and hopefully perform on stages at events. i’ll try to learn tibetan on my own by reading. i’m learning a dramnyen in between with the help of a another cousin who lend me one. after dramnyen, it’ll be guitar. i love the guitar sound. i’m a latebloomer, hehe.


Some More Ideas on Tibetan Cause

December 15, 2008

the oylmpics came and went, yet, things are same, haven’t changed much. our tibetans in tibet may be in fear of retaliation by communist china after bravely defying their orders this year in support of uprising movement and ccp must be thinking its pay back time as world’s attention is no longer on them, so they do not have to worry about their image. besides, they are masters are deceiving the world and wiping out the evidence. more the international community angers china, it will vent its wrath on hapless, peaceful, unarmed tibetans in tibet. but this shouldn’t stop us. our fellow people in tibet also wouldn’t want that as they put their hope on dalai lama and us tibetans in exile and they react with joy to every protest we do and also take inspiration. its actually two way. when they do something, they inspire us while our activities inspire them. so its kind of a cyclical phenomena, albeit a good one.

most of our political activities are aimed at foreign governments and urge them to request china to enter into a dialogue with his holiness the dalai lama and then china replies that its an internal matter. i feel that we are knocking at the wrong door. we have no oil, so they can only support vocally but without not much action. their action depends on trade. also, we have won enough supports from people of most of the countries.

the chinese communist party is masters at creating false propaganda which they make to serve their own purpose and they have been successful at it by creating nationalistic feelings among chinese which creates tensions between chinese and tibetans. therefore, our next and most crucial steps should be to counter the chinese propaganda and we can do that by bringing the truth to the chinese people and winning the support of chinese people as the issue is between our countries. information is power and its for that reason that china censors the news as ccp does not want the chinese to know their real evil deeds. ccp lives in fear, the fear of truth and they use every means to suppress it but for how long. truth always prevails in the end. 

there should be a healthy and positive interaction or a dialogue between tibetans and chinese so that we can open their eyes to the reality. i myself do that whenever i meet some chinese. i met some at vipassana course and raised the topic and they were quite supportive of tibet and we became friendly. one of them has even read and watched a lot on tibet and gave me a collection of it. that was very kind of him. i’ve read that “nine commentaries” is having a great impact in china and about 25 million chinese have quit the communist party and the number keeps growing.

the olympics is over, but next year is the 50th anniversary of our uprising and chinese occupation, which i feel is even more important than this year. so, it is a pivotal year for all of us. after, many protests this year, we should recover our strength for next year. we should really do something. don’t just sit back and go on with your normal life. we should come of age next year in our freedom struggle. till now, i used to think that someday i’ll do something for my country and that something is next year. it has to be next year. i hope i can come up with some ideas that can have a direct impact on china. i haven’t joined any organisations here as i like to do my things my way. 

i read this article on phayul yesterday titled “time for tibetans to act in nepal” and the writer luke says that we should protest outside nepalese embassies and consulates worldwide for their brutal crackdown on peaceful tibetan protesters. he is absolutely right. why didn’t i think of it before? we should protest outside nepalese embassies to express our displeasure of their crude and rough handling of tibetan protesters and also pressure them to soften their stance. we’ve only been focusing on chinese embassies and consulates. let nepal also feel the heat of our protest. the human rights organisations have been critical of nepalese gov’t brutal treatment of tibetans, but we shouldn’t also let them get away with their crime. its time for payback though a bit late maybe. so lets make some slogans and march to the nepalese embassy.

i had been feeling low or down in the dumps recently over my insecurity issues which crops up periodically. though i’m now in toronto, i carry the same mind. sometimes, i doubt myself if i can do anything for my country when i’m struggling with my own life. i don’t have confidence in me and i don’t believe in myself. but i’ll keep pushing myself. there is a saying “everything for a reason, and a reason for everything”. perhaps my difficulties are a learning experience for me but its difficult to look from that perspective ‘cos you don’t see any positive in it. sometimes, i feel like i shouldn’t be thinking about my problems as there is a much bigger issue of tibet’s struggle and that requires more importance. so, whether i’m prepared or not, i must come of age next year for my country’s sake, irrespective of my problems. i’ve to believe in myself that i can do it, do the right thing. bod gyalo. free tibet.

Conflicting Views Among Tibetans

December 15, 2008
its regarding the conflicting views of dalai lama and tibetan youths. 
his holiness took a middle path and is for genuine autonomy while most of us wants the complete independence. and this is all right ‘cos this is what a true democracy is, where we can express our own views. also, healthy debate is a good thing ‘cos we can work towards a solution by adopting best of both policies. 

i also used to believe in total independence but my recent talk with one cousin of mine (not dekyi and dolma, hehe) made me think. when we demand independence and make protest, we only infuriate the communist china who then, vents their anger on our people in tibet, openly killing them. they are already hard pressed at annihilating our religion and culture and our utmost goal is preserving our culture and religion which is on the verge of extinction on one side from chinese and western culture on other side as today’s youngsters go to all kind of length to be westernised. some examples are coloring their hair blonde which is not their “natural colour”, wearing skimpy outfits. what i want to say is that we don’t have to completely immerse in western culture from a to z. western culture has its own values and we can adopt some good points from them, its like getting the best of both world. but we should not abandon our own culture in process. if this goes on, then teen pregnancy may become a common sight, just like it is in the west as western people are very open about sex which they treat as a fling. 

getting back on the topic of autonomy or independence, his holiness must also have given a lot of thought before deciding on autonomy. as i was saying, there is a cultural genocide taking place in tibet and it is up to us in exile to keep alive our culture and religion. so if we ask for autonomy, then we can freely practice our religion and culture even if its under china’s rule. we can think about independence once we get autonomy. it’s like the defeated king who retreats from the battle to fight another day by reinforcing his troops. in that sense, best way to preserve our culture and religion is in our own country, not in far away western country without heavy influence of outside culture.

we ask for independence but it’s far fetched. saying is easy but it’s not practical. we go for protest and western countries rally behind us but it doesn’t affect communist china and we don’t see any change. i personally doubt if things will change this year. the various pro tibet organisations leaders say there is a long way to go for olympics and many protest are planned but at every protest, things are just the same and then its time to go home. so i feel things will be the way it is as it has been for all these years. the world media will cover our issues for some days and then other new events and problems will make news headlines. i worry that even canadians here in toronto might get bored with us ‘cos we cover one side of street when we protest and it will affect their commute.

now, i can’t tell if china will ever give us genuine autonomy or not even though tibet is a autonomous region according to them but just in a name(TAR). and going by their history of deceit, we can’t trust them but we can gain their trust and they maybe our only chance ‘cos the issue is between our countries not US and the rest of the world. 

do you guys agree with me. i’m open for debate. you guys may have some good points of your own which might enlighten me and make me change my views. hehe.

A New Purpose, A New Directive

December 15, 2008

few days ago while watching news clip on on tainted milk of chinese diary products, the latest in their long list of faulty products and how the chinese communist party(ccp) covered up the issue due to the olympics. they let the infants drink the toxic milk as they gave more importance to their party’s image and didn’t want any scandal to show up. and now there is yet another scandal that party’s high ranking officials get separate food products which is more safer than food for the general public as it is highly organic without any additives or preservatives or any chemicals or hormones. then, i also watched news of chinese embassy inciting hatred in new york by bringing paid chinese mobs to the gathering of falun gong followers and being physical with them. i also once read that at a tibet protest in south korea, some chinese students threw stones at pro tibet supporters. this is how china deals with problems. just plain violence.

i watched all these news on which mainly focuses on china and after watching all these sad events i realised that communist china affects has an evil influence on so many countries and groups, so dealing with ccp with single issues like tibet issue isn’t enough. its like dealing with a surface of evil organisation. so, we should focus on exterminating the root cause, that is the ccp itself.

so that what’s my new goal is. to bring an end to ccp, to wipe it out. suppose, we get tibet back while ccp is still in power, the other problem like falun gong, the underground chinese christain group, the muslim uiyghurs still remains. i mean to say that as long as ccp exists, the world will not be at peace. we have to look at things from a larger perspective and fight ccp for the sake of humanity. now my focus will not just be on tibet, but the ccp itself.

karl marx brought the communist ideology to the world, so we must bring our own ideology to counter it. maybe we already have it in the form of democracy. but whatever it is, we have to eliminate communism from this world. it has only brought  tremendous grief and sufferings to humans. look at china, north korea, russia under stalin. 60 million russians died under stalin’s regime which is much, much more than hitler’s killings of, i think, 3 million jews. it doesn’t even compare. about 40-60 million chinese died of great famine during cultural revolution in the 60’s which was entirely man-made and not a natural cause. 

right now, i don’t have any idea on how to fight ccp and communism. but i’ve atleast set my goal and where there is a will, there is a way. i’ll find a way.

The Prophecy

December 15, 2008

“When the iron bird flies (airplanes) and the horse runs on wheels (cars), the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the Earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men.” this prophecy comes from Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, highly revered as guru rinpoche by tibetans.

i think the prophecy is coming true. in the today’s age of globalisation and modernisation, we have airplanes and cars. after the communist china’s invasion of tibet, we tibetans are scattered all over the world. the last line intrigued me when i came upon this prophecy recently which says that dharma will come to the land of red men. either it means the entire world or it means china and their red guards. red is a familiar symbol for communist china. and after coming across the message of devotion by one han chinese to dalai lama on phayul, i feel this last line of prophecy is also gradually happening. she talks about loss of moral values in china after almost a century of communist rule and this can be healed by spirituality of dharma. i’ve seen many chinese who appears very cold with no warmth. i dislike them but then its not their fault. its their soceital system maneuvered by commies and living in a repressed society for a long time. their morality was at its lowest during cultural revolution in the 60’s when family members used to spy on each other and neighbours as informants were rewarded with monetary benefits for informing about anyone who doesn’t conform to communist ideology. the arrested people were branded as reactionaries who posed a threat to “social stability of china” and were sent to prison for re-education.

so living in a repressed society would make normal people insane. they can’t freely express their feelings and thoughts. they become like a robot. they are alive but devoid of feelings and emotions. such society is a rotting place where human values keeps degenerating. the situation is worse in north korea. in china, people can atleast make their living, so long as they they mind their own business and don’t show dissent to government. but in north korea, you can’t even have some movies. it is illegal there. only the president has access to movies. i’ve seen some documentaries on cnn of north koreans defecting to south korea through china by seeking protection in various embassies. the documentaries shows how they desperately try to climb the walls of embassies ‘cos once they are inside the walls the chinese can’t do much. those caught are deported back to north korea where they are either killed or tortured and kept in prison. “desperate situation calls for desparate measures”. just like thousands of tibetans who make a perilous journeys to india and nepal every year.

the writer zhu rui grew up within communist education system and when she can be changed, why not the whole of china? the evil nevers lasts for long and collapse of communist party in china is inevitable. it is only a matter of time and after their demise, his holiness or the dharma can do much to revive human values among chinese and restore their humanity, love, compassion. then dharma will truly reach the land of red men.

Cruel Nature

December 15, 2008

nature can be cruel sometimes. it happens when the children dies before parents. that’s the cruellest blow to the parents, especially aging parents. the parents expects the children to take care of them when they get old and give them a proper burial after they leave the world and it is understandable since they are the older generation. so, when someone from the younger generation dies, it turns the table upside down and throws the parents life in a disarray. it is even more cruel when the parents only child dies, and with it their only hope.

it happened in china this year when scores of children died in the earthquake and the tainted milk scandal. china has one child policy, which means that majority of a billion chinese have only one child as a gov’t drastic and extreme measure of controlling the burgeoning population. it has its drawbacks and the most serious and cruel incident was the one i mentioned above. those unfortunate families only ray of light was snatched away. the gov’t is responsible for that ‘cos they made low quality school buildings which easily collapsed during the earthquake while the gov’t building stood intact. they are also responsible for the milk scandal ‘cos while the publics gets tainted food, the gov’t offiicals gets the safest food, only for them and their families.   

another drawback of chinese one child policy is its aging population and its not easy for the state to support the aging population as it puts a huge strain on gov’t resources. developed nations also has aging population but their journey was different. their population got old ‘cos more parents were focused on careers than raising a family and being a developed nations, they have more resources to tackle the the problems arising out of aging population. but with china, its different. they are still a third world country and cannot be fully developed when the majority of its populations and the country are poor. so, china does not have the resources as the developed nation has. but serving the old people is a case of humanitarian issue and the chinese communist party don’t have trace of heart to do that. so, they won’t be bothered about the country’s problems as long as their party has a stronghold of china’s power. i realise that i’ve wavered from the topic. but that’s fine. 

i talk about nature being cruel but the situation was created by humans themselves. in the case of china, it was the gov’t extreme policy which added to the parent’s griefs. had those families had other children, the loss of one child would be a bit less tragic than compared to those with just one child, knowing that they are fortunate to still have a children than none at all. so, here, chinese communist gov’t is to blamed totally. may the evil be banished.

Be The Change.

December 15, 2008

these are the words from one of the greatest practitioner of non violence, mahatma gandhi himself. his full quote is “we must be the change we want to see in this world.” this quote had a very strong influence on me. i think it has two meaning.

first, the change has to come from within. we humans have a tendency of blaming others for problems. we always look outside and never inside. we find this problem, that problem in others but not in us. the real problem lies in us. that’s why its hard to admit our own wrongdoings and also our pride or ego is at stake. that’s why we are ignorant beings ‘cos we do not know what we are doing. just what jesus said at the time of his death. even when we are angry, we blame others for provoking us. every couple wishes that if their partner could change a bit, then their relationship would become much better but they don’t try to change themselves first.

therefore, the change has to first come from within ourselves. when a person is angry, he doesn’t keep the anger to himself, he makes others around him also uncomfortable. he has a negative vibe and nobody would like to be around him. therefore, the need to change oneself. if someone has a negative outlook, his perspective needs to be changed. i know saying is easy but we can work towards it. in my case, i want to change the world but i’ve to change myself first. so, how can we expect to help others when we can’t help ourselves?

the second meaninig is the change we want to see in the world and for that we’ve to take some action. some do it out in the open like the mother teresa, princess diana and many others while some do with pen like jamyang norbu, tenzin tsundue and now me. hehe. each individual can make a difference. it doesn’t matter if its a big or a small difference as long as one is honest and sincere about one’s work. every long journey starts with the first small step. so, don’t think that its other jobs to do the right thing while you yourself sit idle. just do it, like the nike ad. don’t be afraid of anything as we shouldn’t let fears bog us down. we are a part of the world and we have to play our own part in sustaining it. if we want to make the world a better place to live in, then we have to work towards it. don’t think that its politicians or government’s job. they will do so at the respective higher level while we can do our own stuffs at the grassroot level. also don’t look at others or compare with others. just do your own work so that you don’t deviate from your path.

i’ve met many people who feel their actions or one individual cannot make much difference and i’ve to keep telling them and try to convince them that its not so. in my own case, i try to helpful to people on the streets. i pick up garbage when i see garbage bin nearby and more so at the parks. i’ve a simple reason for that. we goto parks to have some good time as the place is good and we feel like in the nature. and we would like it to be clean. so, why dirty it in the first place then. if you want to keep coming back to park and expect it to be clean, then clean your own mess first. if everyone cleans up their mess, then the park will automatically become clean and there won’t be the need to hire cleaners or sweepers and it will save money.

this idea is what i want to put in the minds of all those people who leave their mess behind. remember, first there is an individual, the collection of individuals becomes a group, a group becomes society, and this continuos formation leads to nation and then world. just like, drop by drops, ocean is formed. therefore, we have to be the agent of change and shouldn’t expect others to do so. same thing for our country struggle. we have to fight our own battle. we can’t and shouldn’t expect the others to fight the battle for us. same thing also for the protest. don’t think others will go for protest and me not going won’t make much difference but ultimately it depends on the person concerned ‘cos we can’t force or coerce people to do stuffs they don’t want to. the problem is that we don’t believe in ourselves.

i do my own part in keeping the earth green by trying not to to waste water and electricity. while working at window factory, i had a work of putting styrofoam in window frame and others were putting long foams while discarding the small leftover ones. so there was a lot of mess. so i started using those discarded ones to reduce the mess. others thought i was weird but i knew what i was doing. lesser the garbage, lesser the clean up and lesser the recycling as recycling also uses up energy. for that reason, i don’t buy boxes of small bottled waters as it leads to too many plastic waste and i do tell people whenever i’ve the chance. even the gov’t ad here says drink tap water instead of bottled water.

of course, becoming the change is not easy but we can do anything if we put our heart in it. for that, we need to believe in ourselves first and have some confidence also. its hard for me also sometimes and i also falters. i pay the price for seeking perfection. there is even a program on cnn called ‘be the change’ where they show people doing things for the upliftment of poor, helpless people. i used to watch that in nepal.

so if you see anything wrong, don’t sit back. stand up for it. i would like to mention another quote which i saw in a hitler’s movie. it goes like this ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. so don’t do nothing. have faith, be brave. believe in yourself. believe in what you are doing is right. there is another quote. “i can accept failure, but i can’t accept not trying”. so keep trying even if things don’t work out. atleast you tried, better than doing nothing. there are some people who don’t want to swim ‘cos they don’t know how to swim. unless, they make effort to learn swim, how can they expect to know swimiming. that’s what i tell dekyi, dolma regarding tennis.

even i struggle at times. there have been many instances when i doubted myself as one of my flaws is low self belief, but still i try to persevere and remind myself that i shouldn’t balk at doing the right thing. i want to change things at protest but i fear people may not like it. i also need guts to do that. i do take the mantle sometimes and lead the protest on mike. i’ve emailed the sft(students for free tibet) and tyc(tibetan youth congress) organizations here but not much response. there are times when i feel like i should have acted differently on several occasions, so i try to learn from it and be prepared next time.

i, personally want to change many things in the world. i’m so concerned about everything. i carry all the world’s problem on my shoulder and try to find solution. besides tibet issue, i want to find ways to unify korea, end military junta regime in myanmar, end famine and starvation in africa, end genocide in darfur, end terrorism in middle east, get rid of landmines. i’ve seen documentaries on all these issues and they are really disturbing. when i see african children dying everyday due to lack of food, my heart bleeds for them. i just couldn’t detach myself from these issues. they are struck deep in my heart. so these are the issues where i want to bring change and make the world a better place to live in. it may seem far-fetched and i may get busy with my life, but they will continue to be in the back of my mind and i’ll continue to look for solutions.

My Idea of Tibet's Road to Freedom

December 15, 2008

being a committed tibetan, the issue of tibet has always been on the back of my mind, searching for ideas which will pave the way for our freedom, the ones which are more effective than the mundane protest and still non-violent. and i’ve conjured up some ideas. so here they are.

the world thinks only in terms of trade. it’s all about economy, market and gains and today china is the fast growing superpower both economically and militarily. their cheap goods are everywhere. they are nuclear power, darn it. so, if there is a way to fight china, then it’s got to be through market competition. we should built an enterprise that could take on chinese counterparts. 

the market is all about competition and we should not be intimidated. when india’s economy was opened to the world in 1991after decades of protectionism, many feared that western multinational companies would demolish indian companies, but that didn’t happen. instead, the indian companies excelled on the basis of their brain power, especially in IT sector and today they are buying foreign companies. lakshmi mittal’s ‘mittal steel’ is the largest steel producer in the world. even Tata took over an british company corus 1-2 yr back. Bangalore is now the new silicon valley. the list goes on and on.

i don’t know if we tibetans can ever built such an enterprise, but we should try. try till we succeed. we should give chinese a run for their money. people talk about boycotting chinese goods, but they are so cheap and since most tibetans come from middle class family we feel compelled to buy them. this could be solved if there was an alternative choice, that is a tibetan company with a competitive price to match for the similar goods. 

i’m talking about business but i actually don’t have any interest in it. i’m not cut out for it. so someone should take initiative. but i would like to add one thing. economy plays a vital role in worlds politics. ever heard of east timor? most of the people have never heard of it, even i didn’t know about it till few years back. it used be under indonesia but after the collapse of its economy, the world and UN finally took some actions and East Timor got its independece. remember, their struggle was not even in news before that. but our situation is better ‘cos our strugggle is known the world over. so, we may have to wait for china’s collapse ‘cos as long as china is doing good, the world will just continue to suck up to it.

there are other roads to freedom, but they are violent. chinese government imposed curfew in lhasa when there were protest. if tibetans continue to do that, then the chinese people’s business in lhasa will be affected due to frequent closures and riots and this will also affect the tourism industry and chinese settlers might finally leave tibet as staying there will no longer be profitable. it is bit similar to situation in iraq and afghanistan. in iraq, there are daily so much violence that US is under pressure to leave iraq just like the soviet(Russians) did after invading afghanistan in 80’s and then leaving after getting sick of the years of guerilla warfare by the afghans, which took a heavy toll on Russians

another path is the path of full scale war. for 50 years his holiness and the world have tried to negotiate with china but to no avail. communist china is an evil regime which considers religion as poison and even kills its own people that follows religion, remember falun gong. can you imagine negotiating with hitler, stalin or with satan(evil) or ravana in ramayan. no, they have to be rooted out. i know well that war may not be feasible in this age of nuclear weapons and war always result in great loss of human lives. but to get some thing, we have to lose something. sacrificing something for the greater cause. how to gather allies and means for war is another question. 

we can also try hack the china internet surveillance system and render it useless. that would make the ccp unable to monitor the internet activities and track down people. many people can be prevented from potential arrest this way.