Don’t let fear of suffering limit your possibility. Sadhguru video.

March 12, 2018


Arunachala ashram. My spiritual home in Canada. Not visited yet.

February 4, 2018

I’ve found a place in Canada that I can call my spiritual home. It’s Ramana’s ashram in Nova Scotia, the 2nd one in North America after New York. They offer free stay for some hours of volunteer work, similar to the original one in tiruvannamalai in south India, which I’ll visit on my next travel as a part of spiritual pilgrimage.

The ashram is right here in Canada, so it’s perfect for me. No travel issues or restrictions. Distance is manageable.

I’ve already been to west coast, and now I get to goto east coast. I will visit some places along the way.

They are open in summer, so my summers will definitely be spent there, and maybe even longer.

I’ve longed for a place for a long and quiet retreat for sometime now and this place offers that. Monte Sahaja didn’t had it. I also get to strengthen my commitment to spirituality by spending long hours here. It’s a perfect place.

A friend has just been to Ramana’s ashram in India, which brought strong urge in me. So I was googling it when I came upon this place. Its godsend.

Lately I’ve been drawn more towards Ramana maharshi, the source. I practice self enquiry.

I’m a drifter and i go where my heart takes me. But I take everything along with me. Being a drifter, I’ve not been able to commit to any one direction. So, my time was spent saving money for travel and spirituality to help clear things up.

Looking forward to my visit there.

The ashram is called Arunachala ashram. It’s named after the holy mountain in tiruvannamalai, at the base where Ramana built his ashram.

Ramana’s ashram is a must visit for me in India.

the link for the ashram.

Heart is the way.

December 17, 2017

Minds are many but heart is one. Know your’s and you will know others too, especially a child’s.

Same heart beats in all, irrespective of species. Heart is oneness. Only a heart can understand another.
Mind is not the goal. Look at how to set your heart free. Flowering is of the heart, not mind.

Heart is life, the only thing that is alive. Mind is just there to handle the logistics of life.
Live by heart, not by a mechanical mind.
The discriminations, ego, insecurities are mainly mind. Heart cannot differentiate. Only love.

Mind is complicated. Heart is simple. Mind is drama. Heart is just life.
Heart is a deeper intelligence, the consciousness.
Liberate heart, not the mind.

Heart is the way, a way to inner peace and even world peace.
Heart is the foundation, from where you start. Get the base right. Mind comes later. Heart knows no religion. What we know in the heart, we know. Rest is story.
Fix the heart, and everything else is a consequence.

Religious attachment: the decay in buddhism.

October 5, 2017

Its sad to hear of monks and nuns in tibet taking their own life under the oppressive rule of china. But it also shows what is wrong with buddhism. It shows tremendous attachment to one’s teaching and the monastery which naturally leads to suffering. This is the paradox and the decay of tibetan buddhism today.

Attachment leads to entanglement, to suffering.
A true seeker has no beliefs, and has nothing to fight for, nor defend. He is nothing and has nothing. He just sits still. A seeker means i do not know. Therefore he seeks. Rest is all believers or non-believers, though they may not be aware of it.
If the buddhist practitioners truly aspire for the state of emptiness or nothingness, then where is the space for all these attachments?
Truth resides in the heart of seeker. No power in the universe can take it away from him, unless he turns it into an attachment which then becomes subject to the fear of being lost or taken away.
Take the teaching to your heart, so that you do not rely on outside object. Be an island onto yourself.
I feel sorry for the lives lost, but with the right understanding, those lives would not have been wasted. This is not against the motive of all those deceased monks and nuns, but about the source of those motives. So, this is not some anti-post in that sense.
Not reacting to anything doesnt point to cowardness, which can be a bit conflicting and confusing, and happens to me as well. This is about going beyond the habit of our compulsive reactions, and just being. Remaining neutral to the situations. To respond with awareness, not react blindly. Easier said than done of course.
Taking your own life also comes from ignorance, which was the strong attachment to one’s teachings and monastery. Attachment leads to narrowmindedness, and you are not open enough to other things. So, when your world is destroyed, you lose the sense of life and its preciousness, and end up with the additional wrong deed of taking one’s own life. Their intention was good but lacked the openness of a true seeker and a life was destroyed in the process. They created even more karma for themselves, which only keeps the whole karmic cycle rolling. A suicide is not the end, nor the answer. I see only ignorance here.
Life presents us with many situations. we can either learn from it or be swept by it. One can use the current oppressive situation in tibet to overcome the worldly attachments or to suffer in it. I used to feel very strongly about tibet and its struggle, but all these identities do not mean much to me anymore. These are all happening at the level of phenomenon, the level of imparmanent reality. But i still do care.
Attachment and reactions are understandable from ordinary people, but not from monks and nuns who are supposed to dedicate themselves on the path of buddhahood. I’m not talking from a high level, but from a basic level. Anyone in buddhism knows about the perils of attachments, but they are not applying it. This is not just for advanced monks. This is the basic understanding. Only having intellectual understanding of the scriptures doesnt work. Live it, breathe it or it will fade with memory.
I’m only able to write and lament in my current capacity, so, i know more could be done to avoid those tragedies.

I personally see a big change needed in all the religions. Too much inefficiencies everywhere. Everything needs to stand the test of time, and religion belongs to past, including buddhism. They do not go with result oriented mind of the present time. Things that work stays. Rest is history.
Buddhism in theory is a several lifetime of work for the earnest seeker and its just too long. Not everyone can wait that long when there are many alternatives.
Spirituality is the way, heart is the way, but buddhism has become a teaching like all other religion, and this is where the problem lies. Teachings can fade, but the way stays. Buddhism has become highly academicised.
Teaching has scholastic tendency and can have various interpretations, but the way is a way. You can only live it, not study. It either works for you or not. That is its only concern.
It can be looked at as technique which is about application, not theory. Yoga is a science and various technologies evolved from it. You use the technology, like your smartphones, not necessary to study it.
I’ve nothing against buddha. He caused one of the greatest spiritual wave on the planet and we all are grateful for that. In many ways, he led the way. I am only speaking out against the current state of buddhism.

Taking your own life: not the answer, nor the end. Just more karma.

August 2, 2017

There is a difference in taking your own life for a cause and in suicide. One is positive while the other is a negative. Both are done out of mental anguish, but the former is done for the sake of others while the latter is done for personal crisis.

Hence the change in title. There was some hesitation right from the beginning, but I went along with it as it felt easier, but this error was always on my mind. This post can address both issues as the act is same.

From a larger perspective, taking your own life will never be the answer nor the end to anything. They only create more karma which keeps the whole cycle rolling even further. By taking their precious human life for one worldly cause, the tibetan self immolators have denied themselves a possibility of buddhahood in this life. What happens to them next is all speculation and i dont want to get into that.

No matter how great the cause, tibet’s cause is one of the many worldly causes ‘cos there will always be strife and conflicts so long as the ego remains. Therefore, going to your own root cause is the only lasting solution.

Those martyrs took their life ‘cos they wanted to do something but didnt know what, and felt suicide was the only option left.

From a greater perspective, it was an act of extreme attachment towards one’s cause, therefore, it was an act of ignorance, and a life got wasted in the process and i dont want that to happen. Same thing with the monks and nuns inside tibet.

I feel sorry for the lives lost, but with the right understanding, those lives would not have been wasted. This is not against the motive of all those deceased monks and nuns, but about the source of those motives. So, this is not some anti-post in that sense.

My message for future potential self immolators is to channel their energy deep in spirituality. If buddhism didnt help in taking their mind off of a worldly cause, then have an open mind towards other spiritual paths.

I dont want to see any loss of lives, whether its self inflicted for a good cause. Suicide is a violence, a violence to yourself.

Getting over sshhh.

June 9, 2017

We have a deep habit of sshhhing each other to save embarrassment and not letting others express themselves fully. Too much restrictions in our society against expressing ourselves, in the name of political correctness.

We are boxing ourselves in and getting risk aversed. How are we going to gain anything? We are stuck, our freedom struggle is stuck.

We have too many naysayers but no doers or not much encouragement. If there is something wrong, point it out, but dont sshh them or demoralise them. If you cannot encourage, then atleast dont discourage. No good will come out of it. Let us learn from mistakes, rather than not do anything at all.

Life is fluid, but our approach is rigid. Let there be a flow of life. Overflow will happen, but we are damming on the river of life, curbing our natural tendencies. Its suffocating.

Logic is counter to flow of life. Logic is straight while river has bends. Logic alone is not enough. Some bending or flexibility is needed.

I get sshhhed many times, and i struggle with it. I dont like boundaries or restrictions.

I strive to come out of this fear, and it will be raw, so it wont always look pretty.

Intentions maybe good, but it is suppressive, and this is my response to them. I’m open to accepting mistakes, but not to not writing.

Visiting isha yoga centre: my experience.

February 20, 2017

I’ve been to Sadhguru’s Isha yoga centre in coimbatore, in south india, and i wanted to give my honest opinion on it. Its a short one.

Not everything was great. I went there in jan of 2015, and the place is completely different from other spiritual retreat centre. Its a bustling centre full of devotees, but I found some ego among the staffs, as they can get annoyed easily. Indians generally have a lot of egos. So, its not perfect, but it works. In the buddhist centres, the places are quite and remote, and the staffs are more reserved and calm, but here they are boisterous. But Sadhguru is all that matters to me.

The food offered is vegetarian and it is great. I’m also not much of a foodie and didn’t miss the usual food. There is an option for food without spices for westerners. The meals is only twice a day and not thrice, but it was enough for me. I only ate outside when I wanted to try something different.

There is two eatery of ashram for those who wants more in between. One is inside the ashram and another is outside, with more food options like dosa.

There are different options for accommodations, including the option of budget friendly dorm rooms. there is also an option of free accommodations for full time volunteers, with 8hr of volunteering. Laundry service also available.

They have some daily schedules, but the choice is upto the visitors. Most mainly come for the specific yoga programs and then leave.

South india lies in the tropics, so the weather is hot and humid all year around. i took jeans  in the winter, and it sat unused, cos it would have been unbearable. There is a garments shop in the ashram where you can buy cool light khaki fabrics cloth, which is suited for the weather. it can be a bit expensive due to its high quality, or you can buy your own beforehand.

No photography is allowed in the ashram.

All the travel related service also available in the ashram, if you plan to go elsewhere from there. There is a bus option to goto ashram from city, to save on taxi costs and if you don’t have much luggage. Ask for the bus no. The bus stop is across the railway station. There is a gender segregation in the bus with women in the front and men at the back.

I plan to go to Isha yoga centre again in 2018. I eventually do plan to stay long term there next time, to follow up on sadhguru’s advice of staying at the ashram, whose video is posted separately in my blog.

The registration needs to be done in advance. I’ve posted the link below, but you can contact them for more information.

Commerce: a service.

February 13, 2017

Commerce is there to serve humanity. But right now, we have structured the economic engine across the world in such a way that human beings are here to serve the economic and commercial process. Sadhguru.

Humans have been reduced to a cog in the great economic engine, which goes on relentlessly, devouring all the resources in the process. This has to be reversed, to revert to the natural way of life from the mechanical, robotic way. A grinding life of mind numbing 9 to 5 job, day in, day out, where you get to live only towards the end of life after retiring, which is simply too late. Poor ones will have to work till death.

Work has become the dominating aspect of today’s life. We are working, not living. Work is not life. It is just a part of it. We are working like ants our whole life. From here to there, there to another.

There has to be a better way, the aesthetic way, the way of the ancient india, bringing back the golden age of spirituality.

A friend shared this great video on the destructiveness and disconnectedness of economics by david suzuki.

Tear down the walls. Sadhguru.

February 8, 2017

Taken from isha blog with same title. A much needed post on our current reality.

On this Spot, Sadhguru shares how painful it is for him to see people unknowingly shutting themselves off from Grace and ultimately wasting their lives. He says, “Walls of self-protection are also walls of self-imprisonment.” In his latest poem “The Wall,” he describes how assumptions can be deceiving and deprive us of the experience of union with everything.

Travelling all over the world, I see too many people walking around with bitter, depressed, or resentful faces. There are many problems in the world, but every problem is a possibility. Only if you grab each problem by its horns and see how to turn it around will you unlock your genius. Only then will you touch the inner dimensions of intelligence that every human being holds. If the deepest dimension of intelligence opens up, you are as good as the Creator. You can do just about anything that can be done within the laws of Nature.

Walls of self-protection are also walls of self-imprisonment.

If you resist, there is no possibility of transformation and growth. A seed that does not sprout is a wasted seed. To sprout means to be willing to shed everything that you were and become something new. There is safety in a dormant seed because there is a shell. If you become a tender sprout, you are vulnerable. If you are not willing to be vulnerable, you are not willing to transform. Whatever does not transform, whatever does not change, is as good as dead. Anything alive is always changing.

Being on the spiritual path but building your own silly attitudes and philosophies to seal yourself off from the rest of existence means wasting your life. Coming in touch with this Grace is an opportunity of many lifetimes. It pains me to see people wasting this possibility and their lives by building walls against everything around them. Walls of self-protection are also walls of self-imprisonment. This is what this poem is about.
The Wall
A cricket’s call could

be a heart-rending

love song. The growl

of the Tiger could be

of loneliness rather

than ferociousness. The

howl of the winds may

bring fortune of rain

and not a trail of

destruction. A serpent’s

hiss not always venomous

Are you missing all calls

for Union and walling yourself

up against life.

Love & grace.


Isha Hatha Yoga’s Mannequin Challenge. Mind blowing.

February 7, 2017

Mind blowing mannequin challenge by isha hatha yoga teacher trainees at isha yoga centre in south india. Includes a great fusion of flute music. i couldnt resist sharing. Its a six month hatha yoga teacher training course held every summer.